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Posted By Mark Sisson On April 24, 2012 @ 12:18 pm In Health | 2 Comments


In the Making - 04/24/12

Age: 62

Marianne’s Goals: “I had already intended to write to you this month, but you beat me to it with the “Success Stories In the Making” challenge! I’m really looking forward to participating.

This fall during the 30-day challenge I sent you my primal progress report, All I Want for Christmas Is a TRX. I am delighted to update you that although I did not get the TRX of my dreams Santa went one better — he gave me the registration fee for PrimalCon 2012! I’m now signed up and very, very excited about attending.

Because positive changes in my head have been the major focus of my primal journey, I didn’t send you the usual underwear-in-the-mirror pictures in September, but now I’m biting the bullet for this new challenge. Not too sure about exposing so much over-60 flesh, even in a bathing suit, but anything for a cause “Success Stories in the Making” will be incredible. I also wholeheartedly agree that the essential transformation which occurs with a primal life is a renewed wellspring of vitality and joy, but I’m still trying to really capture that in a photo.

Since going primal my sense of self has blossomed into such a positive attitude, and of course there have been positive physical changes, too. I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been, and as of this month I’m down yet another size for a total of three (so far…). I know I want to continue even further along the primal road, so I consider the attached picture simply a progress marker with additional results to follow. My overall goal is more muscles, continued joy. But specifically? A size smaller bathing suit for the ocean plunge at PrimalCon!”

Update – 04/24/12: “It won’t take long to realize that my 90-day progress picture is the same one I posted in January. Yes, weight-wise I stalled in my Primal journey. However, spirit-wise I am still going strong!

The winter doldrums, plus some of that family “stuff” that hits all of us every now and then, combined for a pretty distracting three months. During that time I did have some Primal slip-ups on food (and, oh yeah, wine too…). I continued to exercise though, and the slip-ups must have been either minor enough or my overall healthier body more able to recover from them because at the beginning of April I weighed exactly what I did on January 1. As someone who always, always, always gained weight when stressed, this is actually a huge progress marker for me. So, even if the body looks pretty much the same as it did, I’m really very pleased with my progress at this point!

In April I was lucky enough to be able to attend PrimalCon 2012, and it was a wonderful energizing experience. That, combined with the advent of spring and the receding family crisis, has given me just the inspiration and enthusiasm I needed to reconnect to a fully Primal life. I’ve already lost a couple of pounds, and I swear those triceps are bulging just the tiniest bit more. So, fired up and ready to go, I continue to be certain that living Primally is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My progress may not be the visible kind right now, but I am still delighted with the interior changes and can’t wait to see what happens next!”

My Primal Journal [7]

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