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26 Oct

Glyconutrients: a Sweet Scam

There are essential fatty acids. There are essential amino acids. There are not essential sugars. We’ve received so many questions about glyconutrients, I feel it’s necessary to respond here at the blog.

For the record, “glyconutrients” are worse than bogus – they are a scam. This term was invented by a multi-level marketing company called Mannatech. (While MLM’s aren’t all bad, they can certainly be a red flag.) In this case, the entire concept of supplementing with “glyconutrients” – minute amounts of plain old simple sugars – is not only unscientific; it’s just silly. There is simply no compelling evidence to support the glyconutrient claim that the human body is somehow deficient in certain forms of sugar due to our modern lifestyle. Among the many dubious and weasel-worthy “explanations”, the central claim is that scientific discoveries in recent decades have shown that there are 8 types of sugar and that your cells – gasp – use these sugars. I’ve had burps that are more mind-blowing than this “science”.

Those selling glyconutrients often have appealing websites and fairly standard marketing blurbs about good health beginning at the cellular level. (E.g. “When your cells are healthy, so are your glands and organs.” No sh*t, Sherlock.) Please pardon my French, but I really hate to see this sort of meaningless malarkey being bandied about like it’s genuine science. The numerous warning letters, lawsuits, and scathing breakdowns on many reputable scientific action sites – it’s almost painful, really – should be sufficient to keep people away from those selling this worthless sugar pill supplement, but I still get a lot of questions. I don’t normally like to directly criticize supplements, but in this case, I have to speak up.

(This is the best single website analyzing glyconutrients. Do a search on any reputable science organization’s site, or check out a scientific glossary, for that matter, and you’ll see that “glyconutrient” is not even a scientific term. We might as well say “aminonutrient” or “lipidnutrient”.)

Glyconutrient supplementation purports to provide your body with certain special types of sugar that aren’t available, apparently, in our modern food supply. (The important one, evidently, is mannose, hence Mannatech.) The glyconutrient claim is utterly specious. The body converts one form of sugar to another quite easily whenever it needs to – there is absolutely no “deficiency” issue here, period. While we need to get essential fatty acids and the complete profile of amino acids to function, we do not need to supplement with simple sugars. The supplement won’t hurt you, but you may as well suck a lollipop if you’re after “glyconutrients”. My guess is that the lollipop is not only tastier, but cheaper.

Don’t be a sucker.

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Imagine you’re George Clooney. Take a moment to admire your grooming and wit. Okay, now imagine someone walks up to you and asks, “What’s your name?” You say, “I’m George Clooney.” Or maybe you say, “I’m the Clooninator!” You don’t say “I’m George of George Clooney Sells Movies Blog” and you certainly don’t say, “I’m Clooney Weight Loss Plan”. So while spam is technically meat, it ain’t anywhere near Primal. Please nickname yourself something your friends would call you.

  1. That’s a good explanation and helps sort it out. Yes, I once bought some snake oil from the company mentioned and it was just that.

    Steve wrote on October 26th, 2007
    • I just imagine you feel fairly silly now that surgeons are prescribing it in hospitals. My daughter’s throat grew back in eleven days documented Via Christi ICU Hospital Wichita Kansas five years ago. Her cancer also disappeared and they gave her 1 entire tub of ambrotose plus the osolean. She got a standing ovation (1 or 2) in their remembered history from the nurses. She was in a five and half week comma as they accidentally cut her throat 4cm in surgery and sent her upstairs to eat and drink. My husband never took the stuff because of people like you and he had a heart attack last year. He too was in ICU Oklahoma Heart Hospital and they gave him the ambrotose and osolean as well. It will become standard practice within time because there are vitamins, minerals, enzymes but also cell surface sugars needed for regeneration.

      Cinda Wood wrote on November 21st, 2015
  2. Passing off sugar as supplements in a nation where most people eat way too much sweetener. What will they think of next?

    Sonagi wrote on October 27th, 2007
  3. Personally I like the claim of “better essential fatty acids than the EPA/DHA in fish oil” and all those “amino acids” they provide….yet the nutritional label on the bottle has 0 grams of protein and 0 grams of fat. Huh? Are these magical nutrients that are so scientifically advanced they don’t even exist in physical form but yet supply our body with the breakthrough healing never discovered before? Ummmmm…..I think not.

    Mike OD wrote on October 27th, 2007
  4. You have to appreciate how ballsy the whole concept is. These are sugar pills and they admit it! It’s so ridiculous it could be a Monty Python sketch.

    “Pssst… Hey Kid… You wanna get fit and strong? I got just the thing: it’s called a Pla-ceeeeeeee-bo.”

    Robin wrote on October 29th, 2007
  5. This just in from an FTC report on U.S. residents falling for scams:

    “An estimated 4.8 million Americans bought bogus weight-loss supplements, patches, creams or other products, making fat-fighting fraud the most common scam.”


    Dave C. wrote on October 29th, 2007
  6. If you can find it, look at Mannatech’s patent. The list of things that Mannatech is supposed to treat is hilarious. Snakebite, frostbite, AIDS and Cancer. Asthma, allergies and chronic fatigue. If something bothers you, Mannatech will fix it.

    Josh wrote on October 30th, 2007
    • not true you made it up

      Thomas wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • Mannatech doesn’t claim to “treat” anything, but through scientific research has shown that if given the “essential nutrients” the human body can heal itself. I will not waste my time telling you what glyconutrients have done for me, because you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

      Most people would rather go on hurting and to their ultimate death than to consider adjunctive therapy that could improve their quality of life. Most people would rather waste their money on worthless and dangerous energy drinks rather than invest the same amount of money in a proven science that when applied correctly could help them. You ask how I know what most people would do and that is because I have talked to more people than I care to count about the benefits of these nutrients. So continue on in your stupidity and die early.

      Deborah Andrews wrote on January 8th, 2013
  7. Josh,

    It’s hilarious, except that so many folks have been snookered by these sugar pills…what’s next…

    Mark Sisson wrote on October 30th, 2007
  8. I’ve heard good things about glyconutrients.

    There is actually a great ebook that just came out at

    It’s got great information on glyconutrients and how to save when buying them.

    Liam wrote on January 6th, 2008
  9. Thanks Mark,

    Since my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, we have been bomboarded by true zealots of the Mannatech camp. One should expect hostility when confronting personal conviction with truth, but some have considered us child abusers because we will not let a daughter have this miraculous cure! My wife has suffered from guilt over this mater. Your article has helped her to let go of the guilt and to focus on our daughter’s recovery. It seems the old quest for the fountain of youth is universal. I resent only the fact that the manufacturere know the truth and are willing to prey on the fears of the pitiful..


    JJ wrote on January 8th, 2008
    • Mannatech doesn’t claim to “treat” anything, but through scientific research has shown that if given the “essential nutrients” the human body can heal itself. I will not waste my time telling you what glyconutrients have done for me, because you wouldn’t believe me anyway.

      Most people would rather go on hurting and to their ultimate death than to consider adjunctive therapy that could improve their quality of life. Most people would rather waste their money on worthless and dangerous energy drinks rather than invest the same amount of money in a proven science that when applied correctly could help them. You ask how I know what most people would do and that is because I have talked to more people than I care to count about the benefits of these nutrients. So continue on in your stupidity and die early.

      Deborah Andrews wrote on January 8th, 2013
  10. Glyco nutrients work. They are not dangerous, make your own try and see yourself. You will be a fool not to try

    rost wrote on April 11th, 2008
    • Most of these comments were quite a number of years ago. I wonder what they say now with all the research that have been done recently. Also research in Tokyo, Japan, that has got nothing to do with Mannatech, proving the very same thing – that glyconutrients do help the body to fight diseases!

      Dora wrote on December 10th, 2011
  11. OK sure. Send me some for free and I will return my verdict for the same charge.

    missbossy wrote on April 11th, 2008
    • rost`s offer was for you to make your own (which you can do inexpensively) and experiment in order to find out for yourself. Your response sounds lazy and irresponsible by contrast.

      Tashimoto wrote on October 16th, 2011
    • You people need to wake up and realise that these essential glyconutrients are esssential to the body to help repair itself and are severly lacking in our modern day diet. It has been proven scientifically and millions of people cant be wrong. Mannatech offers a 90-day money back guarantee so you tell me what other company would offer that! Anything new is always met with scepticism which is very unfortunate but I know what these products have done for me and my family and we thank God everyday for them!

      Ryan Minietti wrote on September 20th, 2013
  12. I am a researcher on this topic and I would have said the same thing at one point. But what you say about the term glyconutrient is misleading and half true. The term was made by Mannatech – that part is true – they patented the process of stabalizing all combination of saccharides greater than 2 that do not occur in any one plant in 1994. So since they discovered the science and own the patents… seems fair that they can name it whatever they want. That is after all… how science works. The discoverer chooses the name.

    You may also search under glycoconjugates, glyco-proteins, glycoforms. The study of science around carbohydrates is referred to as GlycoBiology. There are a handful of pharmaceutical drugs on the market or in development that use saccharides as a transport mechanism to the cells. Cracking the gene code began in the 1950’s. Imagine how many people laughed at that. The mathematical combination a dna molecule can make… are very few, proteins are only 4 sided as well and thus their configurations are limited as well… but simple sugars are 8 sided and are theoretically able to combine in over 15million combination. Thus glycobiology and carbohydrate technology is considered in the scientific field to be the new frontier far surpassing the genome or protein unraveling. Also – Mannatech did not start as a MLM company – they began as a Research Development company, patented the process of stabilization and extraction and released a product in the early 90’s to the retail market… unfortunately… it did not sell, because people had never heard of anything like this before. They decided after the failure in retail market, they needed an avenue to educate people and Marketing One on One works best for that.

    Now it is a general term, but the scientific term for glyconutrient would be mono-saccharide or simple sugars. In nature these may exist in chains called oligo-saccharides. Such as in human breast milk – which is found to be 1/3 solids made of glyconutrients or saccharides in long chain combinations (Science & Medicine Nov/Dec 1997). The greatest nutritional milk in nature is found to have 5 of these necessary sugars. They are not essential… they are necessary. There is a difference here… Essential means your body cannot convert or create it by process “necessary” means it does have a process to create it. Your body has a wonderful backup system to break down glucose by a 43 step enzymatic process into some other simple sugars (

    I believe people should “prove truth to themselves” the days of believing the experts is over. One can no longer say I am a doctor and so listen to me… they must explain why and show why as well. After all the US is ranked 72nd in health worldwide. If you would like to actually be an expert – prove things to your self. There is overwhelming evidence and research but not enough education yet.

    Also – I would think it pretty hard to be “scammed” by any company that stands behind a product with the industry’s only 100% 6 month money back guarantee. They know they work, and they want you to prove it to yourself.

    A few articles over last couple years.

    Science Magazine, dedicated an entire issue to educating the science and medical community about Glyconutrients, Glycobiology and Glycoscience. March 23 2001 Special Issue: Carbohydrates & Glycobiology

    Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR):
    For Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements is used by 99% of all doctors and healthcare professionals before recommending solutions to their patients. Glyconutrients are listed for compromised immune systems.

    Scientific American
    Issue July 2002.
    “Sweet Medicine: Building Better Drugs from Sugars.” Sugars play critical roles in many cellular functions and in disease. Study of those activities lags behind research into genes and proteins but is beginning to heat up. The discoveries promise to yield a new direction in medicine, and a change in paradigm to one of wellness.

    Advance for Managers of Respiratory Care
    July/August 2002
    Feature article entitled “Glyconutrients Could Offer Novel Approach to Asthma.”

    Scientific American
    “Changing Cancer Cells’ ‘Surface Sugars’ Can Inhibit Tumor Growth.”
    Medicine, Jan. 22, 2002
    “The key to halting cancer cells may lie in their sugary coats”, scientists say. Carbohydrate molecules surround all cells and help them to identify and interact with one another. Now new research, published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, indicates that altering some of the surface sugars associated with cancer cells can control tumor growth. The findings suggest that the sugars could one day serve as targets for new anti-cancer therapies

    Harpers Biochemistry
    A medical textbook that has been educating healthcare professionals about Glyconutrients and their role in health and healing since 1996. From a clinical perspective, one class of nutrients absolutely necessary for optimal cellular communication and which is essentially missing from our food supply is glyconutrients. These are necessary carbohydrates (monosaccharides) that according to the 1996 edition of Harper’s Biochemistry, only 2 or 3 of the necessary 8 are commonly found in our diet. These monosaccharides provide the necessary building blocks that enable the cells of our body to communicate effectively.

    Joe wrote on September 18th, 2008
    • Mark need to learn to do some research… he is making a fool out of himself.

      Josh wrote on December 1st, 2011
    • Thats – this is a really the best comment I’ve seen on the topic.

      Dora wrote on December 10th, 2011
    • Joe, A masterfully written response. While I support Mark, I think he acted a little hasty, though when you say “sugar” the BS needle pegs, so I understand. I am not a “degreed” professional, but have experienced the effects of longterm statin damage and have some mitochondrial damage to my “system”. I have done years of research on this topic, too. The glyco-saccharides are necessary to regain and repair cell functions, that can be repaired. A lot of glyconutrients are from quality plant and animal sources, but as you said, “be your own expert”, so I’ll let everyone else do their own research. The only bone I have to pick with you is over the 72nd ranking of health. This comes from the UN! They not only use health statistics, but they use inappropriate data (homicides and accidents and other forms of death not associated with disease or illness) and then they consider whether or not there is national health care and gun control as FACTORS in how they apply their rating…Looks bad, but we are not 72nd. We are down where we should not be though, due to infant mortality. If infant mortality was normalized for all (removed) we are about low to mid 20s when all the PC crap is pulled out. While the normalization would skew third world stats, the tier 1, industrialized nations won’t be affected by it. So it is apples to apples….that worked out well didn’t it? Be Well.

      TripodXL wrote on February 18th, 2015
  13. Within the last couple years, I received an email touting the glyconutrients. Not only were they trying to sell them to me, they said I could be in sales. (MLM)
    I investigated the names of all the supposed sugars. I think the only one that your body can’t make is fucose, not to be confused with fructose. Fucose is found naturally in Bladderwrack, a type of brown algae (seaweed).

    It’s a lot cheaper to by a bottle of Bladderwrack Leaves.

    I think the glyconutrient thing is a total scam!

    Gary B. wrote on December 8th, 2008
    • your body can make glyconutrients from glucose but its labour intensive involving numerous enzymes conversions, for the body it just makes it easier for the body if they are supplied directly like that were in days of good farming. When the mechanism that does the conversion gets burnt out then the body is in trouble

      Thomas wrote on August 3rd, 2012
    • And just because a company like “Herbal Life” (an MLM co.) sells vitamin D, C, B12….etc., does that mean the vitamins are a scam? That IS THE LOGIC YOU’RE USING,, delta bravo. Yeah, bladderwick is cheaper. Does it make the 7 saccharides, needed for the mitochondrial system, for the “power” each cell needs? The process of glycosation of all the inputs and the chain of events in the malevonate pathyway (Google that) are so complex, and they are only now really getting into it. These “sugars” you don’t understand produce ATP for the cell and all the other products for the cells to run the body and make all the hormones and folded proteins and enzymes, etc. that make life, well, LIFE at all. If you don’t like MLM, just say that….that would have been enough. The product is real. Your bladder whatever can’t make those. But if your body has been damaged you can help heal it with these sugars. And instead of the 15 steps it takes to process carbohydrates into ATP, it only needs a few. When the mitochondria is damaged, since it’s the transport system for these saccharides, you bypass it by using these glyconutrients. It’s exactly like treating hypothyroidism. You give your body T3/T4, instead of TSH that your thyroid is supposed to turn into T4, and it works…same idea. I know this will be hard, but try to open your mind…it doesn’t mean you give up critical thinking skill, as you haven’t actually used any as of yet, technically. Don’t be such a delta bravo.

      TripodXL wrote on February 18th, 2015
      • So, the sugarfoods help the body make ATP! No wonder I feel so much better when I use them and all my blood work comes back normal. With CHF the production of ATP is usually hampered, by who knows what, so every little aid helps. But i do hate that MLM company, their business practices are so predatory and those patents, they are so bastardy. I can make a very acceptable powder blend myself for around $20 and thats paying retail for all the supplies so you know they are making a killing on each 120g tub at $139. You are right the science is there now to show how helpful all nutrients are for the body -it practically runs off them- ha ha.

        Jean wrote on October 2nd, 2015
  14. John Axford, BSC, MD, FRCP, President of the Section of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at the Royal Society of Medicine, and a Fulbright Scholar became a board member for the afore mentioned company.

    “10 Emerging Technologies that WILL change the world!” Glycomics (the study of glyconutrients) was listed among the 10 by M.I.T.

    Glyconutrients are the only nutritional supplement in the world that has been presented at the World Congress.

    Is there an agenda from the naysayers or is it just ignorance?

    Oliver wrote on March 19th, 2009
  15. Gly-comics are a scam. I don’t care about the alleged “credentials” you have. If I had an agenda, wouldn’t I be trying to sell you something?

    Gary B. wrote on March 19th, 2009
    • Maybe your not, but the guy with the book at the top of the page is!!!!!

      andrew wrote on October 31st, 2009
  16. “Alleged credentials?” I’m just passing on easily verifiable truths. Are you one of those “don’t bother me with the facts” types?

    Here’s a few more: 1) the earth is ROUND. 2) the moon is NOT made of cheese 3) the planets DO revolve around the sun.

    Give me something substantial brother, you said it yourself, “I THINK the whole glyconutrient thing is a scam.” What are your credentials?

    Oliver wrote on March 19th, 2009
    • Hey Oliver,

      I wonder if you read the freely available article written in glycobiology, a peer reviewed journal. I am providing the link here:

      It is interesting that although it is true that Glycomics has been pointed out as a science that will change the world, glycobiologists beleive glyconutrient to be a scham…

      maybe you could provide better credentials?


      Luc wrote on November 1st, 2009
  17. My “credentials” are common sense. I’m not a board member of any “afore mentioned company”.

    I have nothing to gain here, except; knowing I have helped “brothers” keep their pockets from potentially being picked by con-artists like yourself. I will not bother to respond to you again; if people are dumb enough to buy into what you’re saying, you’ve accomplished your selfish desire to fill your pockets.

    Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be.

    Gary B. wrote on March 19th, 2009
  18. Helloooo! Why was a Nobel Prize awarded to the Dr who discovered these LONG CHAIN sugars being vital in cellular communication then? They are not glucose or a lollipop which are short chain! It was even reported by MIT to be the #1 technology that will change the world. As well as the Physicians Desk Reference contains the same facts, as well as many other science journal publishings, Time magazine, 20/20 did a piece on it too. You people are idiots. The M**** company merely patented their stabilization technology to bring it to the world.

    Jessica wrote on July 16th, 2009
    • I’m with you Jessica. I take the products and I think they are wonderful.

      Oliver wrote on July 16th, 2009
  19. “Cast not your pearls before swine.” is what the good book says… Some people just refuse to accept knowledge at any cost. Some people just never get it.

    I have personally witnessed people recover from stage 4 cancer by taking Glyconutrients (and they don’t have to come from an MLM company either). But you just keep focusing on those who are trying to make a buck. And maybe those people are just trying to make a buck… But for Pete’s sake, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

    I don’t see chemotherapy doing much for the world except killing people… But that’s okay because it’s accepted as ‘standard practice’. Are you kidding me? Why don’t they just poor battery acid into your veins, it may work even better than chemo. What a friggin joke!

    It sounds to me like you have more of a problem with MLM than you do with Glyconutrients… Were you one of those people who tried it and got burnt? And now your on a mission to keep everyone down at your level of failure? (misery loves company I guess).

    You sound like the perfect victim… It’s always something or someone else that’s the problem. Try looking in the mirror to find the real problem. That would be a good start.

    andrew wrote on October 31st, 2009
    • Andrew… have you ever heard of this thing called “science”?

      chemotherapy does not work because you have never seen someone cured from it? But because you claim to have seen people being cured of cancer by taking glyconutrient, than you have “knowledge”? Your argument is laughable!!

      can you show us one peer reviewed study, only one, that shows the benefits of glycunutrient?

      pubmed search “chemotherapy” = 1985246 articles
      pubmed search “glyconutrient” = 5 articles… (one of which is in glycobiology, a peer reviewed article, who call glyconutrient a “scham”)

      good luck with the sugar rush!


      Luc wrote on November 1st, 2009
  20. Okay, so we know that everyone has problems with the MLM aspect of making money. Of course, it’s understood that the pharmaceutical companies are making drugs for posterity sake.

    With all of the testimonies and scientific research, it is disingenuine and absurd to say that glyconutrients are ineffectual and have no place in our diet and overall wellness. Period.

    Oliver wrote on November 1st, 2009
    • I guess the problem is there is no scientific research… if there is legitimate evidence, why not present it to the crowd??
      Scientific evidence is something that can be debated… testimonies can be fabricated… which one do you prefer?

      Luc wrote on November 1st, 2009
      • there are thousands of peer reviewed science based papers out there get looking
        the thing is if this works then whose the looser?

        Thomas wrote on August 3rd, 2012
  21. I fell off the real food wagon… (and landed on the sugar wagon) I was doing so well with health issues and weight loss that I thought an occasional cola or candy bar wouldn’t hurt…. well occasional became not so occasional… the sugar cravings are back! Anyway, when I saw my nutritionist the last time, she knew (before she saw the scale reading) that my eating habits had changed… she said my face was blotchy and red and I didn’t “look” healthy (I also gained about ten pounds) I also started having intermittent vision problems again and my pain levels have increased…

    when I originally started eating PB, my nutritionist did not back me… she claimed it was unhealthy to eliminate entire food groups – grains – and told me to replace sugar with splenda… as a VA practitioner she has to tow the CW party line and advocate for the food pyramid… HOWEVER, once she saw the results of PB – weight loss (55 lbs in 8 mo on PB vs. 20 lbs in 5 years on CW), significantly improved lab tests, elimination of prescription meds, improved circulation and complexion, reduced pain, etc… she asked me for details on the lifestyle I was following and told me to keep it up!

    Bottom Line for me… sugar in any form OR amount is addictive and not well tolerated… (when it comes to sugar I can’t apply the “80/20” rule… that “rule” is just permission to cheat and pretty soon 80/20 is 20/80…) I’m finding it harder this time to get rid of the colas… the entire concept of supplementing with “glyconutrients” is bogus… if I have a little, I’m going to want alot… and all I want right now is healthy…

    Marti wrote on November 1st, 2009
  22. Read the entire string. The testimonies are only a small portion of the “evidence.” There IS third party testing, peer reviews, as well as articles in distinguished periodicals.

    I admit to taking the products, but other than that I have no “dog in this fight.”

    Oliver wrote on November 2nd, 2009
    • Oliver,
      keep taking the product, but don`t lie to yourself… there are no peer reviewed articles on the benefits of glyconutrient… none!
      Why you think that there are may be in the fact that you beleive glycomics to be the same as glyconutrients…
      it is NOT the same thing, and glycobiologists took the time to make this clear in the freely available article that I linked in one of my previous post…
      keep taking them if you think that they are helping you, but anecdoctal evidence is only that… anecdoctal…

      luc wrote on November 2nd, 2009
  23. A very dear friend just passed away from cancer after avidly taking and promoting the use of phytonutrients for many years. Did these supplements actually CAUSE this cancer??

    Cathy wrote on July 27th, 2010
  24. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease this year and after taking Glyconutrients from Mannatech they cure me…They are amazing. Some people really need to get a life and stop bagging things they have not tried for themselves!!!!

    Sharon wrote on October 18th, 2010
    • Hi Sharon, which products did you use for Croh’s, I am have a friend that suffers from Crohn’s disease and I would like to find out which products to get for him?

      Marlise wrote on August 16th, 2016
  25. This, and the people supporting it, sounds a lot like the MonaVie scam.

    No one ever said placebo is always a bad thing. :)

    Ginger wrote on November 7th, 2010
  26. As well as curing my Crohn’s Disease, it has also cured my Grandmother’s Macular Degeneration (Blindness). So I am obviously a very strong believer of Glyconutrients. Every cent well spent!!!

    Sharon wrote on November 8th, 2010
    • Sharon
      I’m so glad your grandma cured her macular degeneration through glyconutrients.

      How much glyconutrients did she take before she recovered from MD?

      Did she take only glyconutrients and no other nutrients?

      ThingSih wrote on September 6th, 2011
      • This is one of the issues with people who have serious illnesses and expect to take small amounts and survive cancer and worse. Dr Schlater in Nevada has a book out that details how with each disease that you want to improve more glyconutrients will be required.
        This is similar to in medicine where larger amounts of medication often are used if the disease is more serous. If you have never used glyconutrients then do not proclaim that they are a scam for this is false advertising and lying.

        Deborah Andrews wrote on January 8th, 2013
  27. Some might be a scam but are you sure your body can make polysaccharides (linked simple sugars)for example? In case you didn’t know, a complete cure of pre-cancerous and fully cancerous cervical lesions was achieved with synthetic polysaccharides called synthetic long peptides. It was published in New England Journal of Medicine. It also eradicated HPV from these women’s bodies. Interferon injections can achieve the same thing but less effective. However interferon injections with aloe vera propolis (polysaccharides) and b-complex achieved 100% cure rate after 6 months and no recurrence of the cancer or the HPV years after. This was on pubmed dot gov.

    Paul wrote on December 6th, 2010
  28. Okay polysaccharides are found in animals the active ingredient in aloe vera is aloe mucilaginous polysaccharide which is NOT produced in animals.

    Paul wrote on December 6th, 2010
  29. If you look at Mannatech’s own product materials, they acknowledge that primitive man who did not eat grains probably got all these essential sugars in their regular diet. This product is yet another solution to the inadequacies of a largely refined-carbohydrate diet. I am prepared to accept that might be true, but then isn’t the solution to eat paleo with a varied selection of fruits and vegetables and meat products (plus dairy for lactose) that would supply a better spectrum of essential nutrients? Maybe THAT should be our argument instead of trying to play scientist and speculate as to whether or not people may in fact be deficient in certain monosaccharides? (BTW, there ARE published papers that identify mannose transporters in the intestine, as well as confirming that the liver prefers dietary mannose over mannose synthesized in the body from glucose, in the manufacture of certain glycoproteins).

    Margaret wrote on December 29th, 2010
  30. who ever wasted their time making this page is an ass!!! If you did your research properly you will know that glyconutrients are essential to the human body, its a simple as general knowledge and common sense so go and hate on some other bullshit products that really are a waste of money!

    Sarah wrote on January 18th, 2011
  31. Surprise, my daughter’s surgeon accidentally cut her esophagus 4cm and after they put in a gpeg in ICU the surgeon ordered Mannatech products given by the nurses and her esophagus grew back in 13 days which everyone said could not happen. Especially since she had esophagus cancer.

    Look at Wake Forest technology and you will see what this technology can do.

    Lets see – bladders take 8 weeks outside the body to grow and heart values about the same. Wonder how long anyone stayed on their products.

    Cinda wrote on September 20th, 2011
  32. Some heated debate here. I took mannose for a UTI and it worked much better than cranberry. And everyone knows glucosamine works as advertised. So the real problems are 1) good research being over-simplified and oversold by zealots 2) “glyconutrients” being used by people who DON’T NEED THEM because their self-diagnosis skill is zero, therefore they don’t help, ergo “scam”.
    3) as a previous commenter said, the modern non-paleo diet isn’t supplying these building blocks, so any “need” for these is contingent.

    George Henderson wrote on November 29th, 2011
  33. Mark, If you did just a tiny bit of research you would find there are thousands of studies showing these 8 sugars are having some amazing results. You honestly are not helping anyone by this post. Way to go ASS!

    Josh wrote on December 1st, 2011

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