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Money Buys Happiness (But Health Buys More)

As Daily Mail reports [1], a new study conducted at the University of London has found that money can indeed buy happiness. After finding a correlation between money and happiness the researchers went on to attach monetary values to other aspects of life that bring happiness – namely health and social relations.

Mark the Legend Foster’s Flickr Photo (CC) [2]

Any idea how much happiness people derive from excellent health? According to this study it is equivalent to the amount of happiness a ?304,000 (roughly $600,000) a year raise would provide.

According to my quick calculation that would make the information and advice found on Mark’s Daily Apple worth about $273 trillion – give or take a few trillion. Or in the almost-played-out word of those enviable MasterCard marketers: priceless.


Moral of the Story: Money may make you slightly happier, but it pales in comparison to the importance of health, friends and family.

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