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Grokfeast in Tennessee

On September 11th I asked Mark’s Daily apple readers to host a Grokfeast (a picnic/party celebrating the Primal lifestyle) and to send me the results. The following is one of 14 amazing submissions, the best of which will win an entire cow [1] courtesy of US Wellness [2].

Well, Mark’s Daily Apple, I am writing to tell the tale of an intimate double Grokfeast that took place this past weekend. Unfortunately, due to last minute cancellations, ours was a fest of only 7, thereby disqualifying us from the contest. However, this is a Grokfeast that should not go unnoticed, if for no other reason than our completely original game of “Flesh Eating Bear”.

Seven of us departed Chattanooga, TN on the very last day of summer, Friday, 9/21, to backpack into a place known as Paradise. This is a pristine watershed of the North Chickamauga Creek that offers crazy beautiful waterfalls, trails, and swimming holes. Once into the heart of Paradise, we began exploring.

As aforementioned, we came across great overhanging cliffs, and water that, though frigid, was extremely inviting.

As the sun was hanging low we began searching for firewood, built up a fire and began preparing for a rigorous game of “Flesh Eating Bear.” In this game, a chunk of meat is hung and dangled (piñata style) while the player bites at the meat. The rules state that hands must be behind the back. The winner is the one who scores the biggest slab of meat! Oh my.

After this exhausting sport, we pretty much hung out around the fire eating brats until everyone fell asleep.

When we awoke, Grokfeast II commenced. Copious quantities of bacon and eggs were consumed. I opted for a couple of MDA inspired bell pepper egg bowls. After stuffing our faces the real exploration of Paradise began. There was tremendous tomfoolery for the rest of the day involving 45-foot cliff jumps, waterfall climbing, and general cold water enjoyment. Twas a Grokfeast to remember!