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22 Sep

How to Tackle the Mini-Challenges

Remember that PDF flyer from last week’s inaugural 30-day Challenge post? If you haven’t already, go ahead and download it (PDF). You may not have noticed, but right along the bottom I listed ten Primal mini-challenges to be completed. They’re technically optional, but not really (you know how I feel about the “optional” small stuff; hint – it isn’t really optional), so you should give at least a few of them an honest chance. Also, you should note that although these are billed as mini-challenges, they are intended to get you acquainted with vital aspects of the Primal lifestyle. Don’t just do one once and never again; instead, take them to heart and realize that these are mainstays. If you plan on living Primally, these will cease to become challenges. They will become ways of life.

Purge Your Pantry

You know about eating more animals, healthy fats, and plants. You know you should be ditching grains, refined sugar, and processed, refined seed oils. You know to favor whole foods that come out of the ground or off some furry quadruped, and you know to avoid things that come in boxes. But to realize all that knowledge, to turn it into action, you have to purge your pantry. You have to remove all the grains, flours, breads, sugars, boxed food, prepackaged meals, processed junk, pastas, cookies, crackers, chips, and candy that occupy both physical and mental space. This could quite possibly be the most basic transitionary action you take this month, for by purging your pantry, you physically remove the temptation to stray and lapse back into old, unhealthy habits.

Easy first step – Get out the Hefty bag and start filling it with the boxed stuff, since that’s never worth keeping.

Relevant links:

Modern Forage

Finding healthy stuff in today’s modern foodscape is arguably more difficult than it was for Grok. Sure, he had to catch his prey, pick his berries, and dig up his tubers, but at least he didn’t have to pick through actively toxic, easy-to-obtain foods being presented as healthy and/or delicious. But we do. Everywhere we turn, “heart healthy” whole grains and non-nutritive, hypercaloric junk food greet us. Staying Primal when you’re out and about (rather than at home, nestled in between your chest freezer full of meat and pyramid of coconut milk cans), then, can be difficult. To do so, you must forage in this modern world. But that needn’t mean trapping squirrels (and stealing their nuts), picking dandelion greens, and processing tree bark into something edible. Instead, you could simply look for the diamonds in the rough, the raw mixed nuts in the gas station convenience store, for example. You know what foods you should be eating and what you shouldn’t; now apply that knowledge. Make the Primal Blueprint eating plan work at fast food joints, chain restaurants, roadside diners. When you’re on the road and hungry, hit the nearest grocery store. You may not have to venture outside of your food comfort zone right now, but this month I want you to do it anyway so that you’re prepared when it really matters.

Easy first step – Go rustle up a ready-to-eat meal at a grocery store, then eat it outside on the curb (or on the bench, I guess, if you want to be fancy about it).

Relevant links:

Prepare a Primal Recipe

Going Primal is about personally controlling your own health, happiness, and well-being, and one of the most fundamental ways to do it is to cook your own food from scratch. See, by preparing a Primal recipe, you are literally controlling every nutritional component of the meal. Nothing enters your mouth, gets digested and incorporated without your express consent. Don’t want to fret about the oils used to cook the meal? Cook it yourself. Worried about the sugar content of the sauce on those ribs? Smoke ’em yourself. Love gravy, but hate the wheat flour used to thicken it? Make it yourself. Luckily for you, there are thousands of Primal recipes available, on this site and on others, so you really have no excuse not to do it. So do it.

Easy first step – Try one of the quick and easy (15 minutes or less) Primal recipes.

Relevant link:

Go Barefoot

The human foot is unlike any other piece of equipment. It wasn’t like a craftsman put together a blueprint for the human foot based on what he thought would work best for the required job (walking, running, balancing, sprinting, jumping, landing); the blueprint was literally crafted by what worked and what did not. And I’d say that with several million years of ongoing, continuous testing, with multiple billions of subjects, the human foot is proven… so why would you want to stick it inside a shoe? Don’t do that. Let the 15-odd thousand nerve endings in your feet do what they’re meant to and feel the world. It’s not even about running or exercising while barefoot (although that’s awesome, too). I just want you to ditch the shoes and experience the horizontal plane in a new way.

Easy first step – Spend an entire day barefoot.

Relevant links:

Stand at Work

A flurry of recent research has linked excessive amounts of sitting to poor health outcomes; everything from cardiovascular disease to obesity to early mortality seem to correlate with how much we sit. There are tons of possible explanations for the connection, but I know – and plenty of others have confirmed to me similar findings – that I just feel better, more energized, and, quite frankly, more alive when I stand to work than when I sit. Physically, my posture is better. My hip flexors aren’t as tight as they were, and my glutes are no longer turning off from going hours without being engaged. So why don’t you try it yourself? Instead of slumping over in a chair, stack some books and bring your laptop/computer keyboard up above your navel. Stand at work. Stand to work. If your boss looks at you funny, say you hurt your back and need to do this for a few days.

Easy first step – So you don’t have to deal with work, try standing up all day long on your day off.

Relevant links:

Learn Something New

Human brains are plastic, which means they retain a lifelong ability to rewire and reorganize neural connections based on new experiences. Our brains stop growing, but they never stop changing. This is a good thing, especially for hominids living in an environment fraught with danger – stronger, faster, more ferocious animals; poisonous plant matter; rival tribes vying for the same resources; heat, cold, rain, flood, drought. We could rarely rely on sheer physicality to see us through difficult times and situations, so we learned. We observed. We taught each other. We analyzed. We conquered the world using nothing but our brains. Today? Today, things are spoon-fed to us. We can hop on Wikipedia, get any answer we want about any subject at all, and then promptly forget it. We don’t have to think about how to get our food; we just go buy it. We just turn up the AC when it gets hot and turn on the gas when it gets cold. Things are easy, and I’m glad they are, but that means it’s on us to go out and use our brains. So go out there and learn something today. I don’t care what it is. Just learn it, and learn it well.

Easy first step – You know that little thing you’ve always told yourself you’d learn to do? Maybe it’s tying a knot, or fixing a tire. Go do it on your next free day. If you lack curiosity about the world and can’t think of anything you’d like to learn, watch a TED talk (without flipping around to other websites).

Relevant link:

Beat Stress

I suppose it’s good that we come with stress response systems installed. In dangerous situations, they kick in and make us alert. They help us respond and react to life or death situations. Awesome for Grok, I get that. But the problem is that our bodies often interpret traffic or work or bills as life or death situations, thus triggering the stress response. If we only hit traffic once in a blue moon and never had to worry about money, we could probably handle it okay. But most people deal with this stuff daily, so the stress becomes chronic, rather than acute. So stress as we know it blows, but it’s a part of modern life. You probably can’t avoid it altogether, but you can reduce its impact. How? By being replete in micronutrients, by avoiding food toxins, by eating animals, plants, and healthy fats, by maintaining a good exercise plan, by getting enough sleep, by going outside, by shutting down the computer and closing the laptop and turning off the phone every now and again. In short, you need to cover all your bases so that the stress doesn’t become overwhelming.

Easy first step – Take a half hour each day to do nothing productive. Don’t check email, don’t use your phone, don’t worry about work. Just be.

Relevant links:

Be Inspired

What inspires you? A book? A public figure? A family member? The natural world? Everybody is inspired, even if they don’t consciously acknowledge it. Maybe not to “do great things,” but certainly to make it through life with the people you love and the things you care about. Maybe you want to improve the lives of the ones closest to you. Maybe you just want to be the healthiest you can be. Maybe you want a job that you love. These are all valid and valuable aspirations, but they all require inspiration. Inspiration can be “selfish” or “selfless,” internal or external, but as long as it gets you moving and striving and evolving, it’s worthwhile. Get out there and find it.

Easy first step – Visit the Success Stories archive.

Relevant link:

Squat to Poop

Squatting to poop? Now, this may be one instance in which you say, “Whoa there, Sisson! I’m with you on grains, animal fat, bacon, standup desks, and Vibrams… but you’ve lost me. I just can’t imagine myself perched up on a toilet like Gollum. I just can’t.” And that’s cool. I’m not going to suggest this is a necessary challenge to undertake, let alone adopt for life. But just as sitting down all day to work, wearing big bulky shoes, eating vegetable oil, and spending all day indoors are fairly recent conventions to which we may not be totally adapted, the same can be said for sitting on a toilet to evacuate your bowels. There’s evidence that all that straining, grunting, and grimacing some do aren’t just products of poor diets. There’s evidence that sitting actually constricts the passages, thus making evacuation more difficult and time-consuming. Squatting opens up the recto-anal angle (yes, that’s a perfectly scientific term) to allow easier passage. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot.

Easy first step – Next time you use the toilet, sit down and place your feet up on a chair in front of you. It’s not quite squatting, but it’ll give you an idea.

Relevant link:


Dance is the universal human expression. Not all cultures have or had the written word, a numeric system, or the fine arts, but they all had some form of dance. Well, allow me to edit. Every culture, save for adult Americans who are too cool or embarrassed to do it, has a form of dance. I think that’s a shame. I think we’d be a lot happier, healthier, and more well-adjusted if we danced on a regular basis. For one, it’s movement. It’s simply a way to move your body through the different dimensions and take advantage of all these muscles, joints, and limbs we have at our disposal. You could do a lot worse for your body than dance. Secondly, dancing is fun. You laugh when you’re doing it, even if you’re laughing out of embarrassment (laughter is laughter). Finally, dancing is sexual, especially when it’s with a partner, and there isn’t anything wrong with more good sex.

Easy first step – Dance with your significant others and/or children. No style required. Alternately, take dance lessons.

Relevant links:

I hereby issue the aforementioned challenges. Read them, try them, and report back. How did you do? If you’re already doing them, how would you rate yourself? What needs work and what’s going well? Let me know in the comment section?

You want comments? We got comments:

Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. The second I read this post I grabbed a banker box and lifted my keyboard to waist level along with my mouse and monitor.


    I sit all day long and than commute.

    great mini challenges!

    Cindy wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  2. I’ve done and will continue to do Modern Forage, I guess — I picked up coconut oil and coconut butter yesterday and have an appointment to pick up my monthly load of grass-fed beef (I have a subscription with a local farmer for that). I also doubled the amount of meat I’m buying this month to avoid running to the grocery store’s meat section when I’m running low on the good stuff.

    Maybe I’m beating stress tonight by taking a break from exercise and planning to go to bed early.

    Over the weekend and next week, I’m sure I can and probably will –
    Prepare a Primal Recipe
    Stand at Work
    Go Barefoot, though I’m not sure I can manage all day long, but I’ll get as close as possible
    Be inspired
    I’ll think about squatting
    Purge pantry – did that before the challenge, but I’ll check it all out again.

    Laura wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  3. Awesome post – I don’t know how you guys manage to put out such good content daily.
    I loved the primal blueprint and I have given copies to several of my clients!
    We are doing a NO BREAD challenge in my gym starting next week.
    check out this video

    john wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  4. Can’t purge the pantry, my SO isn’t primal. It is kinda segregated. There are some cabinets I avoid “here be dragons” :-) I’m learning zumba, takes care of learn something new and dancing. I’m finding that it is great at relieving stress. I’m always barefoot at home, We’ve been forbidden to be shoeless at work, I wear minimalist footwear most of the time. When the snow starts falling I’ll have to suck it up and wear boots again. :-(

    bbuddha wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  5. Seeing the squat item on the list made me remember an article my friend posted on his travel blog about using squat toilets in other parts of the world. A funny read.

    How to Use a Squat Toilet in 5 Easy Steps

    Jennifer wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  6. My turn to answer!

    1. Purge pantry: I went Primal 2 1/2 years ago, so that purge is long gone. My husband still eats sandwiches, though, so there’s bread hanging around.

    2. Modern forage: Definitely done the bag of trail mix from a gas station. I think it’s gold when a rest stop has a little refrigerated package of hard-boiled eggs. I’ll eat that and a fruit if I’m really desperate.

    3. Primal recipe: Uh, those are what keep Primal exciting. I think I make a real recipe almost once a week.

    4. Barefoot: I bought Vibrams after I got scolded for going barefoot in the gym. I had other people running without shoes, too!

    5. Stand at work: Depends on the situation. I play in a concert band, so it’s not like I get an option there. But I’m often moving around the building and I’m on clean-up duty (I’m in the Navy), so I get extra work activity there.

    6. Learn something new: Hmmm… I should pick up that knitting kit I have and start trying that again. I need to work on this one.

    7. Beat stress: I tend not to worry, sometimes to a fault.

    8. Be inspired: I’m not a success story waiting to happen; I’ve always gravitated toward a healthier lifestyle. Delicious food inspires me, so I love reading the recipes on MDA.

    9. Squat: Not there yet. Does leaning over to fold yourself in half when you go count? Horizontal squat?

    10. Dance: Sigh, actually love going out dancing, in the wiggle-randomly-to-loud-music variety. But it’s been waaaaay too long.

    Deanna wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  7. Purge Pantry – I’ve mostly done that, but I do keep a box of cookies and other non-Paleo stuff around for visitors. I don’t expect my guests to conform to my lifestyle, and I want people to be comfortable at my house. However, I don’t touch those things myself.

    Modern Forage – oh, sure. I’ve investigated all the possible Primal things one can get in convenience stores and other out-of-the-way locations when I travel.

    Prepare a Primal Recipe – I do that every day, though I’m lazy and my default is stewed meat+veggies. Still, I enjoy stewed meat+veggies.

    Go Barefoot – yup. Whenever I can.

    Stand At Work – yup. Got a standing desk in my home office. Though I often migrate to the couch, which defeats the purpose.

    Learn Something New – yup. Starting a law practice involves a really steep learning curve. I’m still learning new things every day.

    Beat Stress – check. That’s why I started my own practice rather than kill myself working for a big firm.

    Dance – ummm, no. Sorry.

    LM wrote on September 22nd, 2011
  8. Purge Pantry – check. I live on my own (well, I share a kitchen, but I have my own pair of shelves) so I dont buy anything un primal in the first place.

    Modern Forage – Soho is full of salad bars. So check.

    Primal Recipe – I could fill a book…homemade sausage with cauli puree for dinner today – bangers & mash don’t get any better!

    Barefoot – Modelling = high heels. But at home, in the park? Check. I love being barefoot.

    Stand at work – I stand as much as possible, including on the tube if I’m forced into the horrors of public transport. If I sit, I engage my abs & back muscles and sit as straight as a stick. Works wonders for my constantly grumbling back. I no longer feel like a 20-year-old granny.

    Learn something new – I read a lot, so its a constant brain-update. And I’m a student. So check.

    Beat Stress – I’m working on it. Downloaded f.lux, working on going to bed earlier, insomnia getting a little better, but have I beat it? No, that’s like the guys saying they’ll beat world hunger by next year.

    Be inspired – I play the piano and paint. Get inspired by nature mainly.

    Squat – poop – I don’t have the means, ahem. But it’s on the to-do-list.

    Dance – I have a CD of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong just for that. April in Paris….ahem hum hum. And there’s also Salsa on Sundays near Russel Square. Satisfies my summer-heat-beach party feel requirements. :-)

    Milla wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  9. I am on day 12 of the 30 day challenge and had a difficult couple of days this week. I read your post and decided to compensate by going blackberry picking, there are loads around here in England at the moment! I will stash them in the freezer for smoothies later in the week.

    Chrisssie wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  10. I do all of this but standing at work at least once a week, provided wearing light and thin socks counts as barefoot. I might be a little addicted to socks, though – they’re like blankets for feet.

    Samantha wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  11. Here is something that has been bothering me while looking at all the “Paleo” recipes online. So many of them contain honey or maple sugar while claiming to be healthy and sugar free. Honey and Maple syrup and almost identical to regular sugar in a calorie to calorie comparison. Yes, they are “natural and unbleached”, but so is sugarcane in its raw form. I am feeling confused about the addition of these sweetners in so many recipes. How can you claim sugar free where there are clearly forms of sugar in your diet?

    Grace wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • I am sure people will correct me if Im wrong,but I think the sugar free thing may be for people with sugar issues…the rest of us can add small amounts of sweetening if we want. Just stay away from artificial sweetners, I guess, and limit the sugar/honey/maple to a small amount if you want it at all.

      Hopeless Dreamer wrote on September 23rd, 2011
    • I agree with you. I think from a paleo perspective, our paleo ancestors would have stumbled upon honey, syrup and agave in their environment and in today’s world have minimal processing.
      For my personal goals I’m concerned about the insulin response from these ingredients (less concerned about calories after reading Gary Taubes’ books). I simply choose to omit them.
      Part of what I love about this community/lifestyle is the attitude of “investigate what works best for you and do it.”

      LisaS wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  12. We are purging the pantry slowly and feeding the grain and beans to the hens, which give us meat and eggs. I put the footstool up on the table so I could stand while writing this. It feels good and quite comfortable. My learning is how to use this computer as have previously managed to ignore it. Squatting maybe, maybe not. Studied a bit of Naturopathy some years ago and it was something they advocated. Barefoot indoors but not outside much as we live on a rural block without nice cultivated lawns. Too many nasties as in biting ants, centipedes, scorpions etc. Not to mention stones and wallaby poo.

    Alan wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  13. Purge Pantry: It’s been a while since I don’t eat any processes food, cookies, sweets etc. I still have the whole grains and dried beans in my kitchen because I went primal for the first time with this challenge, I’ll wait until the end and decide what to do with them.

    Modern Forage: It’s ok, trail mix, unroasted almonds, fruits, a cheese stick (although I don’t eat cheese normally) they are all waiting in the shelves of any gas station.

    Prepare a Primal Recipe: I do this one almost every day, I don’t like restaurant food much.

    Go Barefoot: I walk around barefood at home but I should try to do it in the gym or in the park until the winter comes.

    Stand At Work: I work from home, I have to be sitting during my sessions but I’ll try this one too while I’m on the computer.

    Learn Something New: Primal lifestyle is my something new but other than that I think I am a learning new things junkie:)

    Beat Stress: This is the one I’m working on. I don’t have a very stressful life but I have a tendency to get stressed over small things. Meditation and breathing is my solution to beat stress.

    Dance: It’s been a while now but I love dancing, I can do that.

    Nimasay wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  14. I ordered a Lillipad squatting platform last month and I’m really happy with it.
    With this platform, your feet are lower than the bowl so your butt is closer to your target area resulting in less splash factor. TMI?

    Erica wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  15. Stealing Kyle’s format…

    + Purge Pantry
    This was done Jan 2010.

    + Modern Forage
    I don’t have to do this often, but when I do, if there’s a Whole Foods nearby, it’s a snap to find something edible. If not, I go for raw nuts. Even 7-11 has Blue Diamond “natural” almonds.

    I avoid the mixed nuts – they are processed with starch (which doesn’t have to be listed on the label), which messes me up.

    + Primal Recipe
    Every meal.

    + Barefoot
    As much as possible. I’ve preferred being barefoot my whole life and don’t wear shoes in the house. I was already wearing Earth shoes for the last several years.

    When I started reading about barefoot running several months ago on the Tim Ferris website, I switched to wearing foldable ballet flats in work settings. Now I also wear them for taking walks, including to the grocery store.

    For hiking, I’ve stopped wearing my hiking shoes, and switched to either a pair of Earth shoes that are like Nike Frees or a pair of Tevas. The Tevas have a fatter sole than I’d like, but they have good grip and aren’t trying to force my arches into position. VFFs are on the list.

    + Stand at work
    I don’t do this, but I do cook for 2-4 hours per night and I stand for that.

    + Learn Something New
    Pretty much daily.

    + Beat Stress
    This is the one for me to tackle next.

    + Be inspired

    + Squat to poop

    + Dance
    As often as possible. My husband and I met salsa dancing!

    Jen wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  16. 1. I took a prepurge picture of my pantry which I will be purging tomorrow. I will put all hubbies food on his own shelf.
    2. I still have lots of fresh produce in my garden which I pick daily. I am drying and freezing all the extra to have during the winter months. My daughter provides all the fresh free range eggs. Hubby is a hunter and we have elk in the freezer but I hope he can fill it with moose next year!
    3. Daughter and I are always experimenting with new recipes. If we see something in a magazine we will try and find a way to make it primal…fun.
    4. My very wide foot does not fit in VFF but I do run around the house barefoot. I wear crocs most of the time outside…does that count?
    5. I stand at work all the time and have been since becoming a Massage Therapist 11 years ago. The only time I sit is when I do a 60 minute reflexolgy treatment.
    6. I just got a new laptop…goodness what a learning experience for me! I am trying to learn new things for my massage/spa business to offer clients.
    7. I must admit that I do not let anything stress me. In my work I see what stress does to people and I am glad I have never been a stresser. If you are stressed…go get a massage!
    8. I am inspired by seeing how my babies have grown into wonderful adults and watching my grand kids grow daily!
    9. Well…lol…I know my grandkids are little pros at this. I tried this while camping and it wasn’t pretty. My oldest daughter is a Physical Therapist and she said that yes squatting to poop is really good to do! I guess I need more practice….lol.
    10. I will pick up my grand babies and dance around with them while I sing their favorite songs. They don’t judge you for not knowing all the right moves for dancing. That is the extent of my dancing…lol.

    Magic Fingers wrote on September 23rd, 2011
  17. If anybody has any suggestions on beating non-Primal consumption wants on the Challenge, today I’ve had problems with a) peanut butter and b) hummus. Help?

    Erin wrote on September 24th, 2011
    • Hey,

      For peanut butter, the best way is to replace it with another nut butter. Almond, hazelnut, macadamia, the possibilities are endless. Sunflower seed butter tastes really rich. Go for roasted & salted first to satisfy your rich-PB-taste requirement. Make sure you throw out the PB jar and just don’t buy any. You can start getting creative and making your own nut butter. Roast some pine nuts in a dry frying pan over high heat, add salt, and stick in a food processor, blend until turned into an awesome, caramel-coloured butter. Once you’ve tried the variety of other butters, you’ll never want PB again. :-)

      As for hummus, you can make your own using zucchini instead of chickpeas: here’s a recipe video!

      I’ve never liked hummus and I haven’t tried this, but people say it’s delicious, so there!

      Good luck :-)

      Milla wrote on September 25th, 2011
      • Thanks! I was suspicious of trying sunflower seed butter because I don’t really like sunflower seeds, but I will give it another shot. Almond butter gives me too much cottonmouth, but our local “hippy” grocery store has cashew butter as well, I think, so I might try that too.

        When I considered again, I think the hummus is not so much for its own taste as for something filling to dip my veggies in (that’s not peanut butter, lol). I will try to get more creative!

        Erin wrote on September 25th, 2011
  18. I’m feeling super primal having just read the list of mini challenges and being able to tick them all, except one! No prizes for guessing which one?!

    – Pantry purged and purged again! The first time was a couple of years ago, but I’ve been resisting giving up the legumes and non-grain grains (quinoa, buckwheat). Anyway – now, they’ve gone! I have a clean kitchen!

    – Modern Forage – I reckon I’m a pretty skilled modern forager, but it is easy to be, living in London, lots of farmers markets, health food stores and a strong real food movement.

    And then there are friends and family with veg patches and chickens.

    I have a favourite butcher who gets me great meat and game (‘wild beef’ from cattle that roams dartmoor year round – hmmmmmm). And an off license selling natural wine =)

    I do a monday lunchtime ‘posh’ supermarket run and can guarantee tons of half price (or less) free range organic meat, fish and poultry. My freezer is at bursting point!

    And as for actual foraging – blackberries and elderberries scavenged from bushes and eaten today. Blackberries were used in a primal recipe!

    – Every meal is a primal meal 😉 I’m a foodie and so cook every meal from scratch and have done for a few years. I present primal meals and dinners to non primal friends and never once has anyone asked where the bread was, or could they have a potato. This week some primal meals have been, smoked salmon and scrambled egg, ragout of rabbit, pigeon breast and blackberry salad, chicken baked with orange and fennel. ‘Wild’ beef Sirloin Steak! Yummo!

    – Barefoot – as much as I can. Always at home… Just saving up for VFFs… I have to confess a slight affection for staggeringly high heels… Ok, work in progress…

    – Stand at work. I have a sit/stand desk and rotate between standing and fit ball. But I’m a trainer and so I’m not at my desk very often. When I’m lecturing I make sure I stay standing and moving.

    – Learn something new. Well at the moment I’m busy learning primal, what with the 30 day challenge. I’ve been learning to cook, like seriously cook for a while – read a lot of blogs, books etc… And I’m also learning to run and lift my body!

    – Beat stress. Last year I left a hugely stressful job, after 10 years!! Just over a year on and I feel like a different person. My stress response has completely changed and my lack of stress means I’m able to look after myself properly which helps keep me stress free.

    Things that I do now to keep the stress under control: limit caffeine, no sugar, don’t eat foods I’m allergic to, walk, swim, talk about it, and then stop talking about it!… and let it go, take time for me (cooking, photography). My biggest issue is not getting enough sleep! One of my personal 30 day challenges…

    – Be inspired. I was, by the sunset, this evening. Wow. Took some photos and posted them. It doesn’t take much to inspire me =) Music, art, people, the world…

    – Squat to poop – OK, so I haven’t tried this lately. At christmas I had surgery, which meant I wasn’t allowed to sit down at all for 3 weeks. So peeing and pooping had to be done standing up! So i mastered a kind of standing with knees bent position, but not fully squatting, as that would have been as bad as sitting… Again – work in progress…

    – Dance! Had a great boogie and a sing song at a friends birthday on Friday. Yay! Also, I have specially put together play lists of favourite songs on my ipod, which i listen to in the gym when I’m on the elliptical trainer. Basically I dance as I move! I move my arms and legs to the beat and even get a bit of hip/shoulder/head action in 😉 It makes me very happy, even if I do get some funny looks!

    Super Gaily Girl wrote on September 27th, 2011
  19. Inspiration for me comes from my “purging of thoughts” in my morning journaling. I like it in the morning because i wake as i write. It isn;t anything of importance, mostly just jibberish or what i may have dreamt that night, sometimes its just a string of expletives. but it does get me centered and ready for the day.

    I do this right before i go to my toilet and squat. Using my squatty potty of course) this tool is the easiest ive found at its only $50

    writebobby wrote on September 28th, 2011
  20. gyday grokkers;

    to cut a very long storey short..

    ex chronic cardio paratrooper..knee injury…weight gain…thyroid issues..recovery..chronic cardio/ carbo loader eater.. again….(stupid)..very low tesosterone for 3 years..low hgh..low all the good stuff blokes need…

    testosterone injections…hgh….thyroid meds….

    2011 decide to go cold turkey and STOP EATING GRAINS….. ..started to introduce higher fat intake….training 4/8….

    september 2011 testosterone up from a 5.6 to 19.4……

    iron is pumping…igf is tops….thyroid is ok…..weight loss is maintained at around cardio..apart from olympic lifting and 100/200mtr run throughs….at 60% top speed..

    skin looking great….hair is thick and wounds heal very fast…sleep is getting easier…

    dont miss grains at all…when i do eat them i feel itchy and heartburn…and sleepy..

    im not diabetic…

    zephaniah wrote on September 30th, 2011
  21. 1 – purged pantry late last spring. I still have a couple packages of opened rice that I can’t see throwing out; I’ll save it to fix for company sometime.

    2 – modern forage. Been doing this for some time, anyway. Farmers markets, pastured meats, eating edibles out of my lawn…

    3 – primal recipes. I love to cook, I don’t like processed stuff. Already doing.

    4 – barefoot. In the house. On my lawn. Elsewise, it’s been shoes.

    5 – stand at work. My work has always required a variety of body positions from sitting to standing to lifting.

    6 – learn something new. Yes, from books to actually learning household repair tricks.

    7 – beat stress. Working on it. Some days it works.

    8 – be inspired. I get outdoors, or I write, this all inspires. Some days more so than others.

    9 – squat to poop. It ain’t gonna happen. Bum knee. Opting out on that one due to necessity.

    10 – Dance. If I favor that knee I can dance.

    Of Goats and Greens wrote on October 2nd, 2011

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