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Living Long and Strong


The average life expectancy [2] for American males and females born after the year 2000 hovers between 75 and 80 years old, respectively. Which side of the average you may fall on has a lot to do with things you can control. These include maintaining a well-rounded nutrient-rich diet, getting enough sleep and water, managing your stress levels [3], and making sure you get adequate amounts of exercise. To get an idea of how healthy your lifestyle is try this fun and interactive game that helps put things in perspective- The Longevity Game [1].

This game will you ask you a number of questions that relate to your medical history, exercise regime, and diet habits, synthesize that info, and then provide you with an estimate of your life expectancy. If you would like a more extensive questionnaire [4] try the one provided by MSN Money. While no life expectancy quiz or game can tell the future, it can help us realize the places in our lives that may need a little more attention. Don’t forget: awareness is the first step in achieving results!

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