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In Which the Food Nerds Hijack the Blog

Would ya look at this place? Sisson leaves town for five seconds and it all goes to food. Aaron’s going to be posting your weekly dose of Smart Fuel [1] later today. No word from His Omnipotence the Fuji yet, but if you’re really good, you might get lucky. For now, I’d like to share a curious trend I’m noticing of late. Both online and off, I’m seeing new shapes for the same old foods. Well played, agriculture, well played.

Square watermelons

Japan is all over the square melon market [2] now. Just check it out:

Cubed eggs

Why? Duh. Because you can!

Landotter Flickr Photo (CC) [3]

Zucchini balls

This is brilliant. Slice ’em up and fry your zucchini patties in some olive oil and sea salt, top with a little shredded parmesan, and you’ve just found yourself a replacement for fried chicken.

Personal watermelons

It’s a good year for melons. This is even better than a square melon. It’s a personal melon. It’s little and cute and personal. It’s all mine, and I like that. However, personal melon though it may be, the question remains: does it come with its own neoprene sleeve available in five fresh colors of my choice? (Apologies for a picture of the sign instead of the actual melon in question. I’m only brilliant Monday through Wednesday. You know how it is.)

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