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Fuming Fuji Returns!

As many of you know, the Fuming Fuji was MDA founding editor Sara Ost’s fiery alter ego. Though Sara has moved on to other projects, the spirit of the Fuji fights on here at MDA.

The Fuming Fuji has decided to rear his seething head and once again grace you all with his presence and supreme wisdom. The Fuji rather enjoyed his self-selected hiatus, choosing to fume in the comfort of unspecified locations. (He likes to come and go as he pleases, you understand.) But as of late there are simply too many things that infuriate the Fuji beyond all reason and hope of sanity. They must be shared regardless of the cost to Fuji’s convenience. This fact only makes the Fuji more incensed.

This week the Fuming Fuji has chosen to have a serious problem with Wii Sports and other such “exercise” video games.

But, Fuji, don’t these games encourage young people to be active?

The Fuming Fuji says no!

The claim: Your Fuji-ness, you don’t mean to criticize these games. After all, it’s a way to get kids up and moving. It appeals to the current generation of kids. And, hey, if it gets a child up off the couch and playing virtual tennis, bending here, stretching there, swinging there, doesn’t that mean something?

The catch: A swing of the arm, you argue? Surely such exertion will earn this child a Presidential Physical Fitness Award. Your feeble perspective is of no consequence. These children should be exercising their bodies in the context of the natural environment or in a setting that nurtures social and creative development. These games offer no such support for seedlings’ personal health or growth.

The comeback: Oh, Fuji, come on now. What about Dance Dance Revolution? That one can really get you going! Anyway, can’t it just be a good time? Haven’t you ever been to a party where they break out the Wii and everyone tries their hand at it while people in the background laugh and cheer them on or scream to make the other team member miss? Whoa, I remember this time at –

The conclusion: Silence! These tedious recollections of pitiable social endeavors bore me. Fuji has no time for such tomfoolery. We are speaking of young seedlings. These companies seek to ruthlessly co-opt children’s impulse toward active play and manipulate this instinct into increased sales at the continuing cost of children’s health and well-being. Their products have entranced this generation and led them to sedentary, sickly existences. These companies will not stop until every seedling is incapable of socializing without the assistance of technological devices and is victim to obesity, insulin resistance, and, and (steam rising from Fuji’s head) rickets! Fuji’s getting’ upset!

The catchphrase: Do not be taken in by these insidious mind traps that seek to confuse children’s natures and sabotage any inclination toward truly active play.

Disclaimer: Mark Sisson and the Worker Bees do not necessarily endorse the views of the Fuming Fuji.

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