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inline_ketoreset_mda645As you probably already know, the ketogenic diet has become an extremely popular health trend as well as a personal passion of mine. Google data indicates that “keto” has now surpassed “paleo” as the most popular diet-related search term. Both mounting science and user experiences are validating keto as highly effective for reducing excess body fat quickly, improving cognitive function, minimizing disease risk factors, improving athletic performance, and promoting longevity. I sincerely believe that a ketogenic eating plan could represent the greatest breakthrough in the history of nutritional science—and the history of dieting (finally!)—to promote successful long-term fat loss and weight management.

Unfortunately, the booming popularity of keto has also made it the latest fad diet, replete with marketing hype, oversimplification, misinformation, and promoters misinterpreting the foundational science and proven strategies. Through my own personal keto journey and extensive consultation with the world’s most respected scientific experts, I’ve discovered that there’s a right way and a wrong way to go keto—and knowing the right way can make all the difference in the results you achieve.

I’ve been really focused on sustaining nutritional ketosis this year and monitoring my blood ketone and glucose levels in response to eating patterns. I’ve cranked out some meaty recent posts on the subject with the The Definitive Guide to Keto and Is Keto For Everyone?, among others.

My Primal Kitchen® product line is keto-friendly, and many recipes in my new Primal Kitchen Cookbook contain a special icon denoting them as leto-friendly. Everything is moving so fast in the keto scene!

Consequently, my writing partner, Brad Kearns, and I essentially dropped everything at the start of 2017 to do a total immersion into keto and quickly produce what we believe to be the first truly comprehensive book on the subject.

There are plenty of keto recipe books out there already, and a bunch of quick-fix keto blast offerings of the print and digital variety, but my new book, The Keto Reset Diet (that I first mentioned in the Definitive Guide to Keto post in June) delivers a complete presentation of all aspects of keto.

You’ll follow a thoughtful, proven approach that is flexible, highly customizable, effective, and intuitive instead of regimented. With The Keto Reset Diet, you’ll proceed at a sensible pace and never have to struggle, suffer, or backslide like so many ill-prepared and misinformed enthusiasts. I’m confident the book and your full embracing of a keto lifestyle will change your life!

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Exclusive Author Talk Show

I detail the scientific particulars of keto-adaptation, the complementary lifestyle elements necessary to succeed, the athletic performance benefits of keto, and the way you can conquer the challenge of fat reduction once and for all by going keto. My co-author, Brad Kearns, and I go deep and unplugged in this never-before-released hour-long discussion!

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Why Consider Keto?

While enthusiasts are vigorously debating the best long-term keto strategy, or whether keto is even appropriate for certain individuals, we must acknowledge that fat- and keto-adapted was the default factory setting of our ancestors.

It’s likely that over the last 2.5 million years, most of our ancestors were in ketosis for a great portion of their lives. Consequently, we retain this hard-wired genetic predisposition to function with fat as our primary fuel source. Acknowledging this, Robb Wolf further speculates that going keto may deliver a reset effect at the genetic level, such that it can help you recover from leaky gut and autoimmune-related health conditions, metabolic damage caused by yo-yo dieting, and even exposure to environmental toxins.

There is no failure associated with keto. Any time spent pursuing keto improves metabolic flexibility and helps release you from the debilitating bonds of hunger, cravings, and frustration with reducing excess body fat.


While most primal enthusiasts have made the adjustments necessary to escape extreme carbohydrate dependency and wildly excessive insulin production, a great many poor souls still linger in the gray twilight that’s shy of being fully fat- and keto-adapted. (If you don’t know the epic Teddy Roosevelt quote I’m honoring, check it out). This perhaps results in falling a bit shy of reaching and maintaining ideal body composition long-term.

This is why I firmly believe that completing at least one complete Keto Reset journey (The initial 21-Day Metabolism Reset, fine-tuning with morning fasting, then six weeks of focused nutritional ketosis) is a bucket list item for every single one of us. Even if you decide over the long term to consume carbohydrates in a pattern that doesn’t promote nutritional ketosis, you’ll have developed an outstanding level of metabolic flexibility. This is the ability burn a variety of fuel sources, be free from dependency on regular meals, rarely be hungry or stressed about food, and be able to reduce excess body fat once and for all and not worry about it anymore—even if you take occasional departures from your typical ancestral-aligned eating patterns.

The Keto Campfire

A great way to understand how fat and ketones burn more cleanly than glucose is to use the analogy of a campfire.


A carbohydrate dependency diet is analagous to a crappy campfire built with twigs and wadded up newspaper. You produce a lot of smoke (free radicals caused by burning glucose without the protective effects of mitochondria) and have to constantly stoke the fire with quick and dirty-burning fuels (high-carbohydrate meals and snacks) to stay warm. In contrast, the keto campfire represents a state of fat- and keto-adaptation. You have taken the time to warm up your big logs (stored body fat and ketones) that will burn cleanly and for a long duration.

Speaking of building a proper campfire and becoming metabolically efficient, I want to give you some clarity on something that has recently become my pet peeve: confusing the metabolic state of ketosis (literally, accumulating ketones in the bloodstream faster than you are burning then) with being fat- and keto-adapted (adept at burning stored energy, and free from dependency on regular doses of dietary carbohydrates as your main energy source).

Details are in the book but for now, own this: Just because you’re making ketones doesn’t mean you’re adapted to burn them efficiently. Conversely, you may be producing a minimal amount of ketones (and delivering low blood values) but be highly fat- and keto-adapted so you’re able to reap the benefits of a low-carbohydrate eating pattern.

While the prevailing mindset in the keto community seems to be higher is better with blood readings, I’m feeling increasingly like good old-fashioned subjective evaluation is far more relevant than biometrics. Can you skip a meal and still function well physically and cognitively? Are your appetite, mood, and energy level stable all day long? These are the hallmarks of being a fat-burning beast. I’m preparing an entire follow-up post on these concepts, so stay tuned!

Let’s Go Keto!

I am hopeful that you’ll join me on this journey to fat- and keto-adaptation by ordering a copy of your book today and getting the killer bonus package. Of course I celebrate selling more books, but of deeper significance is the truth that a huge portion of the population is still adhering to conventional wisdom recommendations that we primal folks acknowledge to be harmful and unsupported by real science. This leaves many unknowingly trapped in carbohydrate dependency and lifelong insidious weight gain despite careful attention to diet and exercise.

For example, I recently encountered a bestselling author in the health and diet realm who had never heard of ketones! Yes, we are fighting a battle, and we need all hands on deck to spread the word. I want this revolution that started in 2006 at MarksDailyApple to continue to grow and impact more people, and keto represents the highest expression of the benefits of ancestral eating.

I imagine many of you might have a lot to say about keto already, and I look forward to checking out all of your comments from this post. Also, be sure to head over to Facebook and sign up for our burgeoning Keto Reset discussion group. Just submit a request to be added. We’ll keep the dialog going!



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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending more than three decades educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates flavorful and delicious kitchen staples crafted with premium ingredients like avocado oil. With over 70 condiments, sauces, oils, and dressings in their lineup, Primal Kitchen makes it easy to prep mouthwatering meals that fit into your lifestyle.

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