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Live Blogging from PrimalCon 2010 – Day 3

Hello, everyone! This is the editor of Mark’s Daily Apple, Aaron Fox, reporting from the field. Check back throughout the day for text, photo and (maybe, fingers crossed) video updates.

7:37 am: After the breakfast buffet, Angelo De La Cruz energizes early wakers with a gentle movement session

8:04 am: Maya White shows attendees how to properly sit and stand like Grok in her posture presentation

9:51 am: Brad Kearns on Primal Blueprint Fitness and having pure motivations for training (keep it fun, convenient and energizing!)

10:32 am: The Primal Blueprint Fitness Challenge Assessment

11:07 am: One-on-one time with Barefoot Ted, Maya White and Angelo De La Cruz

12:30 pm: Fresh caught fish and local vegetables at the local farmers’ market

1:15 pm: Saying goodbyes and taking last minute photos together. See you at the next PrimalCon!

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