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Posted By Elliott On May 14, 2007 @ 6:43 pm In Big Moo,Big Pharma,Health,Hype,Marketing,Nutrition,Raising Healthy Children,Research Analysis,Supplements | 1 Comment

Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

What’s shakin’, Apples? I’m here to highlight the best links to get your week off to an informed and healthy start:

Big Pharma Misleads Consumers

Do you trust Big Pharma [7]? You shouldn’t. (I know we said we’d lay off those guys for a while, but this is pretty important news. Official laying-off begins now.)

Dairy Ads Pulled

Finally! Sara practically passed out from joy at this news [8]. (She has researched the Big Moo and Blunder Tonic [9] diet deception extensively.) Want to lose weight? Start here [10].

More Scams Debunked

Deer velvet is my personal favorite [11]. Come on, gimme a break! This site is no-frills but nicely summarizes some popular supplement scams. I disagree with the last one. What do you think?

Buy Milk in the Dark

This milk advice [12] is one of the most odd, but useful, health tips I’ve seen yet. Buying milk that’s been exposed to fluorescent light destroys precious nutrients. (As you’ll note from reading our assorted research into Big Moo [13], I think your best bet is to buy raw milk from a reputable local source, but this is not recommended by the federal government.)

Mother’s Milk Vs. Nestle

To say I’m bothered by the fact that Nestle pushes baby formula on new mothers in regions that lack potable water would be an understatement. Breast-feeding is the obvious choice for nourishing infants in impoverished areas where clean water and good food are scarce for mom, let alone baby, but apparently Nestle would rather turn a quick profit and shove sugary formula (deficient in EFAs) down newborns’ throats. Thousands of babies are dying as a result. Read about it here [14]. I for one am boycotting Nestle. They make a LOT of products – they’re the biggest food company in the world. Fortunately, they don’t typically make healthy food, so it’s easy to avoid supporting them.

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