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24 Apr

Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 2

PrimalCon day2

Hello, everyone! This is the editor of Mark’s Daily Apple, Aaron Fox, reporting from the field. Check back throughout the day for text, photo and (maybe, fingers crossed) video updates.

7:14 am: Recharging for the big day ahead of us

Pic1 2

7:50 am: Energizing gentle movement session with Angelo

Pic4 2 Pic5 2 Pic3 2

8:04 am: Group beach hike

Pic6 2

Pic9 1

Pic2 2

Pic11 1

9:15 am: Barefoot Trotting Training with Barefoot Ted

Pic7 3

Pic6 3

Pic5 3

PrimalCon1 1

Pic8 2

11:02 am: Nikki Florio’s Green Living Presentation

Pic4 4

Pic5 4

Pic1 3

12:51 pm: More Primal Feasting

Pic6 4

Pic5 5

Pic1 5

1:42 pm: Having some fun on a slackline during some recreation time

Pic4 6

Pic6 5

Pic3 6

2:50 pm: Ultimate Frisbee

Pic8 3

Pic10 2

Pic7 4

Pic9 2

4:16 pm: Mind/Body Obstacle Course

Pic2 5

Pic1 4

Pic3 5

5:09 pm: Cooling off before dinner

Pic11 2

Pic12 1

Pic13 1

6:50 pm: Primal Dinner

Pic6 6

Pic3 7


Pic1 6

Pic4 8

Pic7 5

Pic5 7

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