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It’s All About Me(me)!

Posted By Mark Sisson On June 20, 2007 @ 4:01 pm In Health | 2 Comments

53 and never been memed.

I have finally been memed. New blogger confession: I didn’t even know what a meme was until Claire over at Burning the Scale [7] tagged me. At the risk of mortifying my teenagers for all eternity, I’m meming, darn it.

The way it works: In this particular meme, I tell you seven things about myself you may not know. Then I tag seven other bloggers to do likewise. You ready for this?

Facts about me:

1. I used to eat a half-gallon of ice cream a day. Every day. Seriously. For almost 10 years while I was training and racing, I craved the sugar and fat in ice cream so much that if I was out of ice cream at 11PM, I would leave the house and run down to Thrifty’s to stock up. Luckily, I got past that and today I can’t even eat a small portion without feeling like – well – crap.

2. I shave my legs. Yes. I have for over 25 years since I started cycling and doing triathlons. I’ll keep doing it as long as I’m fit.

3. I grew up in a small fishing village in Maine. Lived there 25 years, in fact. I worked hard to lose the accent, though.

4. My favorite book is “Sometimes a Great Notion” by Ken Kesey. I think it is truly the great American novel.

5. I’m not a singer, but if there’s reincarnation, I want to come back as one. I once sang “Mack the Knife” in front of 300 people in Tokyo when the first Karaoke machines were introduced. (Had no choice – Pioneer Electronics was my triathlon sponsor).

6. I’m a big fan of the Police and am hoping to score tickets to their reunion tour this summer.

7. My latest pursuit is golf, something I never thought I’d be into. I considered it a waste of time when I was an endurance athlete; now I find that it’s a wonderful way to get out into the fresh air and meet new, interesting people. Sure is a humbling game, though.

I‘m tagging:

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Deb at Body, Mind and Solar [9]

Ruth at Eating Fabulous [10]

Brian at Lose Weight With Me [11]

Kendra at A Hearty Life [12]

Michael at the Insomnia Blog [13]

Kate at The Steaks Are High [14]

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