Mark’s Daily Apple Redesign Finally Coming!

The long awaited redesign of Mark’s Daily Apple is almost here. Yesterday I tweeted to all my fellow tweeters a screenshot of the redesign (follow me on Twitter for exclusive updates!). Today it’s your turn. Below you’ll find an image of the new and improved Mark’s Daily Apple (click on it for the full size). I’ve only included the one truncated image because I don’t want to give everything away just yet. You’ll have to wait until Monday for the unveiling, a video from yours truly and an introduction to all the new features and changes.

I’d love to hear your first impressions in the comment board. Thanks!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Holy crap that’s awesome! Looks great, Mark. Can’t wait to see it in action.

  2. Looks more professional – almost swanky 😉 I like the tabs at the top (wish I could click them now! Especially the “Forum” tab!).

  3. It’s looking good! I like your indigenous people’s squat photo in your “birthday shoes” (I’m guessing you’ll rotate a few shots up there?).

    Also am pumped to see you’ll have a search box (connected to Google site search?) and a handy navigation menu that includes your more popular posts.

    Overall looks pretty clean! The green apple color may take some getting used to, but change is good. Are you going to throw a widget that puts up your latest “tweet” in the sidebar?

  4. FYI – The image of me doing the Grok squat in the header changes every time you reload the page. The images will be of me and my friends/family living the Primal lifestyle. I plan on adding new photos fairly regularly. Check back on Monday to see the rest of the pics.

    I love that pic. of you on the beach, it says in itself, a fun place to be, which is exactly what MDA is-FUN!
    I’ll be on the lookout Monday and can’t wait to see it all, one word description-AWESOME!!
    Very well designed, it seems easy to see everything at once!

    Thanks Mark for bringing back the forum!!

  6. Great look Mark, but your knees are tracking in, flare them out more, and get those heels on the ground.

  7. Looks great! I love that you are incorporating pictures of you and your family, and adding a forum. Very Nice!

  8. Looks awesome. Love the layout. The only thing that would make me happier is a solid publication date for your book!

  9. Looks clean! I like it.

    I don’t see a recipe tab…please please please tell me recipes will be broken out individually and easy to find!

    Can’t wait for the book!

  10. I heart MDA. It’s new incarnation may attact more readers and therefore get the PB word out. Looking forward to the forum, a recipe section and more great photos- esp. of the personal variety which really helps folks feel connected to you, your staff and the PB lifestyle and community.

  11. what about a handy “print this post” button? you’ve got some fabulous recipes that i want to print (at least to a pdf) but i don’t necessarily want the comments. otherwise, looks great.

  12. Looks good so far.

    Can’t wait to pre-order The Primal Blueprint too!

  13. Congratulations! A very clean and professional looking design.

    And – I also see that we will be able to Pre-Order your new book. I will be one of the first to do that.

    Can’t wait.

  14. Yes, recipes will be easy to find in the sidebar, via the new search engine, the sitemap or by category. Also, there will be a Primal recipes section in the forum where people can publish their own creations.

    “Print this post” is included, Jennifer.

  15. I like it a lot. I love the combination of black and light green. Have you considered extending the black frame to the rest of the page?

    I also noticed the link to a forum, which is great.

  16. Great, Mark!
    This is perhaps the final boost (the inclusion of the recipes tab, for further simplification) that will help me off my butt and including more primal foods into daily nutrition.
    Of course there’s the Tahoe Endurance 50k, but otherwise I’ll be primal (then again there is the Tarahumara, my bad, so maybe I’m good).

  17. Looks great, Mark. Very modern and up to date. Will the little cartoon ‘Mark’ be making an appearance on the new site or have you retired him?

    I’m mostly excited to pre-order your new book!

    – Jude

  18. Jhound – That’s what this is all about. Helping people go Primal. I hope you find it makes it that much easier.

    Jude – It looks like the cartoon has been retired for now. But who knows? It might just pop up time and again. We’ll see…

  19. Wow Mark,

    great job and design. I can wait to browse this new site on monday. Are we going to be able to pre-order your book on monday to?

  20. Yes, the book will be available for pre-order on Monday.

    First 1000 will get Free Shipping and Handling and an autographed copy from me.

    Estimated ship date is a couple weeks after the launch.

    I’m glad you’re all excited about the redesign and the book. Tell your friends and family!

  21. An overall improvement in my opinion. Though I liked the caricature a lot!
    The photo in the header could be a little bit more stylish. Maybe some fisheye photography of the same scene would do it.

  22. Andreas –

    Yes, I’ll be playing around with the photo style. We’re getting started with a handful of basic Primal photos, but I may change the style/direction at any time.

    Good thought. Thanks!

  23. Great design and good luck Mark.
    Personally, I would keep the cartoon. There is something a bit naive or even “primal” in it. The new design is more “clean” but the old apple dude is smiling…
    Looking forward for the book.

  24. Thanks for your thought, Dael. Yeah, a lot of thought was put into the direction we take the new design. I worked with some great blog designers on this and at the end of the day we decided to try something a little newer, fresher, more modern. I like the think the new design will grow on people just like this one has for some people.

  25. Yay!
    Reserve a nice, cosy place in the forum for me, I want to feel confortable in my new home.
    Nah, I guess that’s overexaggerated, but I’m definetly looking forward to the forum. Primal people unite!

  26. I LOVE the new fresher design, including colors! I like the idea of a series of Primal photos that rotate in some way or other. I am hoping that the search function will be a bit more relevant in terms of what it brings up, but otherwise have no big ideas for improvements. Looking forward to the forum so I can have easy access to recipes, learn about Primal footwear, etc. I also really like the links you provide both in and at the end of your posts as it is always a good way to review older posts I likely would never think to re-read. Can’t wait until Monday!

  27. Mark your new site looks fantastic, it’s green, clean and fresh looking. It looks like it has easy tabs to navigate around the site too. I am looking forward to the forum and all the other extras like the video section.

    Great job, only I have one complaint, I won’t get to view this till Tuesday (Australia)! Can’t wait 🙂

  28. red apple turns to green?
    I like em both.
    I only wish the fuming fuji would be able to come back with the green wave too…

  29. Looks great — I especially like the search capabilities that box promises. Let me add my plea for a tab to get to recipes, maybe another for references (e.g., to underlying articles for those who want ’em) and maybe another for “friendly websites:” I’ve followed several that stretched my thinking. Good on ye, Mark!

  30. Mark,

    You can make your new website black and white with stick-figure pictures and pencil scribbles–just as long as you still provide the great information that brings me back for my daily apple. But, that’s a nice looking sample!


  31. Mark,

    Wow, your redesign looks great! Nothing to say that probably already hasn’t been said, but it’s clean, it looks like it’s easy to navigate and I love the color scheme. Way to go brotha!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R
    Go Healthy Go Fit

  32. Looks really good and more easily navigatable (is that a word?). I do like the topics, catergories, etc. down the right-side of the current website design.

  33. Nice! Looks cleaner and easier to navigate (top navigation is always good). I just hope load times etc. don’t take a hit.

    Also, it’s good that it’s easier to find the “comments” function.

  34. Mark,

    The new page design looks wonderful. As someone who has been reading you for a long while, I really wouldn’t care if your info was written on a piece of grass feed top sirloin. The material is what counts, and your material is second to none.

    Keep up the great work.

  35. Will the store have anything else available other than the book and/or your supplements? Specifically, what about the “Grok On” shirt I saw recently on Son of Grok’s blog?

  36. Mark, with the current layout, it is kind of tricky to get hold of all the relevant info about a given topic.

    If I had to organize the content, I’d use the following criteria:

    What is primal
    Why go primal
    How to go primal

    The third category is where I usually dig around, because implementing the lifestyle can be very tricky depending on location, old habits, resources, etc.

    Every one of your posts has useful information, and the forum will very likely be useful to find “that recipe you talked about last year”, or this link regarding X.

    A FAQ would also be extremely useful: diary, alcohol, myths about exercise, etc.

    My two cents. Cheers!

  37. SerialSinner – All good thoughts. In fact I’ve built a Primal Blueprint 101 page to answer all FAQ and to be a guide to the best MDA material. Check back Monday!

  38. looks good. green and black is one of my fav color combos. count me in on the pre-order for the book. will you be doing more interviews/guest postings? will there be a expanded primal testimonials section? thank you mark! the p.b. is working for me in so many ways! i hope to be able to use your book in helping friends and family go primal.

  39. Have you checked to make sure this looks good on cell phones? I’m a a PC today, but most of the time I use my cell phone for the web, and a lot of sites don’t work so well.

  40. Hey what’s with all the bogus love? I like the old site just fine. It does what it is supposed to do and is very informative and laid out cleanly. New revamped version. Well lets just wait and see.

  41. oh no! It’s not like Tim Ferriss’, it’s almost exactly the same, but even more corporate looking! Two photos of you on one page (one on the book cover) and big jug of your nutritional supplement? Feels much more self-centered, Border’s Bookstore, boring. Please keep yer old cute friendly flying title. “Mark’s Daily Apple: the blog and lifestyle of Mark Sisson” is awkward english and redundant – we know it is a blog, we know its about lifestyle – and arguably not only about YOUR lifestyle, plus Mark named twice.

  42. Just as long as the header photo isn’t a Flash animation that takes ages to download, it’s looking good from over here!

  43. I must say that I like the old design better. It’s cute, simple, and unique. And what happened to your tagline? “Serving up health and fitness insights (daily, of course) with a side of irreverence” is much more clever and effective than “the blog and lifestyle of Mark Sisson.” That being said, I read your blog for content, so a new layout won’t turn me away…I will just miss the old one.

  44. Mark, It’s gorgeous and much easier to move around on! Thanks for having this blog and place for us to also share thoughts and ideas together.

    All the best with the news site and the book… Congrats!

    PS: Great success stories section :-))