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22 Jun

Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars

Coconut Macadamia BarIs it a Primal Energy Bar or the perfect Primal dessert? Call them what you will, these delicious little morsels deliver a healthy dose of fat and protein and satisfy an urge for something sweet. Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars are incredibly easy to make and have an deliciously decadent flavor and texture.

Macadamia nuts and coconut oil add a naturally sweet taste. Coconut flakes and chia seeds add a crunchiness that contrasts perfectly with the otherwise smooth and creamy texture of the bars. That’s it for ingredients. Just pop the bars in the freezer and 30 minutes later they’re done. Keeping the bars frozen is essential; if left out too long they’ll start to melt. The cold texture is partly what makes them so delicious, almost like a Primal ice cream bar.

Low-calorie they are not, so don’t plan on eating an entire pan of Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars in one sitting. The good news is that the bars are so rich and satisfying that you’re not likely to be tempted to overindulge. A small bar is all you need for that special occasion.

Servings: 12 to 14 small bars

Time in the Kitchen: 15 minutes, plus 30 minutes to freeze bars


  • 1 cup unsweetened flaked coconut (60 g)
  • 1 1/2 cups raw, unsalted macadamia nuts (150 to 160 g)
  • 3/4 cup melted coconut oil (180 ml)
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds (15 ml)
  • Pinch of sea salt


Preheat oven to 350 ºF.

Put the coconut flakes in a pan and toast in the oven until lightly browned, about five minutes.

Line an 8×8 pan with parchment paper.

Process the macadamia nuts and coconut oil in a food processor until very smooth. Add the coconut flakes and chia seeds and pulse a few times.

Pour the batter into the 8×8 pan. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on top.

Combine Ingredients

Freeze until solid, about 30 minutes.

Cut into small bars. Store in the freezer.

Cocoonut Macadamia Bar
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  1. Any suggestions to sub the macadamia nuts? Or should I just make it the full, coconut experience?

    Hilda wrote on June 22nd, 2013
    • Other nuts such as cashews or almonds would probably work just as well. I have made something similar here. Very delicious! Good reminder to make some more. 😉

      Sally wrote on June 22nd, 2013
      • I say hazelnuts for a substitute.

        Sharon wrote on June 22nd, 2013
        • maybe add some cocoa to it with the hazelnuts!! oh yeah baby!

          redsnapperuk wrote on June 23rd, 2013
        • As a chef it is my expert opinion that toasted hazelnuts with the skin remove kick fucking ass. Just toast them for ten minutes or until golden brown and remove the skin by putting the nuts in a tea towel and rubbing vigorously!

          marcus volke wrote on July 6th, 2013
    • I sub about 1/2 of the macadamia nuts for pecans (South Carolina grown!) and throw in a handful of dark chocolate chips. One of my favorite afternoon snacks!

      Thomas wrote on September 24th, 2013
  2. Yum Cannot wait to make these for hot summer days

    Maria wrote on June 22nd, 2013
  3. Lucky I just bought a whole load of dessicated coconut to be converted into butter.. I can taste it already

    Jenry Hennings wrote on June 22nd, 2013
  4. Cacao nibs instead of chia, I say.

    Graham wrote on June 22nd, 2013
    • great idea!

      redsnapperuk wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  5. While I was heating leftovers just now for our lunch, I made these and set the pan in the freezer; when we finished eating they were reading to cut into squares. Easy to make and so tasty. The chia seeds add a nice crunch. I can imagine a few variations: drizzled with chocolate, add dried cranberries and orange zest, maybe one with bits of dried banana and lime zest?…lots of possibilities! Thanks for this treat!

    Sandy wrote on June 22nd, 2013
    • Dried raspberries! Oh. Yah.

      Catherine H wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  6. You can also put these in those little mini popsicle forms. Or put them in mini muffin tins with a little wooden stick for a mini pop.

    Sitara wrote on June 22nd, 2013
  7. “Low-calorie they are not…”

    Anyone here groking for the low-cal benefits? Anyone? Any takers…?

    SayMoi wrote on June 22nd, 2013
    • “Voodoo economics. Any one? Any one?”

      Paleo Bon Rurgundy wrote on June 22nd, 2013
      • Crap! I don’t get it. I hate when that happens.

        embur7 wrote on June 23rd, 2013
        • It’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

          Shannon wrote on June 24th, 2013
  8. Holy Moly, these look fantastic! So refreshing on a hot day at the beach… I wonder how long it would take for these things to melt in the hot sun… But the cool thing is that if it melts… Well, it’s a delicious drink! :) Nicely done!

    GiGi wrote on June 22nd, 2013
  9. Anyone think this would be ok with coconut butter instead of the flakes? I made a jar an haven’t been using it…other than texture it should be fine I’d think.

    SB wrote on June 22nd, 2013
    • One use for coconut butter – I melt it by immersing the jar in hot water for a while, then slit medjool dates in half & stuff them with coconut butter. Put in the fridge to harden the butter up again & then eat – yum!

      Christine wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  10. I wish I could put in some chocolate someway. And mint, that would be awesome too.

    Petra wrote on June 23rd, 2013
    • How about a little bit of raw, unsweetened, cocoa powder?

      Blippety wrote on March 8th, 2014
  11. Oh, I can taste these already made with the chocolate mint growing on my back porch!

    sjbijani wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  12. are these bars greasy? or do they give more of a creamy mouthfeel?

    rachel wrote on June 23rd, 2013
    • I haven’t found coconut oil to have a greasy feel when used in soups and such, even though I could see the fat on the surface.

      Can’t wait to make these.

      Joan wrote on March 30th, 2014
  13. I’ve got to give these a try. Seems like it would be a great alternative for ice cream sandwiches. Thanks to everyone above who put in there own ideas on the various possibilities! And thank you Sandy for telling us how they turned out!

    Loni wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  14. could you use coconut butter instead of oil?

    dumbo wrote on June 23rd, 2013
    • Coconut butter and coconut oil are the same thing.

      Helena wrote on June 25th, 2013
      • They are not the same, eating a spoon of Coconut Butter right now.

        Coconut butter is essentially the flesh blended fine and allowed to set. Oil is, well, just the oil.

        Tresa wrote on June 25th, 2013
    • You can try using coconut butter instead, but it might not work. Coconut oil and coconut butter aren’t always interchangeable; coconut oil is just the oil that is extracted from coconut “meat”/”flesh”, whereas coconut butter is the “meat” puréed into a butter-like form.

      (A thread from the MDA forums relevant to this:

      Jenny wrote on June 25th, 2013
  15. Look delicious!

    George wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  16. Oh, man… I have been DYING to make coconut popsicles, it’s August-hot here in Florida (in June…) and I can’t find a popsicle mold anywhere! I was going to blend coconut milk with some fruit and make some tasty fatsicles, but Florida retailers are letting me down. Just throwing it in an 8X8 pan would be so much easier.

    Actually, this reminds me of an almond butter “fudge” recipe a low-carbing family member sent me. Almond butter, fancy-schmancy good-for-you dark chocolate chips and melted coconut oil mixed together and frozen until sliceable.

    Kristina wrote on June 23rd, 2013
    • I bought these : last week, received them in three days in time for a weekend full of yummy treats. Made Watermelon lime mint pops, strawberry blueberry coconut milk pops, fresh grape juice pops, and my husband made a cucumber lime chili powder… We don’t have kids but was able to share it with the neighborhood kids!

      Christin wrote on June 24th, 2013
    • Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma both have popsicle molds for sale on their websites. Sur La Table has a set of mini-popsicle molds that look like they’d be the right size for these rich treats!

      BonzoGal wrote on June 24th, 2013
    • I make a similar treat. Just mix almond butter with coconut oil and cocoa powder, cinnamon and other spices. But I haven’t thought of freezing it to make it solid :-) Will try soon. And I like the coconut bars in this recipe!

      nicole wrote on July 19th, 2013
  17. Yum! I made a batch with raw cashews instead of macadamia nuts and they came out great. Next I want to add some cacao too.

    Ralph Merwin wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  18. I made these and they were just okay, the flavor was a bit bland perhaps some vanilla or almond extract would have helped?

    I also made the dark chocolate bark and its fantastic! The second batch I cheated and used a package of Trader Joes sweet & spicy pecans and a bit of cayenne powder. YUM…

    Lucylu wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  19. ANyone tried with cacao powder also?

    Donna wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  20. Just made these, but used blanched almonds instead of macadamias. (The macadamias in the bulk section tasted a bit off and I couldn’t find a jar of unsalted.)

    The vanilla extract and almond extract were a very good idea. Also, I was just a bit short on coconut oil so I threw in some butter to make up the difference. I suppose ghee would have been better but you use what ya’ got.

    Net, net, very nice. I think it may not get as liquid with the almonds because I really had to press it into the toasted coconut. Still, nice. Next time, more vanilla and almond extracts. I like the cocoa nibs idea too.

    LarryB wrote on June 23rd, 2013
  21. I like Coconut So Much and I have enjoyed the post of Frozen Coconut Macadamia Bars from the core of my heart.
    Many thanks for sharing the post.

    Sumon Ahmed wrote on June 24th, 2013
  22. these have protein?

    pixel wrote on June 24th, 2013
    • theres only a tablespoon of chia seeds for the whole batch

      pixel wrote on June 24th, 2013
      • Protein in the nuts!

        Selene wrote on June 24th, 2013
        • mac nuts barely have any protein. theyre all fat

          pixel wrote on June 24th, 2013
  23. Why preheat the oven ? I don’t understand ….

    Rosie wrote on June 24th, 2013
    • oh dear I’m sooo blonde ,sorry i got it …….

      Rosie wrote on June 24th, 2013
      • FWIW, you can toast the coconut flakes in a pan. That’s what I did. It takes a bit more tending as you’ll need to toss them.

        LarryB wrote on June 27th, 2013
  24. Thank you for including a Print icon! So many recipe pages do not, and then I have to copy and paste into a Word doc so I can print it.

    Karla wrote on June 24th, 2013
  25. Made these tonight since I had all the ingredients on hand except the chia seeds. Since I was looking for a crunchy replacement, I used coarse ground coffee beans instead. Freezing overnight and I’ll try it tomorrow. Sometimes I’m just looking for something cold to eat and these should fit the bill. Thanks for the recipe.

    Josh wrote on June 24th, 2013
  26. Made these yesterday with what I had lying around:

    – almond flour instead of pureed macadamias
    – added coconut flour (mixed with water) to give it some bulk and cut the richness-made a bit of a batter
    -added some hemp seeds just because

    Turned out great! Maybe qualifies more as a frozen bar-cookie because of the c-flour but no complaints. Still super-rich obviously :)

    HWebby wrote on June 25th, 2013
  27. So we wish you all the best your bright future and if you have any query related to this then don’t forget to share it with us through comment box below.

    piyush001 wrote on June 25th, 2013
  28. 5 mins is too long to toast the coconut flakes.. either lower the temp or just have in oven for 3 mins.

    donduke wrote on June 25th, 2013
  29. Made these in a metal cupcake tray – 12 little treats. No need to cut, and they come out easy just by holding your fingers under the base of each one in turn (slight melting through the metal). I added a few sultanas and chopped 100% cacao solids. Yum!

    Sharyn wrote on June 25th, 2013
  30. I made these exactly as directed (except I could only find roasted macademia nuts) and sprinkled a bit of sea salt on them.

    To be honest, I have to agree with lucylu that these were pretty bland on their own. BUT, I melted a bit of semi-sweet chocolate and drizzled a thin layer on the bars still frozen in the pan, uncut, and it completely made them. I think the chocolate/sea salt/coconut mix is exactly what was needed.

    Eric wrote on June 26th, 2013
  31. I wonder if you could use flax seeds instead of chia seeds. My chias are almost gone. Thanks for the great recipe.

    Joseph wrote on June 27th, 2013
  32. Made a half batch of the original recipe. Wow, these are delicious.

    Will have to try the chocolate variation in the future; maybe chocolate mint for the kids.


    Amy wrote on June 27th, 2013
  33. Oh man, I made this today with macadamia nut butter I had, which was a bit ‘chunky so had extra crunch. Instead of chia seeds and coconut flakes I put n raw cacao nibs and chunks of dark chocolate with raisin and hazelnut (60% so some sugar but only added a bit). Was divine!! Amazing paleo snack

    Reamiscal wrote on June 27th, 2013
  34. I found them a little bland too. So I drizzled a little raw Buckwheat honey on them and they were fantastic.

    Mark B wrote on June 27th, 2013
  35. Does anyone know if coconut milk (the canned stuff) would work instead of all that oil? I dunno but sucking ina popsicle made up of all that coconut oil sounds like it’d be a bit greasy to me!

    Jeannine wrote on June 28th, 2013

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