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2 Feb

Introducing the Inaugural PrimalCon!

PrimalCon 2010

Dear readers, here we are in 2010, with now nearly 3 1/2 years old. Thank you for your tremendous contribution to what started as a dream in 2006, and is now a thriving internet community of passionate and deeply connected Primal enthusiasts. As we celebrate the success of the book and the continued rapid growth of the blog, we also realize that in 2010, it’s time to take this community to the next level!

My staff and I have been dreaming and scheming behind the scenes for quite some time about “what’s next?”. Well, here it is: I’m extremely excited to announce the first-ever live, in-person, Primal Blueprint weekend experience! Finally, a chance for our virtual world to come alive and come together for an incredible 3-day event we’re calling PrimalCon.

We have secured a spectacular resort right on the beach in Southern California called the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach in Oxnard, CA. I’m almost embarrassed to say that even though it’s only 31 miles from my home, I’d never set eyes on this place until recently, and it is absolutely stunning. This is an all-suite resort with beautiful Spanish-style grounds right on the expansive Oxnard State Beach. We’re talking seconds from out your door to sand in your toes – no kidding. The weekend will consist of a stimulating mix of workouts, play, leisure, classroom education, and of course delicious Primal feasts. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Seminars at the resort will include four general sessions with me, and numerous breakout sessions on topics related to the Primal Blueprint lifestyle
  • Workouts will take place right on the sand or the expansive grass fields of an adjacent beach park. Experts in Primal strength training and sprinting will guide your activity in small groups segmented by ability. We’ll roll out some cool new stuff as we are currently building a comprehensive curriculum for Primal Blueprint Fitness.
  • We’ll have all kinds of fun, games, and relaxation, including leisurely hiking on the beach and sand dune preserve, Ultimate Frisbee matches (of course, no good conference should be without), and the top secret Primal Blueprint Mind/Body Obstacle Course Challenge on the beach (don’t even ask, just show up ready for a challenge!)
  • We’ll have lavish Primal feasts – omelets in the morning, fabulous salads for lunch and delicious barbecue in the evenings. Leave your cocktail attire at home, this is outdoors, Primal style – utensils optional!
  • We’ll have “positive natural stressors” as in Primal ocean plunges in the morning and after workouts. Don’t worry though, you can reach the Embassy Suites jacuzzi in about 41 seconds from the water’s edge (might even count as a sprint workout!).

Getting Down to Details

Size: This is the first of what we hope will be several events a year in various locations across the country and abroad. To ensure an intimate experience, the conference is limited to the first 160 people who register.

Cost: The early-bird conference fee is $695 and includes all meals and a PrimalCon event bag stocked with incredible participant gifts, apparel, and nutrition. The price will jump to $795 once there are only 30 spots remaining, so register now to lock in this special rate. You will book your hotel directly and separately with the Embassy Suites. Suites start at $149/night. If you’re not familiar with Southern California resort lodging rates, this is an absolute steal for a suite on the beach. Couples staying together in double-occupancy suite get a $50 discount on the second conference registration fee.

Schedule: Sign-in Thursday evening, April 22nd, or Friday morning, April 23rd. Agenda begins Friday morning. Dismissal is Sunday, April 25th at 1:30pm. A convenient getaway weekend and then back to work a new person on Monday morning!

Travel: Oxnard is about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles proper, about 30 minutes south of Santa Barbara on the Ventura County’s Gold Coast. Los Angeles International (LAX) and Burbank (BUR) airports are your best choices.

Click here to check out the incredible discounted suite package we negotiated with the resort for the conference. Once you sign up for the conference, please book your suite immediately to ensure the currently published discount room rates.

Click here to read details about the PrimalCon agenda.

I’m hoping this post will stimulate a good bit of commentary and suggestion, as we are still formulating the details of the weekend agenda. I’d like to hear from you on a couple levels:

  1. Would you attend for sure? Strongly consider? Maybe – need more info?
  2. Do you have any suggestions about what programming, including meals, would be most important or interesting to you? Other comments about the basic concept presented here? Have you been to a health/fitness retreat and had a memorable experience – good or bad – that you might share?
  3. If you’d like to receive regular PrimalCon updates as the speakers, events and meal plans are solidified sign up for this special newsletter. I’ll be sending an update every couple weeks until the event takes place in April.

I look forward to hearing from you…and perhaps seeing you in the flesh come April!

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Oh, it sounds wonderful! Unfortunately, I can’t get away during the school year (without playing hooky). If I could find a cheap flight from Baltimore to LA, I’d be there though. If folks in their 60s are going, I’ll feel better since I am 51 :) Off to Travelocity…

    Laurie Donaldson wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  2. I’m certainly going to go (living in Encino makes it hard not too). Just gotta see if the other (better looking) wheel on my motorcycle of life will be able to attend as well.

    wieder wrote on February 2nd, 2010
    • Looking forward to meeting you, wieder. Grok on!

      Mark Sisson wrote on February 2nd, 2010
      • I’m now registered three times. Ooops! Sent a message on Primal Nutrition to hopefully get it corrected. :)

        wieder wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  3. What a cool idea! Have fun! Unfortunately little groks make this a no-go for me.

    I recently read something (not sure where) about a conference for people involved in promoting the local foods, organic farmers movement (maybe it was Slow Food?) It turned out the conference center had a lot of regulations about who could provide food, where it could come from, etc., and the menu turned out pretty disappointing when it should have been awesome. Point of the story – I hope you have done your homework with this hotel’s kitchen or catering group. If not, start planning early, and best of luck!

    I wish I could be there.

    Rachel wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  4. Dang! How about PrimalCon Oz? Right here in Australia at OUR Gold Coast? Unfortunately I don’t have the $$ to get to the US and it’s a bit far for me to swim. Great idea Mark! I’m jealous and I hope you all have a great time. Sounds awesome.

    Shmaltzy wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  5. So cool! Thanks for planning this. I’d come if it were a little sooner but I’m afraid to commit to this so late in my pregnancy. Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    slesca wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  6. I couldn’t possibly miss this since it is in my backyard!! I recently moved to Mandalay Shores so this is perfect. Looking forward to meeting you Mark and other PBers!!

    Dan wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  7. drive wouldn’t be too bad from southern oregon but it’s a lotta dough for a school teacher. i think i’ll just crash the party, sleep in my car and catch you guys on the beach for that frisbee match and obstacle course

    DThalman wrote on February 2nd, 2010
    • …just kiddin

      DThalman wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  8. Awesome!

    Andrea wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  9. I’ll be there!!! Can’t wait!!!

    BenevolentForce wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  10. OOOOOOoooohhhh!! I wish I could go!! I am in desperate need of some warmness and sun and not-frozen water…guess what its doing here in WI…SNOWING!! grrr…!! 😛 And I would so love to meet all of you guys and Mark!
    However, my fiancee and I are in the process of buying a house right now and there is no way we can come up with the extra $$…*sadness*
    Hopefully we can make it to PrimalCon #2!! 😀

    Ika wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  11. I’m living in the other half of the world (Israel), and this is the first time ever I regret it…
    I really hope you’ll keep doing such events, and sooner or later, I’ll come. that’s for sure!

    CF_IL wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  12. Ah man. I think I have a race that weekend. Plus I’m not sure about the cash flow situation. I need to save for a new Tri bike, unless you have one of those laying around you want to give me 😉 Sounds awesome though!

    Grok wrote on February 2nd, 2010
  13. Wow this sounds fantastic. The place sounds like it is beautiful too.

    Richard Shelmerdine wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  14. I think I asked Mark about something like this in an email last May/June. Happy to see it coming to fruition less than a year later (so I can pretend to take partial credit for it :)).

    I can’t attend, though, as I’ll be moving from the UK to the U.S. during April/May and getting out to CA from D.C. would just be too much.

    Otherwise, I would definitely attend. I hope this is extremely successful and the first of many to come in the years ahead. And Miami sounds great as a future destination. Maybe the National Mall would serve as a high-profile locale in the future and be more convenient for North-Easters on a budget.

    But sand and sun are much better, especially compared to rainy, cloudy, cold Scotland.

    Russell wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  15. Gotta dominate the Feb. RKC first, but I WILL definitely be at the next one. Have fun and a always GROK ON!

    Doug wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  16. Would be there in a flash but unfortunately will be in France at that time.

    It would be good if you could do something on the US east coast some time or even in Europe for those of us on this side of the pond.

    John Nugent wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  17. Man, I would love to go but… $ will not allow it. Hey – I’m a former conference planner and greener – any chance I could work off my conference fees?

    Kim wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  18. this def interests me but i’m going to paris in march (don’t think i can quite recover the funds to turn it around to fly cross country for this) maybe primal con#2 :)

    misathemeb wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  19. Well, if I hadn’t scheduled my doctoral clarinet recital for the 28th, I might go. Or at least consider it. But then I’d remember that I was a poor college student, and then I still wouldn’t be able to go. But I live near Dallas, so can I third the aforementioned motion to bring one to Dallas? :-)

    Deanna wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  20. Maybe you could plan the next one at the Gold Coast in Australia! I would love to attend but it’s too far for me to travel. It sounds like a great set up. Have fun!

    Crystal wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  21. It’s official, I am signed up! And I’m making a week long trip out of it. Gonna load up my car with skiis and my mountain bike and leave MT looking for skiing and riding along the way. Can’t wait to meet fellow grokkers!

    shalon wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  22. oh boy, this sounds amazing & pretty reasonable, all things considered. wish I could go but I look forward to reading all about it.

    marci wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  23. I’m booked! So ridiculously excited. Can’t wait to meet as many of you as possible.

    BenevolentForce wrote on February 3rd, 2010
  24. fantastic, well done Mark for taking this to the next level!

    Its a tad far from London, but if there is ever a UK event I would be interested!

    alex wrote on February 4th, 2010
  25. If you had one of these somewhere on the East Coast, I’d register in a heartbeat. Heck, I’d help volunteer too.

    Worth checking out DC’s new convention center: (Full disclosure: I live in DC and found out about this site from a friend who also does.)

    Joe Grossberg wrote on February 4th, 2010
  26. Wow! I just found your website and I LOVE the idea of a full weekend learning, but I am a single parent, new teacher and I think even if I could afford the event I would so get busted for playing hooky for just one day! I would agree with those above that more advance notice with the opportunity to save money for such an intensive event would assure more people being able to attend. Thanks!!!!! I look forward to learning more from your website!

    Shannon wrote on February 4th, 2010
  27. Relative primalNoob here. The addition of Barefoot Ted’s seminar has me drooling at what seems to be the summit of all that i’m discovering is holy! But I have to reiterate, East Coast please!! I’m having a hard time justifying all the driving/flying/lodging and associated costs for basically a weekend trip. Man I”m on the edge but I’ll probably end up holding off for something closer (hopefully in the future?).

    Pat wrote on April 4th, 2010
  28. You should have an East Coast Primal Con too!!!

    Billy Ruggles wrote on January 6th, 2011

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