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What’s Behind the #1 Cause of Death? (psst: it’s not cholesterol)

Posted By Worker Bee On June 5, 2007 @ 7:12 pm In Big Pharma,Health,Prevention,Research Analysis | No Comments


Mark wants us to make sure we share a very important study about inflammation and heart disease. Sisson’s been grousing about this for years, and you can read some of his choice thoughts [7] on why cholesterol is just one of many important factors for heart health. Cholesterol drugs aren’t the best approach to reducing coronary heart disease rates (CHD is our #1 killer). But still totally the best way to afford a house in the Hamptons.

The “Hot” Heart Disease Marker

Men who have a particular antibody indicating widespread inflammation have triple the risk of heart disease [8].

As usual, they’ll get around to testing the women [9] when they feel like it.

Nevertheless, triple is a huge deal. Inflammation is also linked to type 2 diabetes [10] and arthritis [11] (which increases the risk for heart attacks as well). In fact, metabolism, immunity, and obesity are all linked to inflammation. These issues are often referred to as the umbrella-ish Syndrome X [12].

What We Need Is Another C-O-M-M-I-T-T-E-E!

The FDA released a statement [13] addressing the can’t-keep-track-of-all-the-scandals issue. Their brilliant solution? An oversight committee! Aha! Perfect! Except, isn’t the FDA an oversight committee? Mark’s Daily Apple predicts a long and delicious line of self-sustaining bureaucratic complexity coming to a tax hike near you.

Michael Moore Is At it Again

Mike is taking on Big Pharma and HMOs with the soon-to-debut documentary, Sicko [14]. He was on Oprah today and he’s hitting Letterman and Leno next. Will you be weighing in on Sicko?

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