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17 Aug

Introducing The Primal Leap

Weight management is huge issue – even an obsession – in modern culture. Ironically, it’s a booming industry, yet one that has produced widespread dismal failure for decades – even with ever-greater attention, awareness, and education about healthy living and reducing disease risk. Since the inception of MDA, and particularly in recent months after the release of the Primal Blueprint, I’ve noticed just how important, complex, frustrating, and confusing the issue of weight loss is, even to devoted diet and fitness enthusiasts trying to do the right thing.

The Primal Leap is my aggressive response to making things right when it comes to weight loss. My team and I have prepared perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive 30-day course available anywhere, bringing an intense focus and detailed guidance to implementing the Primal Blueprint principles specifically for weight loss.

The Primal Leap kit is a comprehensive package of multimedia materials and Internet resources, including one-on-one personal guidance via private-forum personal messaging with me and my expert staff. The centerpiece of the program is the Primal Leap Guidebook, a 142-page 3-ring binder with step-by-step action plans and extensive journal exercises in the areas of diet, exercise, and lifestyle each week. Read more about the Primal Leap kit components here.

The Primal Leap gives you all the tools and education you need to never have to worry about excess body fat again for the rest of your life. When you make the investment and commitment to give your best effort for 30 days, I personally guarantee that you will lose between four and eight pounds of body fat in a single month, and be able to continue at that rate for as long as you wish until you attain your ideal weight. When I say four to eight pounds, I’m talking actual body fat, not the muscle and water weight that drops after crash diets and then returns later.

I’m aware of the hype and gimmicks out there pertaining to weight loss, and am sensitive to my loyal, discriminating, and highly sophisticated audience. If you are comfortable with your body composition and dialed into a Primal lifestyle, you may not require this intensive support and investment. However, we’ve received tremendous demand and interest for further support beyond the pages of the blog or the Primal Blueprint relating to weight management in particular. All of us involved are extremely excited to present the program to you.

When I say “guaranteed success,” I’m not kidding. The Primal Blueprint approach is scientifically validated, and the Primal Leap course is so specific and detailed that you will not have any problem dropping body fat at a reasonable rate for as long as you want. Furthermore, you can plug into the 30-day program template any time you wish in the future, should the forces of modern life ever cause you to backslide away from your ideal physique.

We attempted to describe the program in great detail on the Primal Leap summary page. Take a close look and consider whether now is the time to take the Leap and get a handle on the weight management issue once and for all. Your 30-day course will require a significant commitment of time and energy, but is not at all overly-stressful, overly-regimented, or overly-complex. The Primal Leap journey is fun, convenient and realistic, regardless of your fitness level or body composition starting point.

I don’t care if you have “fat” genes or tons of hang ups from repeated weight loss failures. This program will be a breath of fresh air when you discover how simple and enjoyable the process of weight loss and lifestyle transformation can be. My staff and I will be with you every step of the way. If any problems or challenges come up, you can avoid feeling discouraged or frustrated by taking advantage of our expert support – for as long and as much as you need it.

As you may know, Mark’s Daily Apple’s third annual 30-Day Primal Challenge is set to begin on September 1st. This makes it the perfect time to grab the Primal Leap kit as the MDA challenge will perfectly complement and enhance the Leap program. There is no better time to take the Leap, and participate in the Challenge! Order the Primal Leap kit today so that your materials will arrive in time to commence the 30-Day Primal Challenge.

And to top it all off, I’ll be giving a FREE bottle of Primal Flora to each Primal Leap customer through August 30. I look forward to taking the Leap with you!

If you have any questions about the program, please call 888-774-6259 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              888-774-6259      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email me.

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