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In the Making – 06/12/12

Age: 36

Hugh’s Goals: “My own goals are pretty straightforward. Lose weight, build fitness and strength. (I’ll be very pleased when I can do a dozen full weight pull-ups, run a full set of 8 Tabata sprints and fit into off-the-rack clothing in size M or L. Very pleased doesn’t mean I’ll stop, it’s just a milestone I’m aiming for this year).”

Update 04/07/12: “3 months on and still going strong. Nothing motivates me like seeing the kind of progress I’m seeing! (and more importantly, that I’m feeling) 36 pounds down and 7 inches off my belly in just a few months! And I sometimes feel guilty for only working out twice a week!!

At the end of the day, I’m still a fat bald dude with limited fitness and a good few extra inches round the middle… but that’s all improving! (except the bald thing – I don’t think even primal living can fix that )

I started off this journey with a good deal of confidence. Not so much “self” confidence but a feeling of security and camaraderie. Safe in the knowledge that I was absolutely not alone in this. Over 450 other people are in a similar boat and taking a similar journey to me! How cool is that!? I’ve had ups and downs, good days and bad but following the Primal Blueprint is so easy! It’s so simple and instinctive! Every day I feel further committed to primal living I’m still not 100% primal… or even 80%… but gradually creeping in that direction. Any time I’ve felt demotivated or a bit lackluster (and lets face it, we’re all only human) I just think of all the other Groks in the making, marching along side me. It’s such a boost to know that I’m part of such an awesome “tribe”.

At the beginning of the year I weighed about 280lb (127kg). I’m now down to about 244lb (111kg)! My belly at it’s widest circumference was 51.5″ (130.8cm). Now it’s 44″ (112cm)! Chest was 49″ (124.5cm). Now it’s 48″ (122cm) (that’s ok – there’s some muscle and a bet less “man boob”) Hips were 45″ (114.3cm). Now 42″ (106.5cm). Biceps: 17.5″ (44.5cm). Now 17″ (less fat and a bit more muscle)

I’m still not able to do full weight Pull ups but getting closer each week. I still can’t do a full 8 Tabata sprints but each time I try, I do a bit better. But most importantly, I’m feeling good. I feel fitter. I feel happier. So, Thanks Mark, for offering such a brilliant website and encouraging so many of us to take our lives in new, healthier, happier directions!”

Update 06/12/12: “Hi everyone. Just thought I’d send in an update picture. It’s been over six months now since I made the resolution to improve my health and fitness by embracing the Primal Blueprint. I must admit that life has sometimes got in the way, my initial momentum has occasionally waned and I’ve had to give myself a metaphorical kick up the backside to encourage myself to rededicate to the journey. The other success stories are also a great inspiration and a reminder to me that I really don’t have it that hard. Unemployment and poverty is not something which prevents health if you have a bit of imagination. I’m still seeing results but they have slowed a little. That’s ok by me though as they’re all sustainable changes that I’m making and this is about the long term.

I’m now down to 233.5lbs (106kg).
My belly at it’s widest circumference is 43″ (109.5cm)
Chest is now 49″ again (124.5cm) (all those push ups are having an effect)
Hips now 41″ (104cm).
Biceps: still 17″

My Primal Journal [7]

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