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Herbalicious: Rhodiola Rosea

I’ve reported [1] the health benefits of rhodiola rosea [2] before, but this recent study has brought it into the spotlight once again:

Flies that ate a diet rich with Rhodiola rosea, an herbal supplement long used for its purported stress-relief effects, lived on an average of 10 percent longer than fly groups that didn’t eat the herb.

Flies aren’t humans, granted, but rhodiola, also known as roseroot and golden root, has a long history of both anecdotal and clinical evidence that suggests it can help to improve mood and alleviate symptoms associated with depression, and that it may play a part in immune system support, improved concentration and alertness, and increased energy levels.

Soviets knew [3] about the stress relief benefits [4] of this herb decades ago. I’m glad to see promising research continued on such a talented little plant.

via Science Daily [5]

Wikipedia Photo Credit [6]

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