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Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted

A few months ago I participated in a blog round-up with Gym Junkies in which I described my top 3 favorite exercises [1].

Well, they’re at it again. This time around they’ve asked bloggers and personal trainers what their #1 tip is for achieving fitness goals. Mine?

Make your easy workouts longer and easier, and your hard workouts shorter and harder.

I elaborate on this in the full-length article: 19 Incredible Tips for Getting the Body You Want [2].

Some of the others?

Mike OD from The Life Spotlight [3]:

“Slow and steady wins the race of life. People looking for shortcuts and quick solutions are destined for no real gains and reverting back to old bad habits.”

Carla from MizFitOnline [4]:

“From the beginning set yourself up on a program (from food to workout) that you can do for LIFE. For the long haul. Day in day out.”

Check out the full article and the other 16 tips here [2].