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My Weekly Workout Routine

I’ve received a number of emails from readers asking for more details about my workout routine, especially after publishing a Case Against Cardio [1] and the recent video of my beach sprints [2]. Though I do snowboard and hike and love to try my hand at new stuff – especially while traveling – this basic weekly routine has been my foundational regimen for years. Of course, depending on travel, business and family matters, the routine varies, but this is the general idea. Over the years I’ve concentrated much more of my efforts on weight training, with great results. And I’m definitely an “outdoor” kind of guy. One thing I really appreciate about living in Southern California is the great weather; you can’t beat a hike for a natural, challenging work out. (By the way, if you’re not doing resistance activities, I encourage you to start. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises are essential [3], particularly as we age.)


Weights: 45-55 minutes of chest/shoulders/triceps training


Intervals: 35-40 minutes on the Lifecycle (5×1 minute hard intervals within that time)


Weights: 45-55 minutes of back/biceps/legs training


Beach sprints (Weather permitting!)


Weights: 45-55 minutes chest/shoulders/triceps (I rotate every other week – Monday/Friday – to back/biceps/legs)


I hike for at least 2 hours or, if I’m traveling or pressed for time, I repeat my Lifecycle workout


The best day of the week: 2 hours of ultimate frisbee in a multi-family pick-up game. It’s great to spend time with the kids and our friends and get everybody into fitness together. This has become my favorite activity by far.

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