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Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 1

Hello, everyone! This is the editor of Mark’s Daily Apple, Aaron Fox. Mark has his hands full today, so I’ll be reporting from the field. Check back throughout the day for text, photo and (maybe, fingers crossed) video updates.

7:53 am: There’s a buzz in the air as the inaugural PrimalCon kicks off in beautiful Oxnard, California. Attendees are trickling in. Grok On! shirts have been sighted.

8:00 am: Primal peoples meet and greet at registration

8:01 am: Getting hooked up with a Primal gift bag

8:16 am: Heading out to the beach park for sprint and lifting sessions

8:24 am: Chatting with Mark

8:27 am: PrimalCon event coordinator extraordinaire, Brad Kearns, sporting a slick PrimalCon shirt

8:32 am: PrimalCon attendees unite!

8:32 am: US Olympic team runner, Michael Stember, begins his sprinting instruction session

8:33 am: Philippe Til instructing on proper lifting form

8:55 am: Run like Grok!

12:10 pm: Ocean Plunge! A little cold water therapy does a person good.

12:45 pm: Primal lunch feast

1: 02 pm: The Aftermath

1:03 pm: FiveFinger Strawberry

1:33 pm: PrimalCon 2010 Keynote Address

4:06 pm: McGrath Organic Family Farm Tour

7:06 pm: Primal Feast number 2

8:02 pm: Mark and Barefoot Ted chat after dinner

8:32 pm: Wine and Dark Chocolate “Fireside Chat” back at Mark’s suite. Attendee overheard saying, “Man, I love this diet.”

11:33 pm: That’s it for the first day of PrimalCon. These updates hint at what the PrimalCon experience has been thus far, but in all honesty they hardly do it justice. Pictures can’t capture the joy of meeting fellow Primal Blueprinters face to face, or the taste of cedar-smoked salmon, or the experience of personal instruction in the Primal lifestyle behaviors. Tomorrow, if we can sort out the logistics, in addition to live blogging we will be bringing you PrimalCon 2010 updates using advanced technologies such as smell-o-vision and holographic virtual reality. See you then!

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