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8 Nov

Candy Coated WHAT?

The Fuming Fuji does not know what to do, but it rhymes with dexplode. What is this product of unspeakable sugarness? Fuji is baffled. This is a very difficult thing, to baffle a genius.

Kid Kupz may “take the ick out of sick” but they will forever nauseate Fuji. There is a solution to a cough or cold, and it does not involve more sugar! Yes, my adoring readers, you are not misunderstanding: candy is being used to assist in cold treatment. Who let Mary Poppins out of her carpet bag? And why are we putting unsafe chemicals in our children anyway? The Fuji is gravely disappointed in this treatment of the seedlings. Also, the Fuji fears we are raising a bunch of pithy pansies who cannot even take a dose of medicine without a sugar salvo. Should homework come with licorice pencils? When the Fuji was a seedling even the flu was taken in stride in the roll through the snow to school. (This daily sojourn was a journey of many difficult yards, but you shall be blessed with this story at another point in time if Fuji has the time.)


Further explosions of terror and awe:

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  1. Yeah I wonder the same thing also. When I was a child, medicine wasn’t such a big deal such as nowadays. Yes they don’t taste nice but we don’t complain too much about it. Perhaps parents aren’t as strict as before.

    One Big Health Nut wrote on November 9th, 2007
  2. That is appalling. The first thing that came to mind was that super fancy colored salt & sugar they make for margarita glasses to be dipped in.

    I can’t believe there are parents out there who feel the need to pander so much to their child’s whims that they would happily compromise by giving the kid candy so they’ll agree to take the medicine. That’s like saying, “You’re grounded, go to your room. You can still play your xbox.”

    I understand the parent’s desire to medicate their child (though don’t always agree it’s required), but that totally reinforces the child’s perception that the universe revolves around what makes them happy, and that difficult things will be made easier for them. I know it’s just one little thing, but it’s so pervasive.

    And seriously? Sugar? Who gives a sick kid sugar? Don’t they want their kid to feel *better*? Don’t they know sugar is not good for people? I know people love their sweets, but surely everyone knows it’s bad by now? Is it such a hard leap to think sugar should be eliminated during a time when their kid is trying to get well?

    Sorry to rant a bit, this just really irritates me. The more sick & obese kids I see, the angrier I get about how everyone is practically poisoned from birth and never know any better. I get mad when my mom tells me what junk she bought for my younger siblings, especially when she plays it as “They’re young, their metabolism is high!” In ten years they’ll be 25, eating habits firmly in place, metabolism slowing. This candy coated medicine is just one more thing to add to the list of way people hurt their kids, usually without even being aware of it. :(

    Lemur wrote on November 9th, 2007
  3. I’m really tempted to say “toughen up your kids, for goodness’ sake!”. No, seriously. That’s just so stupid and irritating. Yeah, medicine doesn’t taste good, but it’s not here to be *tasted*, it’s here to be *swallowed* so that we get better. (And of course, I suppose that those kids using those wonderful cups would go brush their teeth right after it, hmm? No risk for more cavities with that? Yeah, right…)

    Kery wrote on November 10th, 2007
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  5. Why does this remind me of a salt-rimmed marguerita? For kids? Even that association is gross…

    Alison wrote on October 2nd, 2010

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