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Friday Link Love

Adventures in Ethics and Science ponders the Ethical Considerations in the Development of the Male Birth Control Pill [8].

Aetiology reports that aflatoxin has been found in pet food [9].

That’s Fit has good news about taking DHA during pregnancy [10].

Eye on DNA reports on why direct-to-consumer genome scans [11] may not be all they’re cracked up to be.

FitSugar gives tips on How to Beat Job-Related Weight Gain [12].

Cranky Fitness on thinking your calories away [13].

Taste Better! on how the proliferation of biofuels could mean livestock don’t have to eat corn either [14].

Interactive Health provides a video on the Top 5 Worst Meal Replacement Bars [15].

The Migraineur discusses the Shortcomings of the Glycemic Index [16].

Veggie Chic is Enchanted by Oyster Mushrooms [17].

The Last Psychiatrist informs us that Raising Wine Prices Makes Wine Taste Better [18].

and last, but not least…

Health Care Vox opines on The Coming War Over Healthcare [19].

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