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August 16, 2007

Another Night, Another Niacin Flush

By Worker Bee

This week’s Smart Fuel: 3 Delicious Sources of Niacin


This is Niacin!

Why Niacin:

Niacin (B3) is water-soluble. Since it’s not stored in the body, you have to make sure you get plenty in your diet. Niacin helps your digestive system hum along smoothly, and it’s also vital to proper nerve function and energy conversion (making the most of your food). Niacin also helps with cholesterol, fatigue, and the common cold. If you take a big dose you may get the famous “niacin flush”, which is harmless. (Unless you go overboard, but that’s very tough to do!) If you have a deficiency, you can develop pellagra, which causes inflamed skin, digestive ills, and mental health problems.

The 3 Greatest Ways to Get It in Your Body:

1. Nuts

Nuts – all kinds – contain plenty of niacin. They’re one of the richest sources of this important B vitamin. And because nuts contain essential fatty acids and other important antioxidants and minerals, you should try to eat a handful (raw, organic) at least a few times a week.

2. Eggs

Another great source! Read all about the wonderful egg here.

3. Fish

Fish, especially fatty fish like salmon and tuna, contain high levels of niacin. Seeing a connection here? Fatty acids, niacin, mental health…they all go together!

Want more brain foods?

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Source: Medline

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6 Comments on "Another Night, Another Niacin Flush"


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10 years 7 days ago

I was unaware that niacin was so important. I like nuts, so I guess I’ll have to go out and buy some more often. What about trail mix? Is trail mix a good source?

10 years 7 days ago

Sure, just avoid the sugar kinds with chocolate chip bits and “yogurt” covered nibbles.

10 years 7 days ago

But Sara… I love chocolate!!!

10 years 6 days ago

And I love nibbles!!! Especially when they are covered in white gooey yogurt-like stuff.

5 years 10 months ago

Mushrooms too! They are very high in Niacin. Are mushrooms allowed on the primal diet?

4 years 5 months ago

Niacin can help with mental health and addiction, too. I’ve been taking 500mg/day and it has really taken away the anxiety edge. The flushing is worth it!