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Candy Coated WHAT?

The Fuming Fuji does not know what to do, but it rhymes with dexplode. What is this product of unspeakable sugarness? Fuji is baffled. This is a very difficult thing, to baffle a genius.

Kid Kupz may “take the ick out of sick” but they will forever nauseate Fuji. There is a solution to a cough or cold, and it does not involve more sugar! Yes, my adoring readers, you are not misunderstanding: candy is being used to assist in cold treatment. Who let Mary Poppins out of her carpet bag? And why are we putting unsafe chemicals [1] in our children anyway? The Fuji is gravely disappointed in this treatment of the seedlings. Also, the Fuji fears we are raising a bunch of pithy pansies who cannot even take a dose of medicine without a sugar salvo. Should homework come with licorice pencils? When the Fuji was a seedling even the flu was taken in stride in the roll through the snow to school. (This daily sojourn was a journey of many difficult yards, but you shall be blessed with this story at another point in time if Fuji has the time.)

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