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School Serves Veggies & Kids Eat Them: Scientists Prepare for Porcine Wing Epidemic

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

This is the last FDA news bite for a while*. Be sure to read the school lunch clickativity – it’s an encouraging sign of progress!

FDA: But We Believe Your Food and Drugs Are Safe

If you don’t mind a PG-13 name and some liberal politics, this blog has a hilarious post [1] on the FDA’s “faith-based” initiatives when it comes to contaminated food that’s endangering millions of humans and pets alike. Like Mark always says, when it comes to health, beliefs and facts are not the same thing no matter how much we wish they were.

Healthy School Lunches Stop Obesity!

This town put veggies to the test [2] and has successfully kept their school kids slim. Cool, huh? Share the news with your local school if this is an issue you care about.

Obesity in low-income communities: is it because of the high cost of produce, or the lack of access to grocery stores to begin with? Are these things more perception than reality? Or is it simply that people like their Snickers bars? This controversial news piece [3] asks tough questions.

At the risk of sounding glib, the obesity epidemic is probably a combination of all of these things. People become who they are because of a multitude of environmental and biological factors. It’s reasonable to assert that people choose what they choose because they are influenced by an equally varied set of factors, ranging from education to income to personal preference to parental and social influence. Some factors are within a person’s control, and some aren’t. Combine enough factors and you’re going to get a predictable result. Now, how do we change things, Apples? One town has figured out how. What else can we do?

This is Hanuman’s Flickr Photo [4]

Bloggy Hangouts

The Fit Shack [5] is a great new blog we’re having fun perusing. We especially love this post [5] about positive motivation. If you think exclusively about your health problems or the areas of your body that are not up to snuff, that sort of negative approach is demoralizing and depressing. Focusing on positive outcomes instead is more likely to get you the results you desire. This doesn’t mean we should ignore our problems or underrate the value of getting fired up, but it is a reminder to stay away from problem thinking and to try outcome thinking instead. (We blogged it: Scroll to the bottom of this post [6] to learn great outcome thinking tips!)

Symptom searchers, this is for you: there’s a handy new interactive site, TauMed [7], where hypochondriacs with modems can diagnose all their various diseases and conditions to their hearts’ content. Enjoy!

*Fish in a barrel.