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11 Feb

PrimalCon Oxnard 2015 – The One and Only!


We started PrimalCon in the Southern California beach town of Oxnard back in 2010, visited an assortment of venues all over North America in the ensuing years, and now are nestling back in at our favorite spot of Oxnard to present one (and only one!) grand PrimalCon event in 2015. That’s right, we are going big next September and taking over the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort and Oxnard Beach Park for a four-day event from Wednesday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 27th, 2015. Yes we’ve expanded from our usual 3-day template to have both more presentation options and more relaxation!

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11 Feb

Contest: Social Media Love for $1100 in PrimalCon Goods!

new primal

To celebrate the announcement of PrimalCon Oxnard 2015, some of our favorite PrimalCon sponsors have offered up a handsome prize package to celebrate! This contest is SIMPLE. EASY, I promise you… and one lucky winner will walk away with the whole bunch!

The Prizes:

The New Primal specializes in making the ultimate artisanal jerky: no nitrates, preservatives, or MSG. Just pure, delicious grass-fed beef, marinated and smoked to perfection and sweetened with a touch of pineapple juice and honey, and infused with hints of onion, pepper, and ginger. Is anyone’s mouth watering yet?

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10 Feb

What’s Messing with Your Appetite? Three Possibilities.

HungryAlthough a few weeks ago I explained how “stop eating so much” is bad weight loss advice and how “calories in, calories out” tells us very little about the cause of obesity, the fact remains: for whatever reason (and there are many), people who gain weight have eaten more energy than they’ve expended. Something is causing them to eat more food than they need. Something is making the hungrier than they need to be, desirous of more food than they require for sustenance and weight maintenance. What could it be? There are the basic remedies. Eat more protein to promote satiety. Reduce carbs, increase fat. Get enough sleep and limit stress as best you can. These are proven ways to normalize your appetite, but you already know about them. I also have a few speculatory ideas that you may not have considered, and today I’m going to discuss them.

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9 Feb

Dear Mark: Ornish on Paleo, CrossFit Workout Recovery, Nightshades, and Dry Heels

TomatoesFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, we’ve got a four-parter. First, Dean Ornish rears his head once again, this time making the claim that even paleo eaters with stellar lipid numbers invariably have clogged arteries. Should we listen? Next, what’s a good strategy for improving recovery from CrossFit workouts? More carbs, more protein, pre workout, post workout — what’s the deal here? Third, are nightshades responsible for hidden inflammation in everyone who eats them? Or is it just the folks who get joint pain and other confirmed symptoms who have to worry? And finally, I give a few tips for a frequent barefooter suffering from dry, cracked heels.

Let’s go:

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8 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 334

Weekend Link Love

Research of the Week

Plastic exposure is linked to earlier menopause.

Obese women vigorously exercise for an hour a year. Obese men, 3.6 hours. Cause, effect, or both? Either way, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Kids who are free to explore the neighborhood and play without adult supervision are healthier than children raised under the yolk of the helicopter parent.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 53: Adam and Vanessa Lambert — Bee the Wellness Fitness App and Community: Host Brad Kearns sits down with Adam and Vanessa Lambert to discuss the unveiling of their new fitness challenge app, their unique approach to wellness, how to deal with the individual demands of the wide variety of clientele that is humanity, and much much more.

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