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Merry Chrismahanakwanzakah (and Festivus too!)

Posted By Worker Bee On December 25, 2008 @ 7:38 am In Announcements,Health | 3 Comments

Happy Holidays to all Mark’s Daily Apple readers! For those of you jonesing for some yuletide health and fitness material, please enjoy this mashup of some of the best holiday-related posts from Mark’s Daily Apple and other health blogs around the net.

And check back tomorrow for a fun talk about nausea, vomiting, manliness and more vomiting.

From Mark’s Daily Apple:

Savoring the Holiday [7]

Healthy Holiday Survival Guide Part 1 [8]

Healthy Holiday Survival Guide Part 2 [8]

10 Last Minute Holiday Health Tips [9]

What Happens to Your Body When… You Carb Binge? [10]

Make it a Primal Thanksgiving! [11]

Holiday Survival Guide Part 1 [12]

Holiday Survival Guide Part 2 [13]

From Around the Net:

Get Fit Slowly: It’s Holiday, Not Holimonth [14]

The IF Life: Surviving the Holiday Weight Gain Trap [15]

Modern Forager: Coconut Milk Egg Nog Recipe [16]

MizFitOnline: A Jewish Mizfit’s Guide to Making It Through Xmas & Cruising Into the New Year [17]

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