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21 Aug

Goodbye Conventional Wisdom and Chronic Pain

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

real_life_stories_stories-1-2Before I get into my success story, I just wanted to thank you for all that you do!! You’ve been an incredible resource and inspiration for me as I’ve gone through this Primal adventure. I look forward to checking your blog and knowing that I will be given quality information backed by sources I can read through as well. I absolutely love it!

Now a tiny bit of background: my name is Angela Smith, I’m 25 and live in the great city of Minneapolis, MN. I grew up in Fargo, ND – not the greatest place to grow up considering the winters are long and harsh. My parents were both meat-and-potatoes type of people, so I grew up on a fairly decent diet of meats, saturated fats, and minimally processed carbs. That is, until my preteen years. As a fairly active child, the winters were long and boring. I turned to the comfort of sweets, baked goods, movies, and books. Once I was hooked on sugar, I began emotionally eating as well. As my addiction progressed, the turmoil intensified and I became depressed. I soon began to battle anorexia and bulimia, though I would never admit it at the time. When I binged, it was sleeves of cookies, bags of chips; needless to say I was unhappy and feeding my unhappiness. I dropped to a startling 135 at 5’8,” and was concerned I was still too large; all the while people became concerned I was too thin. By then my hunger had all but waned and I didn’t binge as frequently.

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20 Aug

What Screen Time Does to Our Kids (and What We Can Do about It)

For many parents I know, it’s one of those prime examples of “what I thought I’d never do before I had kids” versus “what I ended up doing after I actually had them.” After all, most of us were children of those pre-tech boom years. (Some of us were even pre-T.V.) We never had all the gadgets when we were growing up. Instead, we spent hours of childhood being bored and finding creative solutions that had no connection to a power outlet. Our tech toys were the likes of Lite-Brite or walkie-talkies (if we were lucky), not $600 app-loaded tablets. Summer road trip? That’s what Mad Libs were for.

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19 Aug

7 Childhood Activities that Can Make You Healthier and Happier

Both my kids are grown now, but I still enjoy thinking back on the days when they were little. I can still see them covered in sand while digging on the beach, waiting enthusiastically for the next wave to knock them over, lost in whatever games their eager minds had come up with that day. While they definitely had their share of irritable days (mostly when tired or hungry), most of the time they were pure exuberance and unbridled energy – alternating between a wide-lens, darting awe of what was around them and a laser focus on whatever new treasure they had fixated on.

Likewise, they hadn’t yet absorbed conventional answers or expectations. Other than a few basic rules Carrie and I prioritized, they moved through their days with pure instinct. They let us know what they wanted (e.g. hugs, food) and were likely in much better touch with their needs than we were with our own as tired, busy parents.

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18 Aug

Seize the Day: Win a Primal Scholarship

If you follow Mark’s Daily Apple even semi-regularly, you’ve definitely heard me use the adage, “Invest in yourself.” Why do I use it so much? For starters, it applies to a massive variety of topics that we cover here at Mark’s Daily Apple. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining lean muscle mass, making more time for play, finding your path, or creating a benefit to others, it all starts with putting the work in where you have the most control: you. So I have a big announcement and opportunity to talk about. Just follow along with me for a bit.

Big accomplishments don’t come into the world through sheer luck and happenstance. There are well-trained, well-adapted and, maybe most importantly, well-learned individuals out there who put in the time and effort it takes to start something great. And those individuals don’t just pop out of the womb with all the skills and resources it takes to make greatness happen.

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17 Aug

Dear Mark: Low-Fat Versus Low-Carb Study and Plain Ol’ Olive Oil

For today’s edition of Dear Mark, I’m answering two questions from readers. First, I field one of the dozens of emails I received concerning the latest low-carb versus low-fat study making the media rounds. The reports have ranged from declarations of low-carb dieting’s imminent death to more reasonable discussions of the actual paper. The Time article actually keeps things closer to the latter, which was nice. For the final question, I discuss the merits of regular old olive oil. Is extra virgin olive oil the only one worth entertaining?

Let’s go:

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