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Over the next 29 days I’ll be bringing you tips, advice and guidance to help you get through each of the 14 mini-challenges. With well over 2,000 articles on Mark’s Daily Apple, I’ve written extensively about all things related to the Primal lifestyle; from solutions to common stumbling blocks, to simple hacks that produce big results with minimal effort. As such, many of the articles during this month will feature the best that MDA has to offer. Even if you’re a regular MDA reader these challenge articles will prove useful. Not only is it good to periodically revisit the fundamentals I’m sure there will be some articles buried deep in the archives that you’ve missed. And for all Primal Leapers, use this and future challenge articles to complement the Primal Leap Guidebook material.

In the world of Primal eating there is no place for Jamba Juice, granola, whole wheat pasta or even daily fruit juice. Yes, I know this may be mind-boggling, but it’s true that many of the things that Conventional Wisdom knows to be healthy are far, far from it. To accomplish this challenge you need to know what to ditch from your diet and why. Read the following articles for an overview and then begin taking steps to remove all of this stuff from your life.

Avoiding Poisonous Things

The Definitive Guide to Grains

Why Grains Are Unhealthy

The Definitive Guide to Sugar

Oils: The Good and the Bad

Are Beans Primal?

Top 10 Fast Foods in Disguise

Top 10 Junk Foods in Disguise

Okay, so maybe you’re still a little skeptical. That’s completely understandable. After all, you’ve been told your whole life that fat is evil and grains are nourishing. But what the heck? You’re willing to give this a shot, even if it’s just for 30 days, to see what the hullabaloo is all about. So where to do you start?

10 Steps to “Primalize” Your Pantry

How to Quit Grains

The Many Uses of Junk Food


For Challenge #2 success you need to be prepared for what lies ahead. Here are some FAQs along with articles that detail my answers and solutions.

I’ve been eating this way all my life. How will I ever change my ways?

How to Guide: Making the Switch to Primal Living in 6 Easy Steps

10 Baby Steps to Help You Get Primal

How to Break Bad Habits

How to Develop Good Habits

This seems hard. I don’t have the time, money, know-how, etc.

Today, We Shoot Down Excuses

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

What will I do without bread and pasta?

Primal Substitutes for Non-Primal Foods

Pesto Spinach Bread

Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce

What will I do without chips and crackers as snacks?

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Snack List

What about fiber? How am I going to poop without it?!

Fun with Fiber: The Real Scoop

In Search of a Good Poop (or Sh*t Happens)

Squatting vs. Sitting: Pooping Posture

A Primal Primer: Prebiotics

I’ve got a sweet tooth! What do I do?

How to Beat Sugar Cravings

Why have my energy levels dropped?

The Low Carb Flu

Low Energy Levels on (the 2008) Primal Challenge

I’ve dropped 10 lbs in 1 week. Is this normal?

Water Retention and Weight Loss

I’m the only one in my family going Primal. It’s not easy. Any tips?

Family Dinner Time: Tensions and Struggles

You vs. The Mob

Diet Change and Partner Dynamics

How to Politely Pass on Dessert

How to Tell Friends About the Primal Lifestyle

Is it possible to dine out and be Primal?

The Primal Blueprint Guide to Dining Out

Fruit’s high in sugar. What should I do?

Best Fruit Choices

Can I still have coffee and tea?

Caffeine Talk

To Tea or Not to Tea?

The Dope on Energy Drinks


Alcohol Consumption and The Primal Blueprint

The Definitive Guide to Alcohol on a Low Carb Diet


The Definitive Guide to Dairy

Coming up with meal ideas looks like it might prove challenging. Any ideas?

Primal Blueprint Recipes on Mark’s Daily Apple

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Check back tomorrow when I’ll be pointing you toward useful articles relating to Challenge #1: Eat Lots of Plants and Animals, and for a new contest. Grok on!

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