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18 May

Gyro Taco Salad & Tzatziki Guacamole

Gyro Taco SaladThis is a recipe from the brand new Primal Blueprint Publishing book Primal Cravings: Your Favorite Foods Made Paleo. Order your copy today and claim a bunch of free gifts while the limited-time offer lasts. See all the details here.

A theme we like to play with a lot is taking flavors you know and love and adding a twist…we want our food to be familiar yet interesting. Gyro Taco Salad is a good example of just that. We took the components of a traditional taco salad, but flavored it like a traditional gyro. Gyro spiced ground lamb (or any ground meat) over lettuce (plus any of your favorite veggies) and topped off with a fresh mint and cucumber guacamole AKA Tzatziki Guacamole. Wouldn’t that just be a real Mediterranean fiesta?

Servings: 6

For the Gyro Taco Salad

  • 2 pounds ground lamb
  • 1 large yellow onion, diced
  • 4 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1⁄2 cup chicken stock
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Salt to taste
  • 3 heads romaine lettuce

1. In a large sauté pan, brown the lamb. Once the lamb looks about halfway cooked through, add the onion and garlic. Continue to cook until onion is softened. Add the oregano, thyme, coriander, chicken stock, lemon juice, and salt. Cook about 5 minutes more, until the stock has reduced a bit.

2. Chop the romaine lettuce and serve with gyro meat and a spoonful of tzatziki guacamole.

For the Tzatziki Guacamole

  • 2 ripe Haas avocados
  • 1 English cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon fresh mint 1 tablespoon fresh dill
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Salt to taste

1. With a cheese grater, shred the cucumber with a box grater over a tea towel.

2. Twist the tea towel up and squeeze it over the kitchen sink to remove excess water from cucumber.

3. Blend avocados, squeezed cucumber, mint, dill, lemon, and salt in a food processor until smooth.

Gyro Taco Salad

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You want comments? We got comments:

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  1. Mmmmm! Like every good Californian, I love fusion.

    Harry Mossman wrote on May 18th, 2013
    • Sounds wonderful! Combining my two favorite things…guacamole and lamb! :)

      Chad wrote on May 18th, 2013
      • I have never acquired a taste for lamb. I’d use chicken, pork or beef.

        Harry Mossman wrote on May 18th, 2013
        • +1

          PrimalGrandma wrote on May 18th, 2013
  2. Guacamole and Tzatziki. Mexican and Greek cuisines together at last. Two of my favourite dressings and it never occurred to me that I could combine them.

    I think I’ll modify this to be a ‘Gyro Taco Greek Salad’, for a complete culture clash.

    During exams, there’s nothing better than procratibaking.

    Ben C-Bear wrote on May 18th, 2013
  3. Avocados, such a beautiful thing!
    In the old movie “GOD” with George Burns and John Denver, the best line in the movie was when God (Burns) says that the only mistake he made on earth was that he made the seed of the avocado too big…

    Nocona wrote on May 18th, 2013
  4. I wonder if lamb chops cut into chunks instead of ground would work? My grocery win of the week was 3 grass fed lamb chops for roughly $4 each. I need to figure something to make with them!

    Erin wrote on May 18th, 2013
    • you could marinate the chops in roughly the same ingredients (skip the chicken stock, maybe use some yoghurt) in a ziplock bag for a couple hours and grill them. have it with a salad with that dressing. i think i may go thaw some lamb chops and buy a couple avocado…

      upyourgame wrote on May 18th, 2013
    • You could use a food processor to grind the lamb. I have done this with steak or roast before :)

      Kimmy wrote on May 18th, 2013
  5. Awesome! We made this for bkf (just added a fried egg on top…). It was wonderful!

    drjoyous wrote on May 18th, 2013
    • I was just thinking this would make an awesome breakfast! A fried egg would definitely top it off.

      Keegan wrote on May 20th, 2013
  6. nom nom nom

    bjjcaveman wrote on May 18th, 2013
  7. Remarkable!

    Steve wrote on May 18th, 2013
  8. Not sure I understand what is so gyro about this salad, it just looks like a taco salad. To me, gyro meat is roasted on a spit and the shavings can be pretty crispy. Ground meat has a completely different texture. But, with that being said, this dish seems worth a shot!

    Brian Kozmo wrote on May 19th, 2013
    • Greek taco salad is probably a better title.

      Sean wrote on June 15th, 2013
  9. Oh my! My heart just skipped a beat!

    Tapsticks wrote on May 19th, 2013
  10. I’ve been adding olive oil and hot sauce to my salads. Just tried it for something different and wow it’s good!

    Mike Troy wrote on May 20th, 2013
  11. My wife and I just gave this a go. If you’re reading this and thinking about giving it a shot… DO IT NOW, DON’T DELAY. It was outstanding! : )

    Mitch Gallant wrote on May 20th, 2013
  12. We made this for dinner and it was wonderful,I finished it off for lunch at work, we have been looking for another way to use ground lamb as it’s one of our favorite meats.

    Shannon wrote on May 21st, 2013
  13. Oh, I hope the whole cookbook is not like this. The recipe seems great, but really? Two photo’s of the dish, both showing cherry tomatoes, but none mentioned at all in the recipe or directions. I know it’s a small picky point, but I would rather purchase a cookbook that is complete and accurate, isn’t that the point?

    paleo-leo wrote on May 22nd, 2013
    • That was the first thing that occurred to me as well. Re-read the recipe several times looking for the tomatoes.

      Thomas wrote on June 20th, 2013
  14. I think these recipes give you the basics, but you can use your imagination and do something wild, like add tomatoes or cucumbers, on you own. They are fast and so far amazing, and many are the skeleton upon which you can build your own dish, like people above who added an egg. I was blown away at how amazing this was. I tasted the meat and was worried, but added to the avocado tzatziki it was… words cannot describe. My 11month old daughter looooved the avocado tzatxiki.

    leslie wrote on May 22nd, 2013
    • Great to hear your daughter liked the avocado tzatziki. I want to give it a try this weekend.

      I catered a party last sunday for a little over 60 people, with all paleo foods other than the beans I was required to make. No one knew the difference. And the cooking was all done in a little two room apt (I’ve done same for over 120 people). I can cook and adapt recipes with no problem. That’s not the point. Yes, this recipe posted from the book was free, but I don’t want to pay for inaccurate content, and if the first taste of the book we get is persuaded by a food stylist, that’s not a good lead in. Just like Anthony Wieners website for Mayor of NYC going up with a skyline of Pittsburg, not NYC. Means people are not paying attention… (Okay, rant over!)

      I hate to sound negative because I like this site so much. And Marks sense of humor!

      paleo-leo wrote on May 24th, 2013
  15. My wonderful BF bought the recipe ingredients and we joined forces to make this delicious dinner! Initially he used the spice amount instructed, but the meat was bland. Added more of the same spices & increased the salt (taste as you go), along with pepper & garlic powder. Much improved flavor! I was surprised that ground lamb is reasonably priced. Doesn’t taste “gamey” and the fat didn’t allow it to dry out during cooking. The Tzatziki Guacamole is fresh tasting and brought all the salad elements together. I suggest using a food processor to shred the cucumber and use a colander to drain the liquid. Place a heavy bowl filled with water on top to press out the liquid. Catch the drained liquid in a bowl. By the time the other ingredients are prepped it will be done draining and ready to use. Added bonus, the cucumber liquid makes a crisp & refreshing cocktail! Topped our salads with tomatoes, kalamata olives, and a bit of feta (non-paleo). We will definitely make this again!

    hollygon wrote on May 23rd, 2013
  16. Just made this really quickly for dinner. It is fantastic and will have this again. Love the spicing. Drizzled sriracha over the top. Halved the recipe as only had one pound of ground lamb and wish I’d made more. Didn’t blend the tzatziki sauce in the blender as didn’t want to lug it out, so I just mashed it all.

    Need to pack up the rest for my lunch tomorrow before the husband ingests it.

    ChandraNH wrote on May 28th, 2013
  17. Made this tonight and it was incredible! I made a few substitutions (due to lack of ingredients), but it worked out! We used spinach vs. romaine, dill pickles vs. actual dill on the guacamole – nothing my vitamix couldn’t handle! Didn’t squeeze out cucumber and sauce was not too runny. Thank you…will add to our regular menu!! :-)

    Shelly wrote on June 10th, 2013
  18. Just made a modified version of this – used a pound of ground beef and a pound of ground lamb, and combined them with some minced shallots, garlic, and spices, then formed the mixture into little patties and stuck them under the broiler. So good! I love the tzatziki guac. I have made a handful of recipes from Primal Cravings and haven’t been disappointed yet!

    Jessie wrote on June 24th, 2013
  19. Loved it – We smoked it a little more but still it tasted great

    Asif wrote on July 28th, 2013
  20. Gyro in a bowl!!! It was awesome. Even my non avocado eating non lamb loving husband enjoyed it and went for seconds!! Thanks for a great recipe!!

    Tina wrote on December 13th, 2013
  21. Made this tonight-used pound each of lamb and turkey . Yum! No need to squeeze out cuc,just through it all in the blender :)

    sarah wrote on April 8th, 2014

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