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26 Jul

I Am in the Best Health and Shape of My Life

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Shame and disgust were what I felt when I first saw this cringe-worthy photo of myself. I am a deaf mom of three boys. This picture was taken in July 2009, five years after my youngest son was born. I was fast approaching 40 years old. I did not have a weight problem growing up as I was very active and played in several sports. It was when I got to college that I gained the infamous “Freshman Fifteen”. I successfully lost my pregnancy weight with my first son. However, more pounds creeped up from the next two pregnancies. In the July 2009 photo I was hovering between 185 and 195 pounds and by the way, I’m 5’8″. I would delete, throw it out or crop off the bottom half of me in every full-body picture taken of me. My instincts told me to keep this one and I now know why.☺ I love receiving your weekly Friday Primal Blueprint Success Story e-mail and always feel inspired by whoever had the courage to share his/her story. I want to share my story and help others find the magic in themselves.

Beth - July 2009

I was not much of a yo-yo dieter. Weight Watchers and the Atkins Diet were the only programs I tried. I would lose maybe ten pounds at most but the weight always returned over time. That was when I decided to take up running for the first time. I never ran in my entire life except for what I had to do as part of organized sports programs. It took me two failed attempts to succeed on the Couch to 5k program. I couldn’t follow the program timeframe. I had to go at my own pace and that meant repeating some of the weeks to allow my body to catch up. I ran my first marathon two years later. As you would see the photo below, I still had not lost very much weight in spite of running on almost a daily basis. I was always hungry and I ate more. Does this sound familiar?

July 2011, First Marathon

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2005 after becoming ill with a full-blown celiac-episode overnight. After two weeks my health was not improving. I had not had any obvious symptoms prior to that and nobody in my family had celiac disease so, needless to say, being diagnosed was a big shock. I went on the gluten-free diet right away and followed it to a “T”. At around the same time, I developed year-round seasonal allergies leading to constantly recurring sinusitis. Chronic fatigue and joint pain made themselves at home in my body.

I started having major anxiety attacks out of the blue and I blamed it on peri-menopause even though I was tested negative for it. I was prescribed Xanax and I never took it. I’ve never liked taking medicine. I kept the bottle in my purse and would just look at it to calm myself down whenever I felt an attack coming up. At the same time, I was put on the allergen immunotherapy program (weekly shots) and my body reacted violently. I had suicidal thoughts and my anxiety attacks worsened. I pulled myself off the immunotherapy program after a few months and stopped taking the allergy medicine completely. I decided to live with the stuffed up nose year round. I was also having ongoing stomach pains and bloatedness even though I was religiously careful about avoiding the gluten cross-contamination. I had an endoscopy and the gastrointestinal nuclear scan, which revealed only gastritis of the stomach lining. Everything else looked healthy. My doctor prescribed Nexium for my stomach pain. I threw the prescription out when I got home because I knew he had not gotten to the root of my problem.

Needless to say, I was frustrated with all of my health issues. They were popping up out of nowhere. For someone who is a lifelong optimist I started to think, why me?

It was through a friend when I first heard of the paleo lifestyle. He kept talking about how bacon is good for you and how his health problems were resolved. I became intrigued and did my own research. I was still skeptical but I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I removed every processed food; Diet Pepsi, sugar, and the rest of the gluten free junk food from my kitchen. I ate bacon every morning. In a matter of days, my stomach pains completely disappeared. Bloatedness gone. My energy levels skyrocketed. Most of my allergy symptoms vanished. My joint pain faded away. I had a much improved skin complexion with no more acne. I was STUNNED! Who knew that food was the culprit of all those health problems I had?!?! Five months later, I decided to remove dairy from my diet for 30 days. Lo-and-behold, the remaining allergy issues went away. Even though I was tested negative for lactose intolerance, I now know I have histamine intolerance to dairy. I no longer eat dairy. I now see the importance of removing certain foods from the diet for a period of time to see how the absences of these foods positively affect your bodies. What I love about the paleo diet is that there is no calorie counting. There is no marketing gimmick. There is no requirement to pay for any diet program. The information is all right there at your fingertips with the help of Almighty Google.

Beth - Post Primal

After turning to the paleo lifestyle, I ran four marathons in five months. Three of them were part of the 3N3 Alabama Challenge (3 marathons in 3 months). The energy I gained from the paleo lifestyle made this possible without any injuries or fatigue. Then this past March, an “uh-oh” happened. I broke my foot during a mountain hike. I had to put my running on the back burner. Restlessness was getting the best of me. I had to find another exercise outlet. This helped me find Bikram Yoga. I could not run on my injured foot but I had no problem standing on it. I became hooked to hot yoga and I now go six days a week. That broken foot was a blessing in disguise, indeed. I’ve come to understand that long distance/endurance running is not exactly good for my body; putting too much stress and raising my cortisol level. I’ve gone back to running but it is not as often as I used to. I may do one marathon a year. I’m now all about Namaste-ing.

Beth - Yoga

To date after 11 months, I’ve lost a total of 35 pounds. I would love to lose the last ten elusive pounds to reach my high school weight. I am just so elated that I am in the best health and shape of my entire life. I have become so passionate about the paleo lifestyle that with the help of the friend who introduced me to it, we created a Facebook group, “DeafPaleo” to help educate and inspire others in the deaf community. I so desperately want them to become aware of the healing power of proper nutrition and exercise and to lower dependence on the pharmaceutical industry to help get them through life. We now have 612 members and it continues to grow. Because I am still learning about the paleo stuff, I do not always have the answers immediately when they ask questions. I am always asking myself, “What does Mark have to say about that?” and I resort to your website for helpful answers. Thank you for being there, Mark.

Happy Beth!


You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. Wow! You look amazing Beth! Great job and thanks for inspiring the rest of us.

    Melinda wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thank you :)

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • Love this story! Beth can I ask what you typically ate each day?

        Mary wrote on July 29th, 2013
        • I usually eat bacon/fried eggs or a bacon/spinach omelette every morning. For lunch, usually some salad with tuna or chicken or leftover dinner. I eat cucumber/tomato salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil often. For dinner, burgers, salmon patties, cubed steak, taco meat with lettuce wrap, or something like pulled pork from the crockpot. Mexican Meatza Pizza from Melissa Joulwan’s website is my favorite. What works for me is that I keep it very simple. I avoid the complicated recipes. The fewer ingredients, the better for me. For snacks, I eat beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs, coconut butter, or a handful of raisins with nuts.

          Beth wrote on August 9th, 2013
    • Beth,

      I read your story and I wanted to say also – Great Job….! My oldest daughter got me hooked on the primal diet about 3 months ago and, although it was hard I stuck with it and now I have lost 22 lbs, I feel great physically, and clothes that I was too big to fit in either not fit or are even loose. My compliments to Mark and this wonderful diet plan. Oh and yes, I watch what I eat, follow the rules of the diet no dairy, no carbs m-f and cheat day on Sunday, and I exercise. All I can say is Wow!


      anthony wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • Thanks, Anthony! It was hard for the first two or three months. I was missing my gluten free bread and tortilla chips so much. Now I don’t even think about it. I don’t even think of this as a diet anymore. This is my lifestyle, period. No looking back. Glad you’re feeling great. Keep it up!

        Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  2. Great transformation, great handstand pic, and I love how your smile glows in the final picture! Congratulations Beth!

    Tom B-D wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks, Tom!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • +1

      Madama Butterfry wrote on July 28th, 2013
  3. Wow, just wow! This is an amazing story and totally inspiring, thanks Beth!

    Gemma Callander wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Gemma!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  4. Fantastic story and very inspiring. Keep it up!!

    George wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks George!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  5. Love, love, love this story! So happy for you, and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

    Jess wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Jess!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  6. Amazing story Beth!! I love this, it’s so inspiring! you look so happy and beautiful!

    Charlotte wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Charlotte!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  7. Wow, you overcame some incredible obstacles! Impressed by your persistance and congrats on getting your health under control.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Luke wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Luke!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  8. What an amazing transformation!

    It’s fantastic that you found this lifestyle when you did.

    Bjjcaveman wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Very thankful I came across this lifestyle! Best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks, Bjjcaveman!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  9. What a great story! You look fantastic in those last photos–so happy and full of life. Quite a difference even from the marathon photos!

    Susan wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Susan!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  10. Congratulations! You are quite the inspiration!!!

    Gwen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Gwen!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  11. What a stunning transformation! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! Keep up the amazing and inspiring work.

    Alma Mahler wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Alma!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  12. You look so happy Beth!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!!! Amazing how far you’ve come.

    Bryan wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Bryan!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  13. I agree with all the comments above! Mostly however, I love how you refused all the perscriptions :)
    You actually glow!

    Peggy wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • +1 on the prescriptions in the trash.

      Colleen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Glow is right! You are so beautiful and your health radiates from you! Thanks for sharing :)

      Melissa wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Only if people would not resort to medicine for a quick solution. I know not all medicine is bad. Some do need it in special cases. This is why I decided to share my story to let others know. Thanks Peggy!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • And thanks Melissa :)

        Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • +1 on the prescriptions!

      Alexandra wrote on July 28th, 2013
    • I’m guessing +1 means “me too”. If so, +1 on refusing prescriptions. I’m just starting out. Hopefully I too will be off prescription drugs one day. And it’s nice to see yoga mentioned as a form of exercise. : )

      Marlene wrote on August 14th, 2013
  14. Congrats!! You look great! I’m 42 and while not full blow celiac had numerous digestive issues almost my entire life. It’s a wonderful feeling when eating food doesn’t hurt anymore. I actually have a long, long list of things that either went away, changed, came back (receding hair line and thinning crown) or got better when I went Primal. Dairy was the culprit for my sinuses, too. Commercial dairy, that is. I can enjoy the local, low-heat pasteurized pastured dairy in moderate amounts now. Even the ice cream. And don’t worry about the extra 10lbs. I think it has to do with age. A little extra healthy fat is good for middle-aged women IMO. IN a food abundant environment we shouldn’t look like we’re subsisting. A little extra fat in the right places is healthy and sexy on a woman!!

    Heather wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • *high five* Thanks, Heather! I was never a big fan of ice cream so that was not a big issue. I’ve really liked the paleo ice cream made with coconut milk, frozen bananas, and the different stuff you can put in for different flavors. Yummy!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  15. Congratulations! What an incredible journey. It makes me so happy to hear other people’s success stories. Your smile is so beautiful and glowing in the last picture. You look so happy!

    Lindsay wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Lindsay!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  16. Congrats :) You look like a very happy, healthy woman now. My mom is deaf & I’ve been trying to explain the paleo way of life for awhile….. I’m sending her this now!!! THANKS!

    Amanda wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks! We’d love to have your mom join DeafPaleo! Let me know if she has trouble finding us.

      Beth Myers wrote on July 26th, 2013
  17. You are beautiful. And it bears repeating; your story is deeply inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

    Cheska wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Cheska!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  18. WoW!!! What an amazing transformation!!!! You look great! God I love these Friday stories. Keep up with enjoying life!

    Chris M wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Me too, on the Friday stories! We need to keep sharing our own stories so that others would be inspired to try this lifestyle. Thanks, Chris!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  19. Thank you for sharing your story! It seems like most who are overweight see pictures of themselves and think “Am I really that fat?” or “Why do I look so fat?” And that is what spurs them on to transformation. I finally realized that I could probably lose a few pounds after seeing pictures of myself. It’s crazy! You look in the mirror and think “I don’t look so bad” until you see pictures of yourself.
    Also, it sounds like you were taking Humira? That is a very frightening medication with a ton of horrible side effects. My boyfriend actually had an allergic reaction to it while taking it during his bout with UC. He is lucky to be alive.

    Erin wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • No, it wasn’t Humira. I was taking Singulair and Xyzal along with whatever they put in my weekly shots. Horrible side effects, indeed. Some people are just more sensitive than others. I was clearly on the extreme end of the spectrum on the side effects. Glad your boyfriend is OK!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • Singulair is a very scary drug. Most people don’t realize that a drug prescribed for asthma can have such a profound effect on your mental health. It can affect mood, memory, etc. Both my niece and I stopped taking it because of the personality impact. A great example of why everyone should be skeptical about going on any medication, especially long-term.

        amyz wrote on July 26th, 2013
  20. very inspiring story, thanks for sharing.

    s. wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks s.

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  21. Wow Beth. Awesome. Funny how “the Universe” works:: I had a similar experience with a broken foot. It took me away from running (how I broke it), and I got sick of the gym and took up road cycling. It totally changed my life, and like you, I actually got to the point where I had to be GRATEFUL for that broken foot! Keep it up! Amazing, isn’t it?

    Emelee wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Yep! That was the second time I broke my foot within 2 years. First time was from hitting a pothole while running. I did not get the message the first time, ha. Cheers to broken feet 😉

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  22. This sounds like me. Only with out to running. I was unable to do much of anything, because of the chronic pain and fatigue. But know if I stay 100% primal I am a different person.
    Thanks Beth ,it’s nice to know I am not alone

    Debi wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Nope, you’re not alone. So many people learned to live with the chronic pain and fatigue and they think it’s just part of life and aging. Nooooooooo! All they have to do is to change the way they eat and they’re completely different people just like you, Debi.

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  23. You are absolutely glowing in that last picture! Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey.

    Sonya wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Sonya!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  24. Bless you Beth– you’ll inspire many to keep going! You may be deaf but you can hear the cheers from all of us..Grok ON!

    Pastor Dave wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Yes, I can ‘see’ the cheers and I’m deeply touched. Thanks and grok on, Pastor Dave!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  25. You look wonderful..and so so happy!! Thanks for sharing your story, yet another inspiration.

    Kathleen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Kathleen!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  26. Good for you Beth! I hate taking medicine either. This story can help a lot of people. Solving the root cause is the key, glad you’re helping others through your website.

    You look fantastic!

    John wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks John!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  27. Wow, I wish I could do a headstand like that. Congratulations, Beth. I confess, my heart sank at your first sentence. I think many can relate to feelings of disgust and shame. However, the feeling of elation that comes with great health can’t be beat!

    Alison Golden wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Yes, I do feel awesome, better than ever. I want people to know that they are not stuck with the current state of their bodies and they do not have to give up on themselves. They do not have to starve themselves on those fad diets to lose weight. This lifestyle really works. How can one resist eating bacon and eggs every morning?! :)

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  28. 11 months?!? Beth, I’m floored. Well done!! So happy for you, and thankful for you sharing your story to inspire others.

    Anne wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Anne!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  29. Beautiful! What an inspiring story :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Nick wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Nick!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  30. Great job! Your skin and hair look so healthy! Primal is a great “look” for you! I am working on that last elusive 10 pounds myself, but I feel so much better I almost don’t care! Thanks for posting your story, it’s just the encouragement I needed!

    PaperJenny wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Exactly. I have come so far and I feel so healthy. I’m not worried too much about the last ten pounds. Maybe just by not thinking about it, it’ll disappear on its own? Good luck, PaperJenny!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • that last 10 pounds may just be added muscle – I feel it is for me. I think if I lose any more weight I will not have any feminine qualities….just that skin and bones,dried out old lady look. ugh. keep doing what you do and FEEL GOOD, the weight becomes unimportant.

        HopelessDreamer wrote on July 31st, 2013
        • I like the way you think, Hopeless Dreamer! :)

          Beth wrote on August 2nd, 2013
  31. Beautiful! What a lovely inspiring story.

    Skate wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Skate!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  32. What a great story! Isn’t it amazing how food can change your life? Good for you that you were refusing those medications. That’s what’s so disheartening about modern medicine — instead of getting to the root of the problem, they prescribe a pill.

    NJ Paleo wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • +1 on modern medicine. And too many accept this.

      Colleen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Exactly, NJ Paleo. I’ve always hated it whenever the doctors had the “stumped” look on their faces, shake their heads and then say “Why don’t you try this medicine and come back in two weeks?” They all have no idea. When I saw my GI doctor a couple months ago, I told him how great I felt and that all of my symptoms are gone. He said that I was the first patient in a long time who’s come to see him with good news. Told him to google paleo!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  33. Your story was very touching, and the headstand photo very inspiring for me!! I’m working on the exercise piece of this and that looks a great way to go!!!

    Colleen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks! Colleen, it’s a hard exercise piece, I agree. I have been practicing it against the wall on the carpet and working my way up to maybe two minutes or so. It helps build up your core strength until you can move away from the wall and try it in the middle of the room.

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  34. That’s a great headstand! You are amazing!

    DP wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks DP!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  35. Great Story Beth, very inspiring. If you really want to lose the last 10 pounds I recommend cutting Bikram to 2-3 days per week and doing what mark prescribes, Lift heavy things 2-3 days per week. I know Bikram is great, ( I’m a teacher) but it shouldn’t be your whole routine. You need core strength, you need to challenge your muscles in a different way and I bet that last 10 will float off. Remember High Intensity, short duration.

    Zack wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Good advice. I’ve been doing some ab workouts at home as well. I do have kettlebells that I can go back to using. Would that work? Thanks, Zack!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  36. Congrats, Beth, you look fantastic! It’s amazing what proper diet and a little exercise can accomplish. People are slowly coming to realize that pills aren’t the answer, and that we’ve been nutritionally lied to by the “experts” for decades.

    I’m one of many here who has lost excess weight and found better health through a Paleo lifestyle. In fact, I don’t even think about it as being Paleo anymore; it’s just the way I prefer to live and eat.

    Some day, in a more enlightened world, the medical profession will learn to treat illness with lifestyle and food changes, and drugs will only be a last resort. There are doctors who already do this, but they are few and far between, and good luck finding one. Meanwhile, the MDA website is a better solution.

    Shary wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • (clicks like) Thanks, Shary!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  37. Thank you for sharing your story is so inspiring!!

    adriana wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Adriana!

      Beth wrote on July 28th, 2013
  38. You look absolutely fantastic!!!

    I wonder if you have tried raw milk as opposed to the disgusting sewage that is large operation processed milk. Raw grass fed makes a pretty good difference, especially since your Celiac, your probably getting a gluten response to the crap they feed the cows, As close as I can get is grass fed non homogenized lightly pasteurized and its delicious.

    I also agree with Zack, you need some heavy lifting and some high intensity short duration sort of thing, that last 10 with just disappear.

    Brandi wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Like Beth, I have an autoimmune disease, and although I do believe raw dairy is healthier than commercial, I react to both of them the same way. It’s not a gluten reaction. It’s a casein reaction, which is present in all milk.

      Eileen wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • I was tested for lactose intolerance and I am not allergic to lactose. Is lactose the same as casein??? Dairy just makes my sinuses go crazy and I cannot have any of it. From this self-experimentation, I know I do have histamine intolerance.

        Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
        • Lactose is the sugar and casein is the protein. You can react to either one, but generally, for people with autoimmune issues, the proteins are what get us.

          Eileen wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Never tried raw milk. I’m scared, lol. If I ever come across it and can get a sample, I MIGHT try it. Thanks, Brandi!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification, Eileen!

        Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • Raw milk is fabulous, and I used to drink raw goats milk. However, after developing a case of “leaky gut”, my doctor (an alternative doctor) advised me to stay totally away from all milk products – even goats milk – as it is highly inflammatory. No more cheese, no more butter, although ghee (clarified butter) is ok. I wouldn’t take the chance. True Paleo states nothing should be consumed that comes from an animal’s teet.

        Gail wrote on July 26th, 2013
        • Gail, I feel the same way. I use ghee once in a while and it has not been an issue for me. I usually resort to coconut oil or bacon grease for cooking.

          Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
      • I just found raw cheese (heated only for 5 minutes) from a local dairy. It tastes great and I only needed a little to get the dairy fix I was looking for.
        Your story is very inspiring and I while I’ve only been eating Paleo/exercising Primal for about a month, I’ve lost 4 lbs, no belly bloating, and no joint pain. I really thought, wow, am I getting old. I saw a glimpse of what getting older might look like (I’m 47) and was getting very upset and depressed because I certainly didn’t want to live out my next years on medications, pain, etc. I have a renewed faith that I’m going to be able take control of how the next years of my life play out. I look forward to many more Friday stories and I wish you, Beth, continued success.

        MamaPaleo wrote on July 27th, 2013
        • Thanks MamaPaleo. 47 is just a number in your mind and you can take control of what you can do for the rest of your life!

          Beth wrote on July 27th, 2013
  39. Wow, you look fabulous. It’s like you have shaved 30 years off. Congratulations. I am sharing your story with everyone who will listen!

    ashley from georgia wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • I do feel 30 years younger! Well, not exactly 30. 20 years would be more like it. Thanks, Ashley.

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013
  40. Congratulations Beth, your story is so inspiring.

    Shelly wrote on July 26th, 2013
    • Thanks Shelly!

      Beth wrote on July 26th, 2013

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