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24 Apr

Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 2

Hello, everyone! This is the editor of Mark’s Daily Apple, Aaron Fox, reporting from the field. Check back throughout the day for text, photo and (maybe, fingers crossed) video updates.

7:14 am: Recharging for the big day ahead of us

7:50 am: Energizing gentle movement session with Angelo

8:04 am: Group beach hike

9:15 am: Barefoot Trotting Training with Barefoot Ted

11:02 am: Nikki Florio’s Green Living Presentation

12:51 pm: More Primal Feasting

1:42 pm: Having some fun on a slackline during some recreation time

2:50 pm: Ultimate Frisbee

4:16 pm: Mind/Body Obstacle Course

5:09 pm: Cooling off before dinner

6:50 pm: Primal Dinner

Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 3

Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 1

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Look at all those VFFS!

    Jstrick wrote on April 24th, 2010
  2. Everyone looks so fit. Sigh. I think I would have felt out of place if I’d gone. Still have 67 pounds to go. Maybe next year.

    sharonll wrote on April 24th, 2010
    • Yeah I definitely would’ve been out of place at 6 months pregnant. haha.

      Joyful Abode wrote on April 24th, 2010
    • Not at all! There were people of every weight and fitness level, but I can understand if the photographers were partial to the alpha males/eye candy ; )

      Kristin J wrote on April 25th, 2010
  3. And the jealousy begins again! I want to go on a hike on the beach with the Primal crew!!!

    Mark – You MUST come to the east coast in 2011!

    Toad wrote on April 24th, 2010
    • Mark – You MUST come to europe too ! Are there european groker here btw ?

      Eric wrote on April 24th, 2010
      • Yeah – come to europe as well! I am a Norwegian grokker! 😉

        Sungrazer wrote on April 24th, 2010
      • I’m a Scottish Grokette, my brother is an English Grok and I’m busy converting loads of friends here in the UK!

        Kelda wrote on April 25th, 2010
        • I’m English, but I live in Italy…never heard of other Italian primals, though?

          Deborah wrote on April 25th, 2010
      • French Groker

        NicoB wrote on April 25th, 2010
        • Wow. It’s so beautifull to that there are Grokers from all around the world.

          Austin wrote on April 25th, 2010
  4. That meal looks familiar.

    Sterling wrote on April 24th, 2010
  5. What a great time everyone is having. I’m inspired. LOVE the photos, and I hope you are able to make the videos.

    Laura wrote on April 24th, 2010
  6. I agree, super inspiring! And I love all the VFF. I’m taking mine out for a walk later :)

    Primal K@ wrote on April 24th, 2010
  7. Thanks for the pictures…looks fantastic!

    Dennis wrote on April 24th, 2010
  8. The green living presentation looks really interesting. I really like the fact that you have incorporated sustainability as part of the primal way of living.

    Janet wrote on April 24th, 2010
  9. I’m hoping for a roll-call, preferably with photos so I can match up the names I see all the time with some faces!

    dragonmamma wrote on April 24th, 2010
  10. Very awesome!! Looks like a GREAT time, and super information being shared!

    Lance wrote on April 24th, 2010
  11. looks like a vibram five finger convention!

    lovestoclimb wrote on April 24th, 2010
  12. A Europe trip would be most welcome, Scotland would welcome you Mark! What about a PrimalCon with hunting in the Highlands???

    Tobi wrote on April 24th, 2010
  13. I don’t care where it’s going to take place next year — 2011 Primal Con — COUNT ME IN.

    Izwan wrote on April 24th, 2010
  14. The footage of silent running looks fascinating. I have just joined Crossfit and am starting to run again for the first time really since I was a kid. I’m sure my technique needs work. Anyone have any tips or good resources for this? Thanks :)

    Natalie wrote on April 24th, 2010
    • Natalie – congrats on joining CrossFit! I’ve been doing it for about 6 months now and loving it. Just remember to scale accordingly. As far as running technique, CrossFit highly endorses the POSE method, which you can find plenty of introductory videos on YouTube. I *highly* recommend subscribing to the CrossFit Journal. The amount of daily information, articles, interviews, and videos are WELL worth it. I think it’s like $20/yr, but it’s better than any magazine you can subscribe to.

      Plus, you will find some amazing resources on the POSE running method by the very man who rediscovered it and refined it for mainstream. It’s definitely barefoot friendly, so check it out!

      crisbee wrote on April 25th, 2010
      • Hi Crisbee. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and advice. I have just subscribed to the CrossFit Journal and have checked out some links to POSE. It is exactly what I had been looking for so thanks again.

        Natalie wrote on April 26th, 2010
  15. This looks like a great time! I need to make it next year. Grok on PrimalConers!

    Chris Sturdy wrote on April 24th, 2010
  16. Looks like so much fun. And the Dinner looks soooooooo YUMMY ( all the food looks Yummy for that matter) wonder what those Beef patties are made out of , I want one NOW.

    Sabine wrote on April 25th, 2010
  17. That food looks awesome. Makes my protein shake that I’m about to have for breakfast look really sad. :-(

    Leo wrote on April 25th, 2010
  18. I think we need labels on the pictures so we can know what all that yummy food is that we’re missing out on :(

    lovestoclimb wrote on April 25th, 2010
    • I’m stuck on the picture of all those grilled steaks. I can actually feel myself drooling. 😛

      Leo wrote on April 25th, 2010
  19. I haven’t been this jealous in a loooong time. Looks like a really great time!

    Bane wrote on April 25th, 2010
  20. That food looks absolutely delicious!

    Who votes for Primal Con 2011 on the east coast?


    Toad wrote on April 25th, 2010
  21. I.

    That food looks amazing!

    Baxpin wrote on April 25th, 2010
  22. Will recipes be in the Primal Cookbook for the FANTASTIC!! looking dinner you served on Day 2? I’m drooling!!

    Sheri wrote on April 25th, 2010
  23. +1 for east coast Primal Con 2011 :)

    Andrew wrote on April 25th, 2010
  24. Holy crap. Barefoot Ted has some monster calves.

    Mountain Dew wrote on April 25th, 2010
  25. Oh my goodness. That fruit, that salad bar, the meat… looks amazing. And these photos make me so, so psyched to be getting my VFFs in the mail tomorrow!

    Mint wrote on April 25th, 2010
  26. My wife and I WILL NOT Miss PrimalCon 2011! The best thing is we will be able to drive to the Event! Congrats on what looked like an AWESOME Weekend Mark!

    Mike French wrote on April 25th, 2010
  27. I’m trying to figure out one of the photos: it looks like a bunch of meatloaves. Did everyone get his/her own full-sized meatloaf?! Awesome!

    dragonmamma wrote on April 25th, 2010
  28. Wow! Fantastic photos. Thanks for posting. Everything looks great.

    Debra wrote on April 25th, 2010
  29. All that food looks absolutely delicious. I just had my dinner, but I’m getting hungry again just looking at the pictures

    Adam wrote on April 25th, 2010
  30. Yes the foody looks super..nice to see a gathering where the foody looks this good and plentiful

    Simon Fellows wrote on April 25th, 2010
  31. Another vote for East Coast! Looks Great! Thanks for sharing..

    Julie Aguiar wrote on April 26th, 2010
  32. ya I wish I could have been there for all the meals, classes, etc, but mostly I wish I was there for the Ultimate games. We had 2 feet of snow at our house this wknd…

    Peggy wrote on April 26th, 2010
  33. 1. Food porn if I’ve ever seen any!
    2. Totally jealous.
    3. I already have summer tan-lines from my VFFs. :)

    Melodious wrote on April 26th, 2010
  34. Oh man… I’m so glad to be connected to this community now! I am excited to see the types of activities that go down at PrimalCon. I’m stoked for the next opportunity to participate and will be preparing. Oh and of course, the FOOD!!

    Malika Duke wrote on April 27th, 2010
  35. Oh my GAWD!!!

    The food at PrimalCon was SO AMAZINGLY good!!!

    I got some new ideas for all kinds of recipes.

    My Tweet on PrimalCon looked like this:

    PrimalCon 2010: connecting with like minded people and sharing personal discoveries about fitness and health and learning from others alike.


    Barefoot Ted wrote on April 29th, 2010
    • Thank you for your wisdom Ted. Talking with you definitely changed my thinking. I’ve put the VFF away when I don’t really need them and have been going barefoot. So now I can actually gather all that information the ground is giving me. It does feel really liberating.

      Chris N. wrote on April 30th, 2010

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