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1 Nov

Weekend Link Love – Edition 372

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

Replacing fructose with starch helps obese kids improve metabolic health.

Traditional societies have more positive views on aging than modern societies.

Melatonin before bed improves circadian rhythm and sleep efficiency in strength athletes.

Good dates.

Your genes got rhythm.

By second grade, kids who had taken academic pre-K classes were performing worse in school than kids who hadn’t.

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31 Oct

Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes

SalmonCakesFromPracticalPaleo2-2This is a guest post from Diane Sanfilippo, author of Practical Paleo and the wildly popular blog,

Diane often leaves a lot of space to make her recipes your own, and this one is no exception. This recipe can easily be modified to switch up flavors, or for those following a low FODMAP diet.

If you’re looking to dress-up the wild canned salmon you’ve been buying, this is the recipe for you! It’s quick and easy, and it can be made mostly from the ingredients you tend to have on-hand.

Bonus recipe: Use Primal Kitchen™ Mayo to make an amazing dipping sauce/topping for these salmon cakes using the recipe at the bottom of the page.

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30 Oct

I Have Never Felt So Free and in Control of My Health

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real_life_stories_stories-1-2My story? A journey to say the least. I have come to learn there are literally millions of people caught up in the same vicious cycle I was stuck in. My entire life from the age of eight years old—yes, I was on a “diet” at the age of eight—my weight was up and down continuously, sometimes dramatically up and down. I tried just about every diet on the market, weight loss aids, appetite suppressants, supplements, cleanses, you name it and I probably had tried it. I had gone as far as starvation diets, and countless hours in the gym. Yes, I had times where I was lean, weight was down, I even did some modeling in my 20s but I did not “feel good.” I constantly had health problems from chronic physical illness to an anxiety disorder early in life. I tortured my body in pursuit of looking good, “being lean.” It was a full time job, trying to reach this image/goal/desire.

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29 Oct

The What, Why, and How of “Dispositional Mindfulness”

MindfulnessIt’s okay to do the double take—dispositional mindfulness. How’s that?

By now most people have heard of mindfulness meditation. I’ve written a bit about it for the blog, also noting that other forms of deep relaxation practice tend to work better for me. As quiet blocks of time devoted to emptying the mind and bringing awareness to your breath as well as other body sensations, meditation can clear away conscious thought and let us rest in a deep calm, triggering the feel-good, health-promoting hormonal effects of the body’s potent relaxation response. Research has shown regular practice for even just a couple months literally changes the brain’s structure and confers a whole host of health advantages. But what about the application of a mindful approach to everyday life rather than a particular “practice”?

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28 Oct

What Does the WHO Report Mean for Your Meat-Eating Habit?

Closeup of fried bacon strips on white plateI’m sure you’ve seen the rash of fear-mongering headlines proclaiming red meat to be as carcinogenic as smoking. In fact, I know so because dozens of you have asked me for my thoughts. What’s going on? Do we need to worry? What actually happened? Why have your vegan friends become even more smug than before? Why did your crazy aunt send an email in all caps pleading for you to stop eating “so much beef”?

Citing a short summary paper of a much larger study, earlier this week the World Health Organization (WHO) named processed meat a definite human carcinogen and red meat a probable human carcinogen. That’s frightening at first glance. I mean, the WHO? Great band, weren’t quite the same after Keith Moon died, but for my money they’ve always delivered quality health information. When they issue a report about dietary carcinogens, I listen up.

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