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Bloggers and Strength Coaches Tell Their 3 Favorite Exercises

Posted By Mark Sisson On January 14, 2009 @ 9:40 am In Announcements,Fitness,Health,Sprinting | 32 Comments

Last week I was approached by Gym Junkies [7] to be part of an article in which I and other health and fitness bloggers describe their top 3 favorite exercises with a little reasoning behind each of them.

Here are my current top 3 favorites:

1. Barefoot beach sprints. I ran 80-100 miles a week for years [8], but I feel more like a true runner just doing one set of these each week (and no other running except when I “play [9]“). Nothing beats the flat, hard sand at low tide with the sun just coming up to make me feel connected to everything. Speed, baby.

2. Wide grip pull-up marathon. I love seeing how many of these pups I can do in 10 minutes. Works not only most of the back, shoulders, biceps, and forearms, but ultimately works abs really well [10], too. If you are short on time, a couple of sets of these are all you need.

3. Inverted push-ups. I started doing these to rehab my shoulder and found I liked them better than regular push-ups. I usually do them with my feet on a bench (don’t tell the gym owner) or up a few flights of stairs. It’s a good way to transition to handstand push-ups [11].

To read the top 3 favorites of Andrew Rubalcava of GoHealthyGoFit.com [12], Carla Birnberg of MizFitOnline.com [13], Israel of FatManUnleashed.com [14] and 7 others check out the full post:

Top Bloggers and Strength Coaches Spill Their 3 Favorite Exercises [15]

Please share your favorite exercises in the comment boards!

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