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23 Jan

Contest: Bacon Bonanza

The Prize:

A Bacon Bonanza prize package from U.S. Wellness which is comprised of all this bacony goodness:

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22 Jan

What Is the Point of Your 21-Day Challenge? (Plus a Contest)

VitalityLast week I kicked things off by saying it was time to make this 21-Day Challenge personal. In other words, I asked, what were you done with? What behaviors, conditions or trajectories were you ready to jettison to welcome a healthier, more vital life? I think it’s always critical to identify what isn’t working for us at any given time. When we’re clear on what doesn’t fit our intentions for our lives, we can cleanly let go and move forward.

That said, I don’t believe change itself comes from negative assessments, and I appreciated readers’ comments last week that affirmed the power of positive language. The fact is, when you come at anything in life from a mental place of lack – diminished self-esteem, low expectations, small thinking, little self-worth, fearful scarcity, poor confidence – you’re setting yourself up for a meager win if not outright failure. In that regard, it’s a question of efficacy. If you don’t see yourself as a cause worthy of investment, if you don’t believe in your inherent power, if you hedge your bets out of cynicism or anxiety, you’re cutting off your endeavor at the knees – right from the start.

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21 Jan

11 Ways to Assess Your True Fitness Level

Time to evaluateI once dated a girl who only went to the gym once a month. She’d do the same workout — a tough, high-intensity circuit using weights, the stationary bike, the stepper, and a few other machines — every single time, and that was it.

When you asked her about it, her reasoning was that if she could do the workout, she was still fit and that was enough for her. Why go to the gym every day if she was already in shape?

While I wouldn’t recommend that methodology myself, one thing she did have right was regularly assessing her fitness level. This is something that most people – even many of the fitness buffs amongst us – don’t do, and I think that’s a real mistake.

With the Challenge underway, I thought we’d explore this topic. Do you have a measuring post to gauge how fit you are? Is there a standard you aspire to reach? To surpass? To maintain?

Let’s look at several ways you can assess your true fitness level.

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20 Jan

I Think Therefore I Do

thinking and results feedbackThis is a guest post from Dr. Alessandra Wall.

Descartes once said, “I think therefore I am.” He was discussing the nature of self-awareness and identity. Let’s take that statement and change it a bit to help you understand why despite feeling committed, prepared and supported you might find yourself facing set backs in your Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge. The statement I want you to keep in mind throughout your challenge and as you read on is the following:

“I think therefore I do.”

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20 Jan

Contest: Prizes for Your Thoughts

The Prize:

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 4Squatty Potty – You think Grok took a seat on a porcelain throne when nature called? Of course not! Toilets are modern inventions. Grok squatted, and so should you. Why? Well, squatting opens up the colon for fast and easy elimination, which is said to relieve constipation, straining issues, hemorrhoids, bloating and more. But what are we to do? Is it time for all-out bathroom renovations? No, there’s a simpler solution, and that’s where Squatty Potty comes to the rescue. Watch the video below to learn what a Squatty Potty is and win one today by participating in this contest!

The first 15 participants of this contest will get a free Squatty Slim. Retail Value: $50 each.

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