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In the Making – 09/19/12

Age: 31

Jane’s Goals: “My goals in summary: I can do 80/20. There’s balance there. There’s room for being human and while living a sensible yet responsible life. I want to take ownership of my health – emotionally and physically (my spiritual life is ever changing also – we are Catholic). I would love to not be a slave to – the gym, the guilt for missing exercise classes/ guilt for putting my children in childcare to exercise/the stress of training for something/guilt for being exhausted/too tired to run my long run/ and the misery and frustration over my diet when I fail because I simply cannot do it all.

But, I can eat this way – primal – take walks with my children (yay for the BOB double jogger), do sprints while we are all out playing and lift weights/do push ups/squats/do exercise videos at home. I want to find/have balance, lose weight, have energy, to like myself again and feel good in my skin.”

Update – 07/02/12: “In January I moved forward with Primal in mind. I would say I eat more in an ‘ancestral style’ (Mark Sisson meets Weston A. Price) with lots of fermented foods (sauerkraut, fermented beets and kombucha). I cut out grains (even sprouted ones!) and have been eating foods in their whole form with a few cheats here and there (my cheats are dark chocolate and sometimes a Gluten Free baked good from a Bob’s Red Mill Mix). I supplement with fermented cod liver/high vitamin butter oil, vitamin D3 and a high quality probiotic. I drink raw milk and eat full fat dairy. Pork products, even pastured ones do not make me feel good. Around March I committed to a reasonable exercise program that fits into my family life (no more running obsession! hello kettle bells!). About four weeks ago I started keeping a food journal. I’m still nursing my now 8 1/2 month old. If I don’t eat enough fat while eating this way, my milk production drops significantly. It’s been a process figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Guess what!?…I’m finally melting! It didn’t happen right away and I was initially frustrated…but I’m sticking with it. Also, my digestion has drastically improved. Since January I’ve lost about 18 pounds…with about 30 or so more to go. I’ll check back in at the end of the summer!”

Update – 09/19/12: “I’m still going strong! Since January 2012, I’ve lost over 30 pounds and 6 inches off my waist alone! Everywhere else is “melting” also. It’s happening slow and steady. I only exercise twice a week with a high intensity/boot camp-esque/cross-fit-ish group exercise class for moms (it’s called Body Back) . That’s it! Now I focus my time toward doing the things I need to do for my family because I’m not struggling to fit in my fitness time. I’m so happy with my progress… My children keep me super busy and I have enough energy to keep up. I’ll even bust out tuck jumps or burpees just to shock them! My older daughter couldn’t believe it and said “Moms don’t jump like that!” But I do! I piggyback carry my older children for fun and run around. I’m still nursing my now 11 month old. I cook like a mad-woman on the weekends to survive the weekly jungle of life with young children. I still keep a food journal. It really helps me keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Diane Sanfillipo, Liz Wolfe, Sarah Fragoso, Sally Fallon and Mark Sisson are my ‘go to’ for nutrition assistance and meal planning. Bone broth, sauerkraut and whole foods (not whole grains :)) are what we eat. I’m certainly still on this journey and will send a picture soon.

Enough about me! I want to tell you quickly about my 65 year old father (he said it was okay to share this with you). I’m the youngest in my family and I never ever remember my Dad being fit and well. There are pictures of him from before I was born where he is slim, but my Dad as I’ve known him has been an overweight food lover (sweets, soda, beer, treats, meat, veggies, pasta and BREAD!). He has a list of health problems and jars of pills for ailments. He also has a kidney disease (aggravated of course even more by the other health problems) and they were only at about 50% function. He was always tired, his legs hurt, trouble sleeping etc. In March of this year, he complained of severe leg pain along with swelling. An ultrasound revealed two large blood clots in his legs. He was put on blood thinners and had to continue with his other medications to live. I begged and pleaded with him (along with my mother and sister) to change. My children and nieces and nephews adore him and WE still need him in this life! So I gathered up what I could from the internet (have you seen the TED talks video about Dr. Terry Wahls?), the Primal Blueprint and Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fallon) and by the Grace of God he listened. He’s eating primally! He cannot eat excessive protein because of his kidneys but he can eat small amounts of meat, raw dairy, coconuts and veggies! The hardest thing for him to give up was the bread and I know it’s still a struggle for him. He’s lost about 40 lbs so far. He’s off the blood thinners. His blood pressure meds are cut in half. His kidney function has improved. Now he’s talking about doing some push-ups and sit ups to get stronger. His knees still bother him and I’m praying restful sleep will come soon… He looks so wonderful and plays with his grandchildren. He tells me he wants to lose another 30 pounds or so… and he’s pretty determined.

Also, my mother also effortlessly lost 10 pounds. She wasn’t even trying.”

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