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19 Feb

6 Foreign Health Concepts from Around the Globe

Yamadera Mountain TempleMaybe it was running across the word Kummerspeck (literally translated from German as “grief bacon,” meaning weight put on through emotional eating). A strange term if there ever was one… The fact is, I’ve always been fascinated by how languages can reflect particular feelings or phenomena most of us would never think to put a word to. When it comes to the language of health and well-being, I think certain terms have the unique power to literally shift our perception. They make us think differently about the choices in front of us and the ways we interact with the the world. What health concepts can we learn from other cultures? How might they change our understanding of the choices we make every day – or how we view our options for living in general? Perhaps you have your own foreign terms that come to mind. I think these six concepts offer some intriguing food for thought.

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18 Feb

Primal Kitchen Mayo Is Now Available (PLUS a Chance to Win!)

Primal MayoIt’s finally here. The thick, creamy deliciousness you’ve been craving. Whipped up into a rich, velvety sauce that will transform your fish, meat, and vegetable dishes into MasterChef-worthy masterpieces. Primal Kitchen™ Mayo is packaged fresh and cuisine ready, and to celebrate this major evolution in the ancestral health community we’re holding a sweepstakes! All you have to do is enter with the click of a mouse at this link. Register to win a $500 gift certificate to Thrive Market and 1 of 20 free annual memberships to Thrive Market (a $60 value)! (Details to follow.)

Why all the buzz about Primal Kitchen Mayo? For starters, no more slaving away in the kitchen making labor-intensive homemade mayonnaise that’s likely to spoil in just a few short days. And no more slopping on runny unyoked “mayo” spreads made up of coconut and olive oils. Coconut oil is far too saturated and solid to mask as a mayo spread (not to mention, much too coconutty to impart that classic mayo taste), and olive oil is so distinct in flavor that it takes over the taste of the food it’s supposed to be complementing. Commercially available mayos use soybean oil as their base (ick!), but Primal Kitchen Mayo uses avocado oil to infuse its mayonnaise with a neutral flavor and thick creamy texture that doesn’t spoil before the expiration date or break apart into an oily mess.

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17 Feb

Why Is Regaining Weight So Common?

Weight RegainIt’s an age-old story. A person has a huge amount of weight to lose and gets rid of most of it through a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification. And they feel fantastic. They’ve got energy for days, their skin glows, they exude newfound confidence, and they experience other small miracles. Many of you have lived this. But then something happens: the weight loss stops, or, worse, it reverses. They can keep the weight at bay as long as their diet is ironclad and they don’t skip any workouts, but as soon as they slip up even a little bit, they gain weight. And when they gain, they seem to gain it faster and more easily than should be normal. It just doesn’t seem fair.

What’s going on here?

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16 Feb

Dear Mark: Low Carb Powerlifting, Why We Store Fat, Houseplant Bathing, and Elk Tallow

DeadliftFor today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering four questions from readers. The first one comes from Mike, a powerlifter who’s looking to drop carbs and eat healthier without sacrificing his performance. Can he do it? Find out below. Next, what does the fact that we store fat in almost unlimited quantities tell us about the role it plays in our health? After that, I discuss how someone might incorporate “forest bathing” principles in their home. Last, I explore the nutritional benefits of wild elk fat and include its basic nutritional profile.

Let’s go:

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15 Feb

Weekend Link Love – Edition 335

Weekend Link LovePrimalCon Oxnard 2015 is gearing up to be a fantastic extended weekend of Primal play, learning, delicious food, and community. Grab your tickets soon!

Research of the Week

Exercise-induced hyponatremia isn’t caused by a deficiency of sodium-rich sports drinks, but by overhydration. Drink when thirsty, folks.

Plant-rich Paleo-type meals dramatically increase satiety.

Oranges contain far more flavonoids than orange juice, even when it’s fresh squeezed.

After receiving a fecal transplant from her obese daughter, a thin woman quickly became obese herself.

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