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10 Apr

Weekend Link Love – Edition 395

Weekend Link LoveNell Stephenson of Paleoista fame is hosting a 2-day workshop retreat for women in Pacific Palisades, CA. Check it out if you’re interested!

Research of the Week

While it may not be the healthiest thing to drink, orange juice is certainly better for you than orange drink.

Moderation is relative, which is why it doesn’t really work.

Sunscreen: male birth control?

The colder you keep your house in the winter, the lower your waist size.

Researchers halted a trial for a new drug that failed to reduce heart attacks despite it reducing LDL by 37% and boosting HDL by 130% (!).

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9 Apr

Warm Coconut and Pancetta Kale


When you want something green on your plate but don’t feel like salad, then this warm coconut and pancetta kale is a go-to side dish. It pairs well with any type of meat or seafood. It’s easy to make. And although kale can taste good raw with just a drizzle of lemon and olive oil, it tastes really good with crispy pancetta, creamy coconut milk, and lots of garlic.

In fact, if you want to make these greens the main course and serve a small portion of protein on the side, go for it. Prepared this way, kale is filling and satisfying. Meat and seafood always have a place on the Primal table, but optimally, so does mineral-and-antioxidant-rich plant matter.

Eating leafy greens is like taking a whole food “supplement” with naturally safe and well-balanced vitamin and mineral levels. In this particular case, it’s an incredibly delicious supplement.

Is your vegetable crisper is full of greens that you have good intentions to eat before they go bad? Then use them in this recipe. In addition to kale, this recipe also works well with greens like collards and Swiss chard (or, a combination of greens).

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8 Apr

The Primal Transplant: A Story of Living with New Lungs, a New Lifestyle, and Swinging Kettlebells

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real_life_stories_stories-1-2Hello, my name is John and I have been following The Primal Blueprint since May 5th, 2014. When I started I weighed 251 lbs with a BMI of 33.2. I was officially obese.

I also had a disease called Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). My lungs were reacting to some past damage and had gone into overdrive creating scar tissue. Basically, they were turning into raisins. Outside of a lung transplant, there is no real treatment for this disease. There are a couple drugs that have recently been approved by the FDA that do help some people slow the progress of the disease, and more in the clinical trial pipeline that look even more promising.

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7 Apr

Introducing The Primal Blueprint 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar

PrimalCalendar_2017_FPOFront-FNL BlogMy staff and I are having a great time putting the final touches on one of our most unique and interesting publications yet: a Primal Blueprint Day-to-Day calendar with daily tips and inspiration on primal living. Yep, it’s in the familiar five-inch square pad format on a plastic base (lays down or stands up) made famous by Garfield, the Simpsons, and assorted other light-hearted fodder that fills the bookstore tables during the brief holiday desktop calendar season. So if you’re a little tired of cartoon strip fare and want a resource to keep you focused, inspired and enlightened to new primal information in easily digestible daily tidbits, I think you will love this calendar.

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6 Apr

15 Reasons Not to Trust That Latest Nutritional Study

Reasons Not to Trust That Latest Nutritional Study FinalNutritional studies are often the best we’ve got. Without them, we’d be plucking anecdotes from a swirling vortex of hearsay, old wives’ tales, and prejudices. Some actionable information would definitely emerge, but we wouldn’t have the broader vision and clarity of thinking offered by the scientific method. Most of them are deeply flawed, though. And to know which ones are worth incorporating into your vision of reality and which only obfuscate and further muddy the waters, you have to know what to watch out for.

Today, I’m going to discuss many of the reasons you shouldn’t trust the latest nutritional study without looking past the headlines.

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