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12 Mar

How We Die: End of Life Planning

Last week’s post on the fear of death got quite a discussion going, and I appreciated the perspectives that folks shared on the subject. One interesting issue that people raised involved the circumstances of dying itself – specifically dying within a traditional medical setting where interventions and technology to prolong life abound. It reminds me of the old Woody Allen quote, “I’m not afraid of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

As a whole we do, indeed, die differently these days compared to our ancestors – certainly Grok and his clan but perhaps even our grandparents/great-grandparents. Science, to its credit, has developed ways to save and even restore quality of life in situations that would’ve been our inevitable demise even a few decades ago. But it’s a different focus than efforts that simply prolong life in a technical sense. That leads me to today’s question: in a decidedly un-Primal medical world, what role can self-determination play in a “desirable” death as it does in a vibrant life?

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11 Mar

Top 50 Essential Paleo Pantry Foods

Paleo pantryAs a sort of mini-project around the house, Carrie and I have been going through everything we have and asking a simple question: do we need this item? The first section we tackled was the pantry because, believe it or not, it needed the most work. Whether it was the overwhelming number of free primal/paleo products I get sent to try and never finish, or the odd bit of non-Primal food that manages to creep in (I found a box of Fig Newtons, and, strangest of all, a sack of white flour!), or even the food that got buried in the back corner of some pantry shelf and was forgotten, the pantry was seriously overflowing with food that didn’t need to be there. So I tossed a bunch of stuff and started fresh. That was the easy part, but now I had to restock it.

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10 Mar

The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

Several years ago, I briefly discussed a few methods for overcoming procrastination, but they didn’t take. The sea change I expected never came. People still procrastinated as much as they ever did, despite views for that particular post reaching the upper tens of thousands. Today, that changes. I’ve created a definitive guide to overcoming the procrastination preventing you from accomplishing your goals, completing your duties, fulfilling your responsibilities, and realizing your dreams. After reading today’s post, you’ll never mess around when you should be doing something more important again.

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9 Mar

Dear Mark: French Press Coffee, Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil, Peanuts, and a Keto Success Story

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering three questions and sharing a quick, but awesome story from a reader. First, are French press, Turkish, and other unfiltered boiled coffee preparations unhealthy due to the presence of coffee oils in the finished product? They may raise LDL, which gets the conventional health experts hot and bothered, but there are other effects, too. Second, high-oleic sunflower oil was given the go-ahead in a previous post. What’s the story with mid-oleic sunflower oil? Third, with the recent study indicating that peanut/tree nut eaters enjoy improved mortality from all causes, should we take peanuts and most importantly peanut butter off the “no-go” list? And finally, a long term keto success story briefly mentioned in last week’s post writes in.

Let’s go:

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8 Mar

Weekend Link Love – Edition 338

Weekend Link LoveResearch of the Week

Despite similar diets and identical genetics, identical twins who exercise regularly enjoy better glucose tolerance, lower body fat, superior endurance, and more gray matter than their inactive twins.

After adjusting for confounding variables, statin usage increases the risk of diabetes by 46%.

City sewage reveals the human population’s fecal microbiome and any related health or metabolic conditions. So, before you go shooting public sewage up your butt, check the city’s obesity, allergy, and IBD rates.

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