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10 Aug

7 Habits of Highly Successful Primal Endurance Athletes

7 Habits of Highly Successful Primal Atheletes FinalThings have been busy for the Primal Endurance movement since I released the book back in December. People have been eager to learn more about this novel form of training, so we’ve been answering a lot of questions. Much like how The Primal Blueprint received a lot of attention because it bucked against Conventional Wisdom, such has been the case for Primal Endurance. Lots of head scratching, balking, but then, after learning the science and seeing the results, a healthy curiosity or full blown conversion. So what’s Primal Endurance training all about? What are the fundamentals? Who’s practicing it? And where can you learn more about it?

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9 Aug

Big Changes Coming to Mark’s Daily Apple! What Do You Want to See? (Plus a Contest)

Question finalIt’s truly hard to believe, but this year we’re coming up on the blog’s ten year anniversary. That’s ten years of Primal tips, trends, contests, health challenges, events, and more. From a series of quick musings in the days when blogging was still the wild west, to thousands of posts and forum discussions later, Mark’s Daily Apple has come a long way since its humble beginnings. To celebrate, and to continue my life goal of helping 100 million people get healthy and live awesome, I have big plans for Mark’s Daily Apple on the very near horizon. Last year, I asked all of you for input as my team and I began the process of giving the blog a major design update. Now, after many months of hard work, we’re coming up on the final stages of getting the newly minted version of the blog ready for showtime. And we’ll be rolling it out in the weeks to come.

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8 Aug

Dear Mark: When Walking Is No Longer Enough; Fermented Foods and Depression

Walking FinalFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering two questions. First up, what happens when a brisk walk isn’t enough to attain the optimal fat-burning heart rate zone? It’s a good problem to have—better fitness—but it still needs a response. What activities can a person do to slightly increase the intensity without going over the target heart rate? And second, are fermented foods a potential cause of depression? If they have any effect on serotonin, could this cause problems rather than improvements?

Let’s go:

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7 Aug

Weekend Link Love – Edition 412

Weekend Link LoveJust a quick shout out to let you know that for the month of August, you can grab a digital copy of the following books for only $3.99 on Amazon: Death By Food PyramidFruit Belly, and The Primal Prescription.

You may not have a health coach, but you can still benefit from these 5 lessons.

Research of the Week

To counter all that sitting, you might need to train for an hour a day.

Resistant starch pancakes eaten with whey protein increase satiety and fat oxidation.

Early introduction of egg white and peanut to breastfed babies reduces their allergenicity.

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6 Aug

Homemade Beef Hot Dogs

Hot_Dogs[1]Hot dogs have always had a reputation for being mystery meat. But this unsavory fact, plus a lot of other undesirable ingredients, still aren’t enough to keep hot dogs from being loved by kids, and kids at heart. While many markets now offer grass-fed, organic hot dogs, you can also take on the challenge of making healthier hot dogs yourself.

Fresh and flavorful, homemade hot dogs can be made with meat of your choosing, taking the mystery out of it. This recipe is for all beef dogs, seasoned with a simple “hot dog” blend. You’ll need a meat grinder (unless the butcher grinds the meat for you), a food processor, and a sausage stuffer. You’ll also need natural sheep casings. Talk to your butcher ahead of time, in case they have to special order the casings. For hot dogs, sheep casings are best because they’re thinner.

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