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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mark Sisson. I’m 63 years young. I live and work in Malibu, California. In a past life I was a professional marathoner and triathlete. Now my life goal is to help 100 million people get healthy. I started this blog in 2006 to empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness...

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April 23, 2007

Mi Blog Es Su Blog

By Mark Sisson

This week’s challenge is a piece of cake, Apples. (Hmm. We’ve gotta get a better metaphor going than “cake”. What’s with the carb cliches? Cake, toast, bread. I can think of many things that are greater than sliced bread. But I digess.)

I challenge you to tell me what you’d like to see more of here at the blog. Fitness tips? Information about a particular supplement? Helpful information for a specific nutritional interest? We’re always searching the headlines and journals for the latest nutrition, health and wellness information you can benefit from. I get emails from dozens of you every day with excellent health questions and suggestions (my apologies if it takes me a few days to respond!). If you haven’t spoken up yet, and there’s a health issue you’d really like to see covered, I’d be happy to answer it. Just click on “Comments” below. You’ll be directed to sign in to the forum, where you can quickly and easily post your request. Getting to know my customers better, as well as hundreds of new friends from around the web, has been incredibly rewarding. I look forward to talking to you!

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