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12 Sep

Inspired by Robin Williams: A Different Kind of Success Story

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real life stories stories 1 2This is not your typical Friday transformation story. There are no photographs, even though there has been substantial weight loss, increased energy, improved cognition and happiness in my Primal Blueprint journey. This is a different kind of story. The death of Robin Williams is what prompted me to write this.

The part of my story that is relevant to this community starts twenty years ago in San Francisco during the month of August. Having financial difficulties that were putting a strain on my marriage, I started to deliver food at night for various restaurants throughout the city. I was in my thirties, a vegetarian for approximately three years, and not sure of what I wanted to be when I grew up. My wife and I worked from home and cooked all the time to feed the beast, so to speak. The food was great but we always wanted more a short time later. We ate lots of whole grains, veggies, beans and tofu. It was all organic, so of course it was healthy. I used to get up and run three miles a day and was pretty thin. This all may have appeared well and good—but I was losing my mind.

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11 Sep

How Exercise Makes Us Feel

exercisefeelingHow did you feel after your last workout? (Apply as many adjectives as fit the occasion.) Now think about how others perceive exercise. Let’s say you stop a random hundred people on the street and ask them how exercise makes/would make them feel. I’m going to guess you’d get an interesting cross-section of answers, likely slanted toward the negative (mostly from people who don’t regularly exercise, but – hey – that’s just MY guess, right?). Call me cynical, but when many people think about exercise, I think their minds go directly to pain, soreness, sweat, and the general unpleasantness of it all. That’s unfortunate to say the least. I’m not going to claim that my most intensive workouts don’t leave me tired or even slightly sore (genuine pain is something different). Nonetheless, I get way too much out of my Primal exercise to feel it’s something to be “endured” – or even avoided. This brings me to those other answers – the ones more likely from folks who exercise on a regular basis (whether their workouts involve gym time, outdoor play, an active hobby or something else). What else does exercise make us feel – in the moment, after the workout and later once the results start showing?

Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

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10 Sep

12 Signs You Need to Eat More Protein

musclemanProtein is an essential macronutrient. We can’t make it. We can pull it from our structural tissues – our muscles, our tendons, our organs – if we’re in dire need of amino acids, but that’s not a healthy long term strategy. For all intents and purposes, we need to consume protein to stay healthy, fit, happy, and long-lived. But we need to consume the right amount at the right times. And since I’ve already talked about how much protein certain populations should be eating on a general basis, shown you how to identify when you need more carbs, and explained how to tell if you need more fat, today’s post will cover 12 situations, symptoms, and signs that indicate a direct need for more dietary protein.

Let’s jump right in:

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9 Sep

Rajio Taiso: Why You Should Start Doing Light Morning Workouts

calisthenicsIn the early 1920s, MetLife Insurance sponsored daily 15 minute calisthenics programs to be broadcast over the radio to American audiences in an effort to make them healthier and fitter. It didn’t catch on here, but visiting Japanese officials loved the idea enough to bring it back to Japan. To commemorate the coronation of Emperor Hirohito in 1928, Japanese public radio began daily broadcasts of rajio taiso, or “radio calisthenics.” Every morning Japanese citizens, young and old, would gather to perform a short circuit of dynamic stretches, joint mobility drills, and bodyweight exercises in time to broadcasted piano music. Participation has dropped off in recent years, but even today about 20% of the Japanese population (and three quarters of elementary school students) still does the daily routine, which has remained unchanged for almost a century.

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8 Sep

Dear Mark: Your Primal Blueprint Expert Certification Questions Answered

ExpertCertlogowhitebackgroundGreetings, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your fast-closing window summer. I just got back from an awesome week of hiking in Aspen and taxing my cardio system. Even now that I’m back down at sea level, my head is still in the clouds due to my incredible excitement about the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification. The response to our August 27th launch has been amazing. We quickly passed the 100 person registration mark last week, and have been inundated with tons of questions. Hence, I’m taking this post to answer some of the most common questions that have come through, so that all of us can understand what this new direction is all about. That’s right, the “Cert” kicks off a new direction, one that I think the movement must head in. While I’m happy to be a thought leader for Primal living, I realize that in order to continue making headway against conventional wisdom and unhealthy modern society, we need multiples more impassioned experts to spread the word.

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