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29 Jun

Mark’s Daily Apple iPhone App Now Available

Just a quick announcement before today’s regularly scheduled blog post… Mark’s Daily Apple now has an iPhone app! Mark’s Daily Apple blog posts, YouTube videos and Twitter tweets are all packed into this app.

This app also has a geo-tagged “ChatWall” feature that allows users to communicate with other users in their area. Looking for some Ultimate Frisbee partners or planning a Primal dinner party meet-up? Throw up a comment on the ChatWall and connect with Groks in your own hometown.

This app (just like the Android version) is free. You can learn more here.

Here are few screenshots from the app.

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Crashed for me multiple times with IOS 4 – never got past the front screen – already deleted it :(

    Mainiaca wrote on October 1st, 2010
    • Hmm, I do not see the daily apple app, just the forum app. Are they the same? I have the iPhone 5

      Kitty wrote on September 16th, 2014
  2. the main tableview that the app defaults to after the launch image shows does not seem to work in iOS4. :(

    lovestoclimb wrote on November 1st, 2010
  3. Droid App would be great. Thanks!

    Sandy wrote on November 14th, 2010
  4. Mark said closer to the top that an Android app is already out, but I can’t find a link for it, nor can I find it in the Android market. Any help?

    Frank wrote on December 24th, 2010
    • At least I am not the only one! I searched for it using every term I could think of…no apps found :(

      Meredith wrote on January 12th, 2011
  5. Please update the iPhone app to allow both portrait and landscape view orientation. Reading blog posts in portrait is not too kind on the eyes.

    Charlie Golf wrote on January 4th, 2011
  6. whats the name of the droid app. i cant find itin the market

    philip hanna wrote on January 22nd, 2011
  7. Apparently the Droid version is named “Use your browser if you aren’t an Apple disciple”


    Chris wrote on January 25th, 2011
  8. What’s the connection between the Primal Blueprint and Ultimate Frisbee. Everywhere I go on this site and in Mark’s books, I see continual references to Ultimate.

    I don’t play ultimate. I don’t enjoy it. I have no intention of taking it up. It’s not that I don’t enjoy playing other games and sports — that are more suited to my body, my social connections and my climate, but just not this particular play. The constant references to Ultimate seems like a cult and, in fact, turned me off from attending the BP three-day event because the implication is that if I don’t want to play Ultimate, I would be judged as not fully embracing the experience.

    Please explain the constant references to Ultimate.

    Jake wrote on January 30th, 2011
  9. What happened to the Android App? I cannot find it. I found the link on this site to Androlib and it had a barcode, but when I scanned it, it said it couldn’t be found. Searched around on Google for it, and found another Android Market site that said it is no longer available on the market. Will it be back?

    Frank Perez wrote on February 10th, 2011
  10. I was wondering the same thing about the Android app… I can’t find it, either. Will it be back?

    Sara wrote on March 4th, 2011
  11. Still can’t find an Android version… :(

    Iris wrote on April 22nd, 2011
  12. I cant find the Android app, what is it called on the market?

    Nicole wrote on May 18th, 2011
  13. I got the iTouch app. It normally works, sometimes crashes after the first screen, not sure if that’s down to server load.

    I agree with a comment above that asked for landscape mode!!!

    Steve wrote on May 27th, 2011
  14. Have you read the reviews of the app? I was all excited to get this until I read them. :(

    Paula wrote on July 11th, 2011
  15. I can’t find this on the Android market.. is there a specific title it’s under? Thanks so much!!

    Jonathan wrote on August 3rd, 2011
  16. Hey, Do you think you will release an Android compatible version of the App? I would love to have it but I don’t have an iphone.

    Jennie Jacobs wrote on October 24th, 2011
  17. what up with the andriod! HTC baby all the way can we get some LOVE!?

    Eric wrote on November 21st, 2011
  18. downloading now!

    primalian wrote on November 28th, 2011
  19. I’m looking for the Android app as well; is it in the Amazon droid market, or in another droid market?

    Debbie wrote on January 2nd, 2012
  20. Where is the Droid version? Can’t find on market, looks like is not available anymore…

    rafaela wrote on January 13th, 2012
  21. The Android app is called “Primal Feed” and draws from several blogs, including MDA. Search for Mark’s Daily Apple in the Market and you will find it. :)

    Pamela wrote on February 15th, 2012
  22. Is the app still available? I had it and it stopped working so I deleted it so I can download it again but can’t even find it in the app store anymore. :(

    Anthony wrote on June 9th, 2012
  23. I’m not able to use the app because it keeps crashing, and I can’t find it in the app store to submit a report. Are you still supporting the MDA iPhone app, or has it be scrapped?

    Jenny wrote on July 21st, 2012
  24. I cant find this app at all

    stephani wrote on December 2nd, 2012
  25. Is this app still available? I have an iPhone 4S but can’t find it in the App Store. The link in the article says its not available in us stores.

    Aaron wrote on December 22nd, 2012
    • I get the same message… “Not available in US stores.”

      Lloyd H. wrote on December 27th, 2012
  26. Vote for Windows Phone app seconded!!!

    Us WP individuals need our daily apple too :-)

    Rebecca wrote on January 20th, 2013
  27. +1 for a Windows Phone App :)

    Ben wrote on January 20th, 2013
  28. I cannot find this app! It is just called Mark’s Daily Apple?

    MaLinda wrote on January 23rd, 2013
  29. Hmm, I only see the forum app and not the Mark’s Daily Apple app.

    Kitty wrote on September 16th, 2014
  30. WHY is there no Android app????

    tessa wrote on January 1st, 2016

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