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8 Apr

I Decided to Do Something About It

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint success story. Many thanks to Albert for sharing his inspirational account of how he grabbed control of his health and lost nearly 100 pounds at an early age.

If you have your own success story you would like to share with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thanks for reading!

Hey Mark,

All my life I had been a “chubby” boy, was happy, had friends and all but I knew something wasn’t right when I couldn’t run a set of stairs or catching the bus was a complete struggle…. I always had an emotional relationship with food and whenever I felt depressed or down I would reach for coke, chocolate, ice cream… get the picture.

One cold Monday morning while getting ready to go to work I looked in the mirror and the guy looking back wasn’t happy….it wasn’t me, I had topped at 270 lbs at age 21 and was heading towards diseases, joint pains and a sure early death.

I decided to do something about it, joined a gym and started swimming because it was the only thing that I liked back then (I’m originally from Spain and we enjoy the beach as much as we can!). Asked for advice from trainers at my gym and all of them suggested the same thing, increase cardio, eat whole grains, lean meats, egg whites, the whole thing….

While I lost some weight doing so, I was also feeling bloated, heavy and tired everyday, coffee became my best friend and I was simply struggling to get on with my life. I was counting every single calorie (taking in 1800 a day religiously) and macro nutrients (typical 40/40/20 kind of diet). Around May my weight was around 240 lbs and while I was pleased with the progress it didn’t seem to be realistic given the effort and the amount of work I was putting in…. I became obsessed with food and diet and would never go out with friends because I couldn’t eat anything that wasn’t cooked at my kitchen. You can imagine what happened, lost motivation, depressed, no social life, and the worst COMPLETELY obsessed with food.

I made the worst mistake of my life by decreasing my overall calories to 1500 a day (still on a 40/40/20 split) and my metabolism just couldn’t take it anymore, I was holding water weight and possibly had adrenal fatigue due to all the stimulants (fat burners, coffee, you name it…) and the overtraining.

Finally through a friend found open skies, he told me about dropping all grains and sugars and trying to eat more veggies and protein at every meal, he also suggested I googled “The Paleo Diet” and “Primal Blueprint”…..

That’s where my life began to make sense, I dropped down to 175 lbs by mid-July and measured my body fat at 10%, yes I had lost a lot of muscle mass during my stupid “healthy diet” trial but Primal eating, weight lifting and HIIT was getting me where I wanted to be….

Until today, I’m studying to be a Personal Trainer, currently looking to run my own business (a restaurant based in Primal eating) and willing to spread the word about these newly found lifestyle that matches my genes and makes life so much simpler, tastier and rewarding!

I just wanted to say thank you to you, to all the people that research about paleo lifestyle and to my family for all the support they’ve given me.

Grok On!


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You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Great inspirational story. Thanks for sharing!

    Chris wrote on April 8th, 2011
  2. You look great. I’ve also played with the restaurant idea too. But here in new orleans, people think if you have bread it needs to be deep fried and then covered in sugar! The restaurant might even get picketed…lol.

    I’m a lonely primal girl down here…

    Cajungrokgirl wrote on April 8th, 2011
  3. Albert- How many times a week do you do your sprints? Any resistance work?

    Rhyno wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Right now I just train when I feel like really. Mainly due to work commitments and family issues…. I normally do some sprints and bodyweight exercises 2-3 times a week. Some heavy lifting when I make it to the gym.

      The key is to eat right and that just comes naturally so no problem there! :)

      Albert wrote on April 8th, 2011
  4. When opening a restaurant based on Primal eating consider adverting it as Gluten Free. You would not have to change the menu since gluten is only found in certain grains. The advantage is you’ll get customers who never heard of primal in addion to those who have.

    Good luck.

    Josea wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • hey thanks for the idea.

      You are right on that, even though primal is the way to go a lot of people still aren’t aware of it….

      I’m here to change that though!!

      Albert wrote on April 8th, 2011
  5. Ha, btw dude… you look like Demian Maia who is a BJJ World Champion and a UFC fighter, google him!!

    Rhyno wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Damn! the guy is ripped! I wish i’d look like him dude…. haha

      Albert wrote on April 8th, 2011
  6. WHOA! I wouldn’t have recognized you either. Way to GO!! :)

    Sarah wrote on April 8th, 2011
  7. GREAT STUFF!!! So amazing to see so many people with similar stories, I too lost a shed load of weight by going paleo/primal, am happier and healthier than I’ve ever been, have recently qualified as a fitness instructor/Personal Trainer and can’t wait to start helping people reach their goals and change their own lives and mindsets! :-) :-) :-)

    Anna wrote on April 8th, 2011
  8. Oh… My… God…

    Patrícia wrote on April 8th, 2011
  9. Man alive, what a massive achievement!!! And great to see a fellow UK primal buddy featured on the success stories. Awesome, awesome, awesome, mate. Looking positively hot :-)

    Mary wrote on April 8th, 2011
  10. Albert, I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I have been struggling to lose weight even eating primally but I think that I have been over thinking things. So thank you very much for you advice and congrats on your success. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!!

    Gabrielle wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Thank YOU for your comment Gabrielle!

      It is a lot simpler than it looks really!

      Just relax, play a lot, be in a comfortable environment and eat the right things…. Your body will thank you for it!

      Good luck with your goals, although you won’t need I’m sure you are well on your way.

      Albert wrote on April 8th, 2011
  11. Awesome job, Albert! Yes, please come to Chicago! I’m here too. I just started eating primal and it’s definitely hard when you go to a sandwich shop and all that they have on the menu is sandwiches and your friends want to share hummus and pita bread and you have to explain to them why you aren’t eating. I do have the excuse that I’m allergic to wheat and lactose intolerant.

    Primal Chicago baby! And again, Usted esta guapo! (sorry, my Spanish is very limited but I’m taking classes :)

    Jaime wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Is Chicago in some kind of “Primal revolution”?? hahaha

      I wish I could go though….

      Next time make some cauliflower hummus and some flax crackers for yourself, then share them with your friends and they will not miss the pitta bread full of lectins….


      Albert wrote on April 8th, 2011
  12. We should start a Primal Revolution!

    I’ll have to try the cauliflower hummus with some flackers. I usually make guacamole and use sliced jicama as my chips when I’m craving something like that.

    Jaime wrote on April 8th, 2011
  13. Me gusta!!!

    Evita wrote on April 8th, 2011
  14. Hola Albert! Jaw drop…damn are looking fine!! Congrats on your journey and your tremendous success!

    Janine wrote on April 8th, 2011
  15. Yours and Dave Parsons story are fantastic, among others. Thanks for sharing. Which kind of natural fat do you use the most – animal, olive or coconut or other?

    Sandy wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Thanks!

      I eat a lot of coconut products, but also use olive oil, beef tallow (amazing to cook any meat in) or any other quality animal fat. I eat a few nuts a day (some days more than I’d like) and avocados are a great source too….

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  16. Okay, these Friday stories are always inspirational, but this one is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah wrote on April 8th, 2011
  17. Wow, you look like a completely transformed man. Rock on.

    Jeremy Priestner wrote on April 8th, 2011
  18. gulp…..guapito!

    jenny wrote on April 8th, 2011
  19. wow! Thanks for the inspiration. I’m sort of ‘stuck’ right now, and needed to see this. Now, to show my ignorance, can someone tell me what HIIT is? Thanks.

    Jenny Morris wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. I do it in the form of sprints but could be anything that has intervals of 100% effort with some rest periods in between.

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  20. Albert, how often did you weigh yourself when you started primal? did you notice your weight every going up as you were nearing your goal?

    beth wrote on April 8th, 2011
  21. You’ve lost the bloated wheat face, you face has so much definition now. How did your mother react – did she say you are too skinny now!! WOW you look great.

    Sue wrote on April 8th, 2011

    DAVE PARSONS wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Thanks man!

      Your transformation is amazing too! :)

      I just wish more people would join this “primal revolution”…. it would make everything easier (less diseases, less depression….) oh well, I’ll keep dreaming and fighting for it that’s for sure!

      Grok on dude!

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
      • If there was an option I would like this comment

        Aaron (Grok Mendoza) wrote on April 9th, 2011
  23. Awesome work Albert. I would have said you were 31 at least in that first picture. It is not to offend you, but to compliment you on your current progress; you look at least 10 years younger in your after pictures.

    Blue Buddha wrote on April 8th, 2011
  24. You look amazing. Congratulations.

    Stephanie wrote on April 8th, 2011
  25. Well done Albert!

    Care to share some of your paleo/primal cooking recipes? You live in a place where the best jamon, excellent chorizo sausages and a good seaside with heaps of seafood rules!

    Reader’s Cookbook V2 anyone????

    Morrigan wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Thanks!

      Keep an eye on my blog, I just opened it but will be updated with a few recipes and other stuff soon! :)

      I’m up for that reader’s cookbook V2!

      Albert wrote on April 11th, 2011
  26. Absolutely awesome results!!! Love the restaurant idea too :)

    Dollface wrote on April 8th, 2011
  27. Wow! Congrats!! You must feel great. I have a question- what about fruits? When you mean no grains do you mean like NOTHING? I’m vegetarian and find it very hard to eat NO grains at all…usually a serving of quinoa a day, and a rice cake or 2/day…
    Wow, the difference is amazing!

    Tanya wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Grains are full of lectins amongst other nasty stuff…. I believe everyone should avoid at least gluten.

      I eat fruits, berries, melon, mango, you name it. I don’t really like to eat large quantities of fruit though, the fructose content just seem to disturb my digestion slightly.

      Drop the grains and eat more meat! :)

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  28. “Even when you fancy ice cream or cake there are ways to make them naturally and in a way your body will love.”

    How?! Hahaha, the only way I know is good frozen yogurt for the “fancy ice cream” and homemade whole-grain organic cake…tell me what you do pleaseee.

    Tanya wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Have you heard of coconut milk?? :) I make a terrific ice cream with it, place a can in the fridge overnight, add flavours (cinnamon, fruit, cocoa, vanilla beans, you name it!) blend it all up and eat straight up like a mousse or put in the freezer for a couple of hours.


      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
      • That sounds awesome! Think I’ll try that tomorrow.

        Amazing transformation man it’s good to see more people following the Primal path.

        Did u ever think your ending results would be like this?!

        Aaron (Grok Mendoza) wrote on April 9th, 2011
  29. You look awesome! Keep up the great work. I LOVE the restaurant idea. I am looking to start one myself!!

    Primal Toad wrote on April 8th, 2011
    • Thanks toad!

      I visit your blog everyday, starting one myself.

      We should start the restaurant together! 😀

      Keep up the great work and by the way…. I’m in the PB Quick Meals giveaway, any chance I’d win?? 😛

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  30. Can Albert post his exercise regiment

    Dualhammers wrote on April 8th, 2011
  31. Congrats man, you made it… nothing better than primal living and eating. keep going and spread the word…

    Carsten wrote on April 9th, 2011
  32. Albert de que parte de España eres? yo hace tiempo que estoy leyendo y practicando cosas de primal y me gustaria ponerme en contacto.

    Sergio Crespo wrote on April 9th, 2011
    • Un espanyol!! 😀

      Soy de Malaga pero vivo en Londres, y tu? Como llevas la vida primal?

      Un Saludo

      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  33. Wowzers! At first glance I thought the first two pictures were before and after pictures and though “OK, decent change but thats not 100 pounds lost, this guy is fudging the numbers abit.” Then I scrolled down all the way and saw the actual after pictures. You look great, congrats and true proof of what going primal can do! I bet you feel amazing! Awesome idea on the resteraunt too!

    Dharma_Punk wrote on April 9th, 2011
  34. holy sh*t you’re hot.


    reamz wrote on April 9th, 2011
  35. Albert = Stud. Great Work!

    Rob wrote on April 9th, 2011
  36. Hey Albert,
    From a fellow (Aussie) London-er, if you open a primal restaurant here, I would be very happy to eat there, as I don’t know of anywhere here that offers food for that niche market. My mates at CrossFit London and I would be regulars for sure!
    Great story, and you look awesome! Nice to know there are hot men in London after all… :)

    April Foster wrote on April 9th, 2011
    • Hey!

      Thanks for the compliments! 😀

      I would love to open a restaurant (either in the UK or the USA). It will take some time until I can get the project in shape though….I’m not financially at my best I would say.

      I’m interested in CrossFit London though! Where do you guys train? Could I pop down for a little taster session?


      Albert wrote on April 9th, 2011
  37. Congrats on the success, Albert! Good luck on your business venture as well.

    Lauren wrote on April 9th, 2011
  38. Aw, I’m so glad for you. Yay for primal success!

    Allie wrote on April 9th, 2011
  39. Your body looks amazing, but the change in your face is unbelievable! Cut and animalistic. Nice.

    Melissa wrote on April 9th, 2011
  40. Hey Albert,
    CF London is fantastic! Check out and if you want to try out a beginner session (where you are taught the fundamental moves), book one online and come over to the gym in Bethnal Green. No Crossfit gym will let you just turn up for a session without having done CF before or having done a beginner session first. The staff are very knowledgeable and the people who train there are a great bunch too. Hope you give it a go – you won’t regret it!

    April Foster wrote on April 9th, 2011

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