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Introducing Rich Food, Poor Food

This week marks the release of Rich Food, Poor Food [1] [1], the “Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System”, a book I am personally thrilled to introduce you to from Primal Blueprint Publishing [2]. Rich Food, Poor Food [1] is a special book in many ways, one of them being that it’s the first title from Primal Blueprint Publishing without my byline! This book was written by Jayson Calton, Ph.D, and Mira Calton, CN, a dynamic couple from Florida whose message about how to navigate past the hype and misinformation on food labels to emphasize the most nutritious foods in every category has already resonated strongly with a national audience, as it did with me. (Rich Food, Poor Food [1] sold out at Barnes & Noble stores across the country and climbed to as high as #18 on Amazon.com after an appearance on Fox & Friends [3] on Sunday.) Over the past couple of years – after publishing seven Primal Blueprint books of my own – it’s been my ambition to branch out beyond my voice and publish the works of other authors who promote healthy living while honoring ancestral health principles. My team and I have several books in the works right now, and the fact that the Calton’s is the first to the finish line is a quite a surprise.

I first met this couple at the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard last year. Naturally, we got to talking books, including their ambitions to write a book about their 4SEASONSFORLIFE Revolutionary Lifestyle Program, a dietary philosophy that advocates eating in alignment with specific seasonal patterns. This project (slated for 2014 release – by Primal Blueprint Publishing of course!) was inspired by observing the dietary and lifestyle habits of remote tribes around the world on their 6 year, 100+ country research expedition called The Calton Project.

With my interest piqued about this future project, they also mentioned the imminent publication of their third book, Rich Food, Poor Food [1] (their second book Micronutrients and Lifestyle Medicine is a text book for their Certified Micronutrient Specialist (CMS) Professional Certificate Program available through the Calton Institute of Lifestyle Medicine). That’s right – the book was completed, typeset, and slated to go on the presses the very next week! After perusing an advance copy and sharing it with my team, I was so impressed with the content that I swooped in at the 11th hour to make it a Primal Blueprint Publishing title.

One of the many things that appeals to me about Rich Food, Poor Food [1] is that it ventures beyond the language of the Primal/Paleo eating strategy, making it more approachable to people unfamiliar with ancestral healthy principles. This is a book for everyone who shops at the grocery store, regardless of what kind of eating strategy they currently follow. The Caltons focus on the importance of micronutrients in the diet – obtaining maximum nutritional value by choosing the freshest foods with the best growing methods; choosing the brands who have sincere commitments to ingredient and manufacturing health standards; and avoiding the manipulative advertising and misleading packaging that prevails in the grocery store.

If you are a Primal veteran and believe that your diet is dialed in right now, I have news for you: you will learn some things from reading Rich Food, Poor Food [1]. I took copious notes when I read through the text and learned several new concepts and nuances that have helped me in subsequent shopping trips. For example, I occasionally like a little grated cheese on my eggs, and there have been times when I’ve purchased pre-shredded bags (organic of course). Alas, I learned that pre-shredded cheese often contains natamycin (an antibiotic-based mold inhibitor), cellulose powder (aka. wood pulp), and anti-caking agents that often contain potato starch. Additionally, your bag of shredded organic cheese has likely sustained oxidative damage in its processing and packaging. It turns out that buying the good stuff in blocks (and shredding it fresh yourself) is a vastly superior nutritional choice.

Similarly, you’ll see a chapter on grains (horrors!) in the book, but the Caltons have a brilliant take on the subject. First, they inform the reader that they choose not to consume any grains themselves, detailing the compelling reasons we’re all familiar with. Next, they suggest superior alternatives and replacement strategies to avoid the highly offensive wheat-based products, including some clever recipes for breads and cereals that are far less objectionable than mainstream products.

Purists may choose to give me a little heat for publishing a book that dares to mention non-Primal foods, but the Caltons – and their books – share the same mission as I do – to change as many lives as possible, one-step at a time. If you have family and friends in the grain eating category, the grain chapter of Rich Food, Poor Food [1] might just deliver the insight and inspiration they need to make some simple, positive dietary changes. The Calton’s engage the reader in a gentle, non-judgmental manner so “prospects” are not turned off, but rather inspired to make baby steps that will perhaps lead them someday to full-on Primal!

The bottom line is this, I am absolutely sure you will be greatly impressed by Rich Food, Poor Food [1]. Like I said, there has never been another book that has made me rush out and acquire it like this one did. Whether you are a nutritional expert or new to the healthy eating arena, you will find pieces of nutritional wisdom on practically every page that you can use immediately to improve the quality of your diet. It’s a great book to send to a friend or family member who might not be quite receptive to a wholesale Primal transformation, but might appreciate some guidance in navigating the big bad grocery store. I do not endorse or recommend things lightly, so I hope that it carries the intended weight when I say that I could not endorse or recommend a book more. Rich Food, Poor Food [1] is a book that has the power to change the world. Buy it, read it, and join the Rich Food Revolution today!

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UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in the following article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

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1. Access to the Caltons’ Micronutrient Deficiency: The Missing Link in the Fight Against Obesity: In this 1-hour audio and slideshow presentation (pictured to the right) the Caltons explain what micronutrient deficiency is and how prevalent it is in the United States and throughout the world. You’ll also learn what happens when you become micronutrient deficient, how micronutrient deficiency is linked to obesity, and how deficiency plays a role in depression. And that’s not all. Discover what the “crave cycle” is, whether the act of dieting is making you fatter, which micronutrients are depleted by different popular diets and their epic failure to meet even RDI minimums, and learn about the Caltons’ 3 step approach to sufficiency including the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines.

2. Exclusive access to a podcast with Jayson and Mira Calton: In this 30-minute podcast with the authors of Rich Food, Poor Food and Primal Blueprint Publishing Managing Editor Brad Kearns, the Caltons freewheel with many insightful nuggets from the book, and also reveal their interesting starting point as a team. Mira, a successful big city publicist, was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at the ripe age of 30. With a dismal prognosis from conventional doctors, she pursued alternative therapies and landed in Dr. Jayson’s office. He transitioned her out of her low-fat, high grain SAD diet and into a nutrient rich eating pattern. Mira recovered fully, they teamed up, and the rest is history!

3. Access to my PaleoFx Seminar Presentation: In this 1-hour video recorded in Austin, Texas in March of last year at the PaleoFX symposium, I discuss how there are no right or wrong decisions in your Primal journey, only choices. I explore how to customize the Primal lifestyle to address your own unique health circumstances using self-experimentation methods. Also included is a lively Q&A session with the audience.

Here’s a highlight reel to give you taste of what the presentation is all about:

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