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Today’s News Brought to You by the Fuming Fuji. Uh-oh.

Fuming Fuji reports:

Now here is a fumer [1] after Fuji’s own core. The Fuji grows very tired of this argument [1], so it is pleasing to see an ally in the fight. Sugar does not make a diet exciting, unless you count going to the dentist to find out how many cavities your tiny tot has [2] as excitement.

Fuming Fuji also reports:

Fuji is shocked. Stunned. Actually fumeless. This doctor writes [3] a rousing call to doctors everywhere: support your patients’ interest in alternative therapies, and educate thyself before judging.

Dr. Joseph P. says:

“Practitioners recognizing that they are not the source of healing, but the means by which patients discover, or actually rediscover, their own innate capacity to regain health.”

This is not quite as good as rabble-rousing, but rousing is still rousing. This warrants a good roll in the barrel. Excuse me for a moment…

Okay, I am back. Do not miss this news, apples:

Pomegranate juice helps stop cancer [4]. Okay, I am a little miffed that apples do not stop cancer. But then again I am handsome and well-liked. Raise healthy seedlings [5]: let them have fun staining the tablecloth with a real pomegranate, because pomegranate juice does not have fiber.

I must say it has been very fun providing the bites today. But if you think I am done fuming, Apples…