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29 Aug

Mashups for Health

Just about everyone who is internet-savvy is familiar with Google Maps. What you may not know is that the Google Maps code is open source; meaning anyone can use the code to create new online applications. Some of these “mashups” are relevant to health and fitness.

My favorite is a simple tool that combines the functionality of Google Maps with a pedometer. It allows you to determine the precise distance you have covered while on foot.

Double-click on the map to set a starting location, and then double-click again to set your final destination. Gmaps Pedometer will calculate the distance for you. Gmaps Pedometer doesn’t restrict you to just two points, either. Keep double-clicking for multiple legs of a trip and the application will keep a running total.

This site offers a couple other cool features. You can use the tool off-road to track the distance you covered while hiking or mountain biking. And the site charts elevation data so you can confirm what your legs are already telling you.

Here are a few other Google Map mashups worth a look:



MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyTri


Cyclist Nexus

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  1. I don’t have the words to tell you how useful I’m finding this post – or rather, how useful I will find it when I put these apps into practice…..

    Just what I need to organise my running and cycling, now I’m cracking on with getting into shape. (Helped along by a little ‘Damage Control’, which perks me up nicely in the evenings!).

    Brilliantly useful. Thanks.

    Mikeachim wrote on August 29th, 2007
  2. I agree, great tip Aaron. Perfect for lunchtime walks! :)

    Sara wrote on August 29th, 2007

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