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8 Sep

Dear Mark: Your Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Questions Answered

ExpertCertlogowhitebackgroundGreetings, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your fast-closing window summer. I just got back from an awesome week of hiking in Aspen and taxing my cardio system. Even now that I’m back down at sea level, my head is still in the clouds due to my incredible excitement about the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification. The response to our August 27th launch has been amazing. We quickly passed the 100 person registration mark last week, and have been inundated with tons of questions. Hence, I’m taking this post to answer some of the most common questions that have come through, so that all of us can understand what this new direction is all about. That’s right, the “Cert” kicks off a new direction, one that I think the movement must head in. While I’m happy to be a thought leader for Primal living, I realize that in order to continue making headway against conventional wisdom and unhealthy modern society, we need multiples more impassioned experts to spread the word.

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7 Sep

Weekend Link Love – Edition 312

weekend link love2For Episode 34 of The Primal Blueprint Podcast, we hung out with Dr. Cate Shanahan to discuss the shortcomings of traditional family practice medical care, the research indicating that most heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels, and which blood tests are absolutely essential for monitoring health.

Research of the Week

Although lowering the brightness and holding the device at least a foot from your face can “reduce” the impact of smartphone usage on melatonin and sleep, the impact is not zero.

Kids who took omega-3 supplements showed reduced behavior problems.

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6 Sep

Smoked Sea Salt

SmokedSalt1Smoked sea salt adds a gentle, smoky flavor to anything you sprinkle it on. Meat, seafood, cooked vegetables or even salad…it’s all more delicious when finished with smoked salt. You’ve probably seen smoked sea salt in gourmet food stores but the truth is, it’s nothing fancy. You can make a batch of smoked sea salt right now simply using your charcoal grill.

Light the lump charcoal, cover it with soaked wood chips and set a foil pan filled with sea salt on the grill grates. Cover the grill and let the smoke work its magic on the salt for an hour. That’s pretty much it. Smoked salt keeps forever in a glass jar, in the unlikely event that you don’t go through it much faster. Do keep in mind that just a pinch of sea salt punches up the flavor of food a lot, so there’s no need to be heavy handed. But there’s also no need to be fearful of salt.

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5 Sep

Going Primal Banished My Rosacea and Chronic IBS Symptoms

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real life stories stories 1 2It’s only when I look back on my progress that I’m really in awe of what going Primal has done for me. Since the age of 13, I have battled with severe Rosacea acne and chronic IBS. After consulting with a dermatologist and gastroenterologist, it was decided that the two were linked. My hormones were going crazy, I was getting teased at school big time, and because of it I was getting a nervous stomach every morning before class. The two issues got so bad that I was put on Accutane (a heavy duty acne medication) and stomach meds to help control my symptoms. Not once did either doctor suggest that my diet was the cause of all my troubles. In fact, on two separate occasions I asked my dermatologist if my sugar binges were causing my acne, and she vehemently denied it.

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4 Sep

Why We Eat: Other People

partyFor those of you who did a double-take, how could I resist? It’s not only an example of why punctuation matters but another major reason why we hominids chow down (in addition to the hunger and cravings we discussed the last couple of weeks). Ah, the power of social suggestion… Think for a moment about your experience, and compare eating alone to eating with others. Maybe it’s helpful to break it down further. What is it like to eat with your partner? Your kids? (Yup, that one definitely belongs in a category all its own.) Your extended family? Your friends and neighbors? Strangers? Obviously the particular function and arrangement of the gathering matters (e.g. a raucous Super Bowl party versus an intimate lunch with friends versus a formal cocktail hour). All these factors likely influence our choices and even the mindfulness behind our choices. With our own stories in mind, how do they line up with the research on social eating? What’s really behind the influence of others’ presence anyway? Finally, what’s a good Primal take on the pressures and benefits of social eating?

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