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Holiday Weekend Health ‘n Safety Guide

Your Bees are about to bounce, and Sisson’s already getting some sun (no sun screen, of course). But we wouldn’t leave without sharing the best tips for enjoying a healthy holiday weekend. Check it out, then get out – and that’s an order!

FitSugar [1] shares some safe grilling techniques, plus a carb-smart burger recipe.

The fascinating, thrilling, glorious story of Labor Day [2], in exhaustive (exhausting?) detail. If you are all about this link, you are clearly still at work. Go home.

Swimming, sun and alcohol are a dangerous combo: know safe drinking rules [3]. For the holiday party animals, you can read up on preventing a hangover [4]. Keep the seedlings safe by learning how to spot a drunk driver [5]. Feel like celebrating this weekend? Enjoy these low-carb cocktails [6].

And the Stylish Moms [2] blog has collected some assorted holiday and grilling recipes.

Enjoy your holiday and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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